View Full Version : 2000pt Bretts All-Comers list

guardian angel
26-10-2007, 13:38
Whilst trying to come up with a 2000pt army I'm happy with to take on all-comers I was re-thinking taking a lord.

My thinking is that for the price of a lord I can get 2 paladins, thus letting me optomise them for different roles but still essentially supporting the rest of the army.

The thing is, my main concern would be dropping the point of leadership that you get from a lord. In your experience does not running a lord make a big difference in games?

As for the list setup with the characters do you think it's ok? Cheers

(I could just pick before the battle which one is my general and the units they go in!)


Paladin+horse+shield+morning star of fracasse+virtue of confidence=126 (character killer!)
Paladin+horse+lance+morning star+enchan shield+V of knightly temper=130 (general use/rank and file killer!)
Paladin(BS+warhorse+virtue of duty+sword of might=124
Damsel(Lvl1)+horse+2 scrolls=130


8 K of R+M+SB+warbanner=241
8 K of R+M+SB=216
6 K Errant+M+SB+Errantry banner=161
15 bowmen+skirmish+M+braziers=115
15 Men@arms(spears)+M+SB=90 (Trebuchet guard & for fun!)


4 peg Knights+M=230
5 mounted yeomen+shields+M=87


6 Grail Knights+M+SB=258