View Full Version : 1kpoints Conflict Sydney List

28-10-2007, 08:17
OK!Im going to Conflict In Sydney Next Year.
Heres my list!


Paladin-Questing Vow,Great Weapon,Virtue of Knightly Temper,Warhorse=126ps

Damsel-Chalice of Malfleur=90ps

8 Knights of the Realm-Command Group=216ps

20 Men at Arms-Champion,Standard=122ps

10 Peasent Bowmen-Defensive Stakes=60ps

10 Peasent Bowmen-Defensive Stakes=60ps

8 Questing Knights-Full Command=251ps

999ps Total

29-10-2007, 10:01
I live in sydney too. Hope to see u at the conflict. Ok back to the work. i would say drop ur questing knight to boost the Knight of realm up to 10. put anouther 10 peasent bow men in. 5 more men at arm. might have a few spear points left (i dont have odex for bretonnia) if yes than put some distracting cheap unit in (e.g. in chaos u can put war hound) or some fast cavelry to flank.