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27-10-2007, 22:12
I was thinking of getting a flyer for apocalypse, and was wondering which was better/ more worthwhile?

27-10-2007, 22:47
Yes. Twin bright lances that can hit anywhere in the board with ease, ignoring intervening terrain... beautiful

27-10-2007, 23:13
Hmmm ... well, I have 2 Falcons and plan on adding a 3rd for that delicious Cloudstrike Squadron! :)

27-10-2007, 23:32
Well if you plan to use anything other than a nightwing you will need to pick up Imperial Armour Update 2006 as this has all the rules for them.
Looking at them you have a choice of:
Void Dragon Phoenix
Vampire Raider
Vampire Hunter

All are lightly armoured (AV10) and the Vampire is a superheavy (Raider variant is a transport).

It depends what you want the flyer to do really, if you want the transport ability then get a Vampire Raider, with 2 twin pulse lasers and a scatter laser it can put out a lot of hurt.
The Vampire Hunter is almost purely a ground attack aircraft with twin pulsars and twin Phoenix missile launchers.
Void Dragon Phoenix excel at anti-MEQ with twin shuricannons, twin starcannons and twin phoenix missile launchers.
Phoenix is best suited to a ground attack role (pulse laser instead of starcannons), while the nightwing is an interceptor.

I think that the apocalypse nightwing rules eclipse the phoenix now and with 2 bright lances and 2 shuriken cannons it fares well in both air superiority and ground assault roles. As such I would recommend the nightwing or, if you face a lot of MEQ, a Void Dragon Phoenix as it can put out a fair amount of AP3 or less at twin-linked BS4.

28-10-2007, 01:36
The Void Dragon Phoenix is a big nasty. Very painful.

28-10-2007, 04:01
I've got a void dragon - its well tasty!
However, in apoc - you gotta remember you'll be facing mostly armour.
IIRC - thats the nightwing that has the twin brightlances - and is cheaper too....

28-10-2007, 13:05
Thanks. So the weapons on the phoenix are all twin-linked?

28-10-2007, 18:09
Falcon is the best flyer.. I have a void dragon phoenix and it's nice but pretty pathetic compared to the falcon formation

AV 12 flyer so its hit on 6s, can only glance AND has a *Real* holo field? .. vs 10, hit on 6s and has a 4+ save vs hits? Hmmm

Oh yeah, the falcon also has more guns and isnt destroyed if immobilized.. Can buy the falcon boxset x2 for the cost a void dragon

28-10-2007, 19:12
Actually, the Void Dragon has more guns... :P

And in non-Apoc games, you can use it as an actual flyer. IIRC, twin-linked gatling missile launcher, twin-linked starcannons, and twin-linked shuriken cannons. Pretty awesome, IMO. That's lots of twin-linked death.

28-10-2007, 20:09
ive got a converted nightwing and it rocked the first (and only) game i played it in.

two bright lances hitting on 3's wherever on the board.... plus if you line up some rear armor the 6 S 6 shots are gooooood too. didn't try it on elite infantry but i can guess it would tear it up as well. the thing is tough to kill thats for sure.