View Full Version : 1k Tzeentch-do u think it is better than the 1K khrone posted earlier than this one?

27-10-2007, 10:48
I am looking for a army that can combat every thing without having disadventages. I have so far two army list of 1K that I think both are pretty good. One is Khorne and the other is Tzeentch. This is the Tzeentch one. Please give me advises to improve the list thank U :D

Aspiring Champ of Chaos---168
-Chaos Steed

Sorcerer of Chaos---170
-2 dispells scroll (May swap it with Skull of Katam or Power Familliar)

Knight of Chaos*5---215

Chariot of Chaos---140

-Full Command

Marauder Horsemen*5---125
-Throwing axes/javilins
-full comand

27-10-2007, 11:35
My advice:

- Drop a dispel Scroll (2 in 1k is a bit much)

- drop the spears and throwing axes on the Marauder Horsemen and give them flails instead, drop the standard bearer and champion (full command on a fragile fast cav unit is a waste, they only need a musician to rally after a feinted flee)

- Add a unit of 5 warhounds for the points you free up.

- Possibly add a champion to the knight unit if you have the points

- Why do you have 22 marauders? Why not 20? Dropping the 2 might give you the points to give your aspiring champion a little more punch (ie: boost him up to Exalted)

Otherwise, it's an okay list.

28-10-2007, 05:56
If i do all the change u said, how can i make it a very good list instead of a OK list?

28-10-2007, 11:16
To be completely fair with you, Tzeentch is so expensive that it doesn't really translate well to lists smaller than 2k (at least not in my experience). This list will probably work just fine, but I usually go for cheaper marks like undivided or Slaanesh myself, so I can have a decent-sized force.

29-10-2007, 10:52
ok. do u think slanesh is better or nurgle. Im working on a really decent list so i can use it at the conflict or other important tornament. Have u seen the khrone one i put in (Though i think u havenot because from my experience here, i think ur a more tzeentch player)?

31-10-2007, 04:54
No, I haven't taken a look at that list... I've only played Khorne once in my life, so I'm not really a good judge on that. You're correct in that I'm primarily a Tzeentch player, although I've played my fair share of games with Undivided and Slaanesh armies as well. I have to note that I don't use beasts at all either, though... which is purely an aesthetic choice.

Personally I'd go for Slaanesh, simply because the mark is cheaper. Nurgle is usually only good if you have large units to make the most of that fear-causing mark.

31-10-2007, 09:48
so if Im going for slannesh in the conflicts, who many soccers do i need and do i need any demonettes or just mortal will be fine. Can u tell me whatshould i put in and i will make a list so u can help me with it. Is that fine by u?

31-10-2007, 14:29
If you want to go magic-heavy, two sorcs. If you want to use magic for support, just one. Daemonettes on foot aren't that great, mounted daemonettes are, but they're expensive. Sticking to mortals works fine too...it's really a matter of preference.