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27-10-2007, 13:35
im thinking of making a orc magic heavy list few things i have to ask...
1- does a savage orc shaman work better than a normal orc shaman
2- is it worth having lots of orc archers?
3- or would it be safer to just stick skarsnick in the list some where?

27-10-2007, 14:38
2- When I made my O&G army I was told that the archers are ok if you have a unit but to not go above 0-1.

27-10-2007, 15:45
The only real problem with a Savage Orc Shaman I have experienced is that if you place him on a boar in a infantry unit he is likely to be frenzy baited out. As long as you don't do that they are fine and have a little extra punch in H2H.

28-10-2007, 10:50
The savage orc shaman can get some decent attacks off, especially with a +1 attack item (3 attacks, while frenzied). I stick him with the boar boyz, but they do get baited (usually they end up winning combat anyways).

And archers... I have had horrible luck with the goblin archers, haven't tried arrer boyz.

28-10-2007, 11:56
2- When I made my O&G army I was told that the archers are ok if you have a unit but to not go above 0-1.

Almost, they're decent if you don't go above 0 :p
Stat wise, they're not any worse than any other basic shooting unit I suppose, but they're just too expensive, orcs are way more efficient at bashing things around.

The SO shaman can be baited, but is immune to psychology (since he's frenzied). Can help, if he runs around on his own for whatever reason.

28-10-2007, 12:07
i was thinking of stick the shaman on a giant boar that causes impact hits if im not mistaken its a magic item and then some magic bonus spells.

or is it better for a savage orc to be a combat lord and then just give him a big axe on the giant boar (will be displayed as a rhinox)

either way i will stick shaman or warboss in a unit of 10 boar boys maybe 12 and go 6 wide

28-10-2007, 12:28
Well, I have to try the shaman with the Skull Wand but, apart from that, I'd always avoid my shamans getting in melee, and this, at all costs.

29-10-2007, 01:57
well is it worth taking the lvl 4 shaman or is a warboss better backed by 2 lvl 2 shamans?

Heretic Burner
29-10-2007, 05:08
O&G have the very worst magic phase in the game. The very worst. Going magic heavy with them is a very bad thing to do. Animosity is effectively handing your opponent free dispel scrolls every game. They have a brutal miscast table. And quite frankly their lores simply don't measure up considering all this downside.

The less points spent in shamans the better. The high leadership of a animosity quelling general is almost mandatory so yes, taking a BO Warboss is much better than a shaman. Savage shamans are a bad idea, O&G have a dreadful number of items to protect their characters and frenzy simply forces your units into combats they just don't want to be in.

Keep in mind the goblin lore is particularly poorly thought out as far as casting values. It is dreadful for a hero level caster to be stuck with so many 8+ casting value spells and an absolutely miserable default spell. If you are set on going with shamans you are certainly best with a BO Warboss and Orc shamans.

One final note, you are already crippling the weakest army in the game by choosing to use magic. Selecting a large number of horrid boar boyz as well is going to make competing in games against most opponents a nightmare.

29-10-2007, 18:52
When looking at the miscast table....a result of 2-6 on that 2d6 roll...
2-4: dead shaman.
5-6: With awesome dice rolling when you need it the least can also result in a dead shaman.

The casting values are indeed a huge design flaw and the only spell of the big waaagh worth mentioning is "waaagh". Yes, it's quite awesome for what it does but with the casting value of 12+ it means you gonna need 4 or 5 dices to make sure you cast it successfully.
When looking at this miscast table of doom that might not be a wise decition since using more dices for a spell definately increases the likelyhood of rolling a double 1.

Go for a BO warboss. Not only for his leadership and his fighting skills, but also for his animosity-quelling presence. It's imperative to make sure your important units aren't forced to remain standing still for a whole turn.

I wouldn't use the boar boyz (of any kind) since (in my opinion) they cost way too much for what they can do.

What i'd do is (2000p): BO warboss, 2 BO big bosses, 1 of them as BSB with "mork's spirit totem" for some DD's and one lvl2 orc shaman as "scroll caddy". Plenty of animosity quelling and at least some basic magic defense that way.

29-10-2007, 19:49
if you really want to go magic heavy with green...
i suggest Azhag... and a pile of other level 2's... with all the bound items...
you might make a go of it that way... Death is easy... and good...