View Full Version : How many saurus cav/kroxigors to you use in a unit

26-10-2007, 22:54
I'm a brand new player in the fantasy world and have just started up with lizardmen and I was wondering how many saurus cavalry do you usually put in a unit to make it the most effective. Also how many kroxigors do you put in a unit to make it effective. I really like both units, but I'm not sure what size I should make them. If you could give me your reasoning behind the size that you like that would be great. Thanks.

27-10-2007, 01:07
I haven't used em myself, but i'd recommend 4 kroxies in a unit- enough that at full strength the unit will be devastating, and even if they take a casualty they'll be tough to beat.

For saurus cav, price prevents big units, so I'd suggest a unit of 7, again, always plan for 1-2 casualties before you hit

27-10-2007, 03:06
Four Kroxigor is the standard quantity, simply because you want enough of them to make the unit a real threat! The extra body also means that you can take a casualty to shooting and still be reasonably effective. Units of three are acceptable in smaller games, though.

...Oh, and never take an Ancient. The champion upgrade is ridiculously expensive and actually makes the unit worse, as it allows your opponent to play clever tricks with challenges. The same goes for Saurus Cav, actually.

Saurus Cavalry work best in units of five or six - and I favour the latter. Seven is too wide (and too expensive), and ten far too expensive for what you get. Always give them a banner and musician, because Saurus Cavalry are never a sacrifical unit!

Blocks of six should usually take a magic banner, too. A lot of people favour Huanchi's Blessed Totem (suprise magic movement), but I usually just go with the good ol' reliable Warbanner. The bonus point of Combat Resolution is enough to give you a decent shot at breaking most regular infantry on a frontal charge in a pinch. Plus, even if you don't take the movement banner, your opponent will expect you to, so you still get the same benefit out of it as they're forced to play around it!

29-10-2007, 03:57
I use 5 cav and 3 krox in a unit. Two krox regimens and 2 cav regimens, 1 saurus unit and lots of skinks.

Give both cav a standard and have you opponent guess which one has the Huanichi banner.

Dead Man Walking
29-10-2007, 21:27
When against brit's you definately want the movement banner, most of those players can guess what is just outside of your charge range so they always get the charge. If they are not charging they are dieing.

I also suggest putting a hero or lord saurus on a cold one and adding it to your unit. The saurus calvary have a great shot at beating an average or low end unit but they can come up a bit short against solid hard hitting units. The Char puts the unit over the top, if you face lots of ogres then add the sword for d3 wounds per hit.

I play an all kroxigor list (played like an ogre army) and it rocks pretty solid. I field 4 kroxigors per unit and with thier higher str, armor and ability to charge through skinks these guys will be bring home fat ogre bacon for the rest of the tribe.