View Full Version : ogres lead by mounted tyrant???

26-10-2007, 13:41
ok i was thinking of starting an ogre army and for a change of things i was going to mount a character on a rhynox and stick him in a unit of 3 rhinox riders but i was thinking 4 wide is too much so i would have one in the back rank maybe pay for a unit champion but i dont think they would need a SB because they would kill enough to hold the combat res

i was thinking of arming him with a big name -not sure wich one tho i havent read the book for ages and i havent got a copy on me something that makes him fight harder and then either the tenderiser or thunder maul. on rhinox heavy armor not sure how much it would be im thinking close to 600 i think.....
back him up with 2 butchers in 2 seperate units of leadbealchers.
1 with 2 dispell scrolls 1 with bang stick.
and then fill the rest with 2 or 3 units of bulls divided from 12.
and then remaining points will be filled with as many units of 4 iron guts as possible.

any advice is apreciated 1 thing i need to let you knoe im not a fan of gnoblars just because they are lower on the food chain(figure of speech) than gobbos.

and its mainly run everything forward and one butcher to keep the tyrant alive and the other butcher to pile out the dispelling.

thanks in advance

26-10-2007, 14:26
Well, first off there are no official rules for mounting characters on Rhinox, other than the special character, Ghark Ironskin.

Second, any ogre in a back rank of any unit is pretty much a waste.

Third, champions in ogre units are just about the worst possible way to spend points.

Fourth, none of the big names really make a character "fight harder". Mawseeker raises toughness at the cost of stupidity. Beastkiller helps against large targets. None of the other bignames are particularly combat oriented, and nearly all big names aren't worth their points.

Fifth, butchers should not go in a unit of leadbelchers. Misfires can easily kill the butchers. Put them in with 3 ironguts and a standard bearer w/ lookout gnoblar.

Beyond that, 2-3 units of 3 bulls, naked with bellowers is fine. Then spend all remaining points on units of 3 ironguts.

I know you said you're not a fan of gnoblars, but I would heavily lobby for 1 unit of trappers. They can march block, screen from shooting, and hunt mages and war machines. They're one of the most underrated and most useful units in the OK army. Think of them as the "cool" gnoblars.