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28-10-2007, 20:57
I must admit i think i dug myself into a pretty deep hole on this one, my friend plays a heavy knight empire army and I play a gobbo list, (primarily night gobbos) I just dont know how the hell im going to stand up to his army, any advice?

28-10-2007, 21:04
What do you generally run in your list?

As a start, fanatics, and spear chukkas are a good start, as are hideously sized units of gobbos....

28-10-2007, 21:12
Don't know orcs and gobbos too well, but how about a couple giants and buckets full of fanatics? Spear chukka look very cheap too.

28-10-2007, 21:52
I would go for fanatics, spear chukka's and squigs. A lot of S5 and 6 hits are always nice against cavalry.
I'd expect that his magic defence will be low so take a shaman or two and some wolfriders for march blokking.

28-10-2007, 22:11
I run 4 blocks of 35 night gobbos with 6 fanatics spread throughout, a squig heard, and squig hopper unit, rock lobba, and doom diver, giant, five spider riders, and a gobbo chariot. I figured that my fanatics would be my best chance, but their a gamble at best. but i have 2 spear chuckas as well so i might swap them out for the rock lobba.

28-10-2007, 22:23
yeah take the chuckas.
keep that giant, it can come in handy if the fanatics don't take out the knights.

But mainly fanatics are useful.
I play Empire and my girlfriend plays O&G, and many a time her fanatics have torn through my knights, and that leaves me without knights as i only have one unit.
Even if i steer clear of them with the knights (which he shouldn't be able to do as he has a large number of knights in there) fanatics always destroy something - though when i'm lucky its not something from my army :P

28-10-2007, 22:59
Certainly the advice regarding fanatics and spear chukkas if very accurate.

Another issue to think work on is that of putting his knights where it is advantageous to you.

Fast cav, wolf riders more than spider, can work very effectively for this. Small units placed to either flee a charge or engage the knights in the flank so they over-run sideways in front of your line can provide juicy flanks to your ranked up units of night gobbos.

No unit of empire knights is going to stand up to a static CR of 5 piling into their flank.

Since you're a hoarde army by definition, use that to your advantage. The small baiting units are a more predictable (as opposed to fanatics) approach which will work equally well against most other opponents.

28-10-2007, 23:46
some pointers:

- Buy Netters!! Knights will have to kill some gobbos in order to counter your static CR. If they're not inner circle, then by netting them you've just avoided at least a couple of kills (and thus have a better chance of winning the combat).

-Use goblin chariots and goblin fast cavalry. Wolves have a movement of 9", so can outpace the knights! If you can combine charges, the knights will be in for a world of pain.:evilgrin:

-SQUIG BOMB!!! Buy a smallish unit of squigs and send it forwardc towards the enemy knights...Give him no alternative but to charge the unit, then watch as his battle line suffers those priceless S5 hits!! Even 1+ save can't guarantee the knights' survival in this case.

-Gaze of Gork: it might be strength 2, but it still negates the armour save of knights, and so might come in handy. (2 goblin shamans will do the trick, no need to go magic heavy)

-Warmachines: The doom diver screams to be taken, as do the spear chukkas. Even if your mate doesn't field knights, they'll find somthing juicy to target..

-I'm not so sure about giants VS an empire army..All it takes is a unit of crossbowmen, and your giant will be dead in 2 or 3 turns. If you take one, make it your first priority to neutralize enemy shooting with fast cavalry and the such.

-If you have the models and points consider fielding a unit of trolls (and keep the general nearby).. The regeneration will keep them around, and them vomit attack can make short work of those humies..

-Camikaze goblin: Goblin hero, on a squig or a wolf (depends on goblin type), brimstone bauble, one-hit wunda, charge the knights and see them perish along with your cheap, expendable, 100-pt goblin hero!!!

-another MUST magic item is the amulet of protectyness... The only way your warboss will ever get a 1+ save...

hope i helped, and best of luck with the game (write up a battle report afterwards, will you??:) )


29-10-2007, 00:58
i might even pack more fanatics in the night goblins if he does go really heavy on knights when setting up try to space out your night goblins so even if the fast knights avoid the ball and chain theres still a chances of them getting smashed elsewere.

29-10-2007, 03:19
I do have netters in all of my units, which is a plus, thanks for all the advice guys, i think im going to drop the spider riders for some wolves, and Ill be sure to write up a battle report, games the friday after thanksgiving, should have the rep up by the next day.

29-10-2007, 19:05
Have a combat-tooled goblin champion in each unit or place all of your characters in chreapo chariots. Chariots create problems for knights.

Prince Sairion
29-10-2007, 22:51
On a tactics front I would deploy the big units in a corner of the battlefield to start with and move out in a fan-like motion. Just means that you shouldn't get flanked.

On the other flank have a couple of small units of wolf riders to annoy and threaten, maybe war machines in the centre protected by squig hoppers or a chariot? Side on bolts and a large charge if threatened.

Win on combat res:)