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28-10-2007, 12:20
Heya guys!
I think I'll start an Empire army soon, but before I'll buy things I thought it might be good to see whether everything is useful.
(I have some bad experience on this, as I've bought some useless stuff before..)
Anyway, here's a quick list:
Warrior Priest and lvl 2 Wizard, with ?? pts of (magic) equipment.
Core units:
25 Swordsmen with musician, standard
20 Spearmen with musician, standard
10 Free Company
10 Crossbowmen or Handgunners (which do you prefer, and why?)
Special units:
5 Pistoliers, musician
Rare units:
Helstorm Rocket Battery
That's about 150 pts short, from whom I have to buy magic items and "something else".
What do you think of it so far? What do you recommend for other things?

For those who might wonder why some particular models are included in this army, all I say is fluff. Why? It's not simply and Empire army. It's an army from the Dragon Empire.. *Cathay* (Warrior Priest=Monk, for example..)
As far as I know, there are going to be about 2 Empire models included, both converted. Other models are Bretonnian M@A, Kislev guys and much more...

28-10-2007, 23:26
Looks fairly OK to me. Something a bit different anyway. I'd go for handgunners over crossbowmen as they'd probably fit the army theme better (plus they get armour piercing which is always nice).

With the 150 points left over I'd get another 5 Pistoliers (giving you two units) and I'd spend the last 50 points on magic items. Maybe get the Priest Armour of Meteoric Iron to give him a 1+ armour save and a great weapon. Get the Wizard a dipel magic scroll of that spell you really don't want to run the risk of him getting it off. That should fill out the left over points quite nicely IMHO.

Hope this helps.


29-10-2007, 17:11
I would always get a cannon. you don't have to use it every time but I think youl find it very helpfull sofining up those really tough units. Also, I agree with hand gunners over Crossbows unless you plan to do a lot of marching as detachmants.

29-10-2007, 18:35
Thanks! The comments are really appreciated.

Altough there'll be some hard conversions (especially for some nice handgunners and pistoliers) it's good to know the list isn't that bad.
I was already thinking of getting a cannon (too), so that's fine. I'll probably simply take it instead of 'Tha Fierah Roxuts uf DOOM (tm)' every now and then, with the rockets more for the horde armies, and the cannon for heavily armoured/elite stuff. Whatever, blowing up things is always nice! (My other army is Wood Elves, so not much explosions there... :p)

I'll take a look at the magic items later, when some stuff of the army is done. Altough I'll take a scroll for sure!

Do you think Outriders are worth it? As I know some nice conversions with repeater crossbows replacing the repeater handguns.. (Ancients China had repeater crossbows, especially the armies at the Great Wall). I think it would be nice to take something else instead of a second regiment of pistoliers (both for more differnce as for some less hard conversions..)
Altough another army choice would be fine too (small detachments or something...).

maze ironheart
30-10-2007, 14:44
I think the list is good as well and I aggree about taking handgunners as for magic items I would say give your worrior priest the armour of meteoric iron as it gives him a 1+ armour save and it only costs 25pts.Then just give him a great weapon +2 strength and a 1+ armour save will make him a very good combat worrior.Also yes outriders are worth it they have always done me good I usually just stand back and shoot the enemy then I lure them into a trap by placing my outriders in a position where he charges my outriders and they flee then I get to charge with my knight's in their flank plus BS4 and 3 shot's each is very good and a unit of 5 only cost's 105pts.

02-11-2007, 21:18

Warrior Priest (Armour of Meteoric Iron, great weapon) (Monk of the Celestial Dragon)
lvl 2 Wizard, scroll (could be fire, heavens or metal.. probably fire or metal, depending on army)
Core units:
25 Swordsmen with musician, standard
20 Spearmen with musician, standard
10 Free Company (peasants)
10 Handgunners
Special units:
5 Pistoliers, musician (guys on horses with probably handguns)
5 Outriders, musician (guys with repeater crossbows (if a DE playing friend has some left..))
Rare units:
Helstorm Rocket Battery (Tha Fierah Roxuts uf DOOM)
About 1000 pts

I'll calculate the exact points later, as I don't have the book here, but it shouldn't change much.
I'm not sure on the Warrior Priest equipment (the armour) as the monk should be unarmoured. But for that points you won't have another kind of good protection.. what about 'Some monks are blessed by the Celestial Dragon, giving them the tough skin of an age-old dragon? (I'm just thinking up stuff at this moment, you see.. I want a good buch of fluff...)
Any recommended changes? Some ideas on best magic lore (again, not much choice as a WE player..) And any conversion ideas are also appreciated, of course!