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Imperial Dragon
26-10-2007, 11:25
i think this goes here

im not what CSM army to make next i only want to follow one god at a time and not sure who to start out with.

any help would be good.


26-10-2007, 11:32
I suggest you don't do either of the above because everyone and their dogs have them ever since the new chaos codex come out. If you don't mind seeing every Chaos army have the same built, then go for it.

Overlord Krycis
26-10-2007, 11:48
Actually, out where I live it's mostly Slaaneshi and Tzeentchian armies due to the insane amout of firepower and Inv. save respectively.
Personally, I'd start a new force with just undivided/the Icon of Chaos Glory and then add in units to try them out. Sort of Black Legion-esq. That way if you don't want to use that force anymore you can just move onto something else.

Although, out of the two you listed I'd go for Death Guard...mmm...T5 troops...*drools*

Bob Hunk
26-10-2007, 11:57
Gotta go Nurgle for their resilience and fun modelling opportunities. Then again, I'm notoriously pro-Nurgle. ;)

26-10-2007, 12:06
Id tend to agree with Overlord Krycis, ive seen FAR too many slaanesh armies so far.....


ive totally fallen in love with the Cleaved colour scheme and that will be my next army (after ive finished my Appoc nids). otherwise Khorne terms are stupidly hard...

food for thought

26-10-2007, 12:31
mmm... *thinks of a unit of all termie champs with pairs of lightning claws and icon of khorne* *drools*

ANyways... Id say get 1 unit of each and test em out, get a feel for them... then take loads of zerks...

26-10-2007, 14:16
Personnaly, I would go for the 1Ksons, mostly because I find it pretty original. However, it depends on what is your style of play and what are playing the people around you. I play Death Guard (pure) and I want to start 1Ksons in the future, as they offer quite distinct conversion possibilities of those offered by DG.

Captain Micha
26-10-2007, 14:18
I'd say why not both! You can do that after all....

Why settle for one when you can just do both I always say. The chaos gods are no longer like most girlfriends. they are perfectly fine with you associating and mingling the two together

26-10-2007, 14:51
There are hardly any Slaanesh armies here. Loads of DG armies though lol. DG definitely harder than most, due to toughness 5. I'd say DG dude.

inquisitor solarris
26-10-2007, 15:14
i would say nurgle for i've seen too many thousand sons and fnp and t5 and blight grenades (less banshee attacks)
and last idea is t6 bikers (drool a swimming pool)

26-10-2007, 15:26
I wouldn't worry abot what over people are ptting in their lists, if it's what you want to do than do it bro.

Second, depends on what you want;
the DG have T5, FNP, and bligt grenades, but are I3
the 1ksons have 4+ ivunerable save, AP3 bolters, sorceror, with force weapon, but have SNP (which can be helpful because they don't count as moving for shooting purposes), and are darned expensive.

Just think bout what you want, who you will play and go from there/ If you will play lots of MEQ armies then go with 1ksons. I mean they aren't better againt an army that is eldar, IG, Orks and so on that don't have many 3+ saves. The DG are better for them since they will be more resiliant against guns and charges.

26-10-2007, 16:52
I've found the DG in general to be a much better army. Most weaponry on the field isn't AP3 or better - so the TS soldier will generally not be getting the use of his Invulnerable save. But with the DG, they get that wonderfull Feel No Pain roll which doubles their survivability against this stuff.

I even discovered yesterday that DG are as good against Assault Cannons as the TS are. On a rend from an AC, you still get the 4+ from FNP!

26-10-2007, 17:17
as a deathguard layer, obviously im going to be biased. i didnt start my army with the release of the new codex though, so i played the majority of my games efore we got FNP.

i find thousand sons to be a 1 trick pony. ap3 bolters and 4+ inv saves ar great, but iits for a stiff price. dont get me wrong, the fluff is half the sexiness of the army, and ive seen some really good lists do some good things, but overall a PURE KSON list is pretty difficult to use i would think.

deathguard are very fun to convert, east yo paint if your not that good at it, and are very resilient. i fnd them to be MORE resiilent to small arms fire then the KSON due to their toughness boost. and when AP 3 weapons come in we get 4+ just like the KSONS unless its a battlecannon or something.

PM squads can take special weapons, and our champs can still take fists. force weapons for the sorc of a KSON squad is cool, but against larger targets (wraithlord, carnifex) i would much rather be wounding on 3-4+ then hoping for the 6 for the ID roll.

in the end its all about your playstyle. i see KSON armies as static shooting, while DG are close quarter shooting, cover hugging zombies.

Rioghan Murchadha
26-10-2007, 18:10
Just remember, you don't have to do thousand sons or death guard specifically if you want to follow tzeentch or nurgle. You could easily do a warband without any cult troops at all, where all your units have icons of specific gods.

27-10-2007, 07:31
I'd say why not both! You can do that after all....

Why settle for one when you can just do both I always say. The chaos gods are no longer like most girlfriends. they are perfectly fine with you associating and mingling the two together

Problem is that even if you give damn about the fluff they donīt cover each others strengths / weaknesses. Both have a lot of staying power and pay a high price for that.

That is why Tzeentch heavy armies sometimes takes Khorne berzerkers that love to get close and bloody asap unlike the rubrics that want to keep the distance and rapid fire as much as possible. :cool:

27-10-2007, 11:38
Death Guard are my first choice evertime!

27-10-2007, 13:40
I'd reccomend a Chaos Undivided type list. I mainly run with a list of this type which contains a massive chunk of Nurgle Death Guard. I love the Death Guard, how could you not with Feel no Pain - there just so resilient! There an awesome army with great rules although if you want an army that will win games your gonna have to make use of the other gods powers avalible under the new Chaos Codex. I personally love the mix of Khrone and Nurgle but if you play about with the other gods its not hard to build an army which will suit your playing style.