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Prince Sairion
28-10-2007, 21:57
And so it begins . . .

Me and my good bald friend Truthsayer have been collecting our largest armies for an eternity. Never have we had our forces fully painted.

Until now!

Neither of us will ever win a golden demon, so please don't jump on our backs about our painting, we just need encouragement to paint more!

I collect the Highest of Elves, Truthsayer anything green.

The aim is to take a huge (hopefully 10k,) fully painted army to Warhammer world next year (date pending,) and post the results for you guys on Warseer.

I have a couple of pics for now, Truthsayer will post his a bit later.

The - traffic - Wardens of the Tower of the Sun . . . of ;)


28-10-2007, 22:27
Ha ha ha, and so it does begin.

Ive been collecting Orcs for quite a while now and never have I played with a fully painted (or non proxied) force of greenskins.. until now!

Like the Prince has said we are planning a massive jaunt to warhammer world in the coming future and up til that point need something to make us paint.

That is where Warseer comes in! If we can put up a log of our painted stuff and how we are getting on then we can keep on going..

With the imminent re-release of the scummy Asur the Prince is gonna have a lot of work to do! and Ive got loads of orcs and gobbo's to keep me painting for years!

stay tuned for updates..

Now then... wheres my camera?

Prince Sairion
28-10-2007, 22:44
And now what I need to paint . . .


I make it 4 characters, 73 spears, 50 archers, 15 SM, 12 PG, 7 shadow, 5 Bolt Throwers, an eagle, 13 reavers, a dragon, 8 DPs, 41 silver helms, 4 chariots.

I also have an advanced order of the new dragon, lion charit and 4 characters

29-10-2007, 00:19
Nice, I'll be following this with interest!

I, too, belong to the company of lazy gamers: I've been playing since 1995 and I painted my first tabletop quality (3 colours-not exactly based) army a year ago, for the sake of a tournament... So, I sympathise with you two lads, and sincerely hope you get these armies painted..

Prince Sairion,I really like you colour theme, it's more savage and realistic than all those blues and reds I see all around...good work, and nice quality (As far as I can discern from the picture).

Dead orc
29-10-2007, 01:17
Hahaha you already have more painting than I do for any of my numerous armies....

Should be a great log, keep it up :D

Prince Sairion
29-10-2007, 14:12
And a couple of photos a bit closer, shows why I call them the traffic wardens!



I'm going to get to work on the image front as all these links is a bit of a pain, bear with me, I'll try and get some colour on these here pages before long.

I'm just as technical as a slug. :o

29-10-2007, 14:30
Trying out something:


You just need to copy the image adress (right-click with the mouse) and use that adress, instead of the adress to the page, which cannot be displayed as an image. :)

29-10-2007, 21:37
So heres a pic of me and most of my army (looking very disconcerted as this is the first time ive laid everything out.. Oh dear!)


Here's me in Game form.. as the Prince says anyway


My converted Spider Riding Big Boss


And here's some more stuff that just needs assembling


there'll be more updates when we get some time, all comments gratefully received!!!

Prince Sairion
29-10-2007, 22:37
Mate you look priceless, both in goblin and human form.:p

Now all we need is interest!

Roll up folks, don't be shy, we need some serious encouragement to get all this done!:eek:

Dead orc
29-10-2007, 22:51
Only a little bit more to assemble then eh? Thats one massive army you got yourself there... I know your targets are 10k but how much does all of that clock in at?

Your converted spider boss is awesome.

29-10-2007, 22:55
I just had to get these last two pics on before hitting the sack!

A unit of the finest Big Uns with spears, glued together after watching the film "300".

Behold the "Spart-Uns!"



As always, comments are good!

29-10-2007, 23:02
Cheers Dead Orc, we worked it out after ranking them all up, it came to about 5500 with the few bits unassembled in the box and all the characters taken out. I reckon another 3000 in characters would just about make it right.

We had taken a few more pics of the spider riding big boss to show the side view but they came out all blurry, ill try and get some more up. in the mean-time enjoy the Spart-Uns!

30-10-2007, 01:37
Prince Sairion: nice thread! very interested to see more! amazing colors on your High Elves! (the archers look GREAT!)

truthsayer: I love the Spart-Uns! :D

Prince Sairion
30-10-2007, 17:52
Thanks for the comments guys!

The colour scheme came together through not wanting blue and white, but also cos I'd never seen an orange army, thought what the hell!

Bit of a tall order though this, I'm plodding through 62 spears at present, wouldn't mind but I found another 11 once I'd started!:(

I totalled up my lot and with the advance order I make it roughly (with approx new points values) 8800pts. So I need more!:wtf:

Hope to have more pics soon.

31-10-2007, 03:05
This looks great! Those elves are beautiful and the Spart-Uns are awesome as well. I love the way those spears have been positioned, and the dual banners rock!

Prince Sairion
31-10-2007, 15:28
So I'm now working on just 61 spears as ones gone awol . . .

For now heres a pic of my only (painted) bolt thrower


Whether it's the fear of not posting or just some incredible second wind I'm not sure but I'm painting far more at the moment than I have in the past!

Please if you are on this thread post any encouragement you can, it really spurs me on. And wakes Truthsayer up!;)

31-10-2007, 15:33
I'm really liking the colour scheme on those elves there Prince Sairion... Slightly different to the norm...

Keep it up (both of you)

31-10-2007, 19:26
Truthsayer, you'd better try to play Vampire Counts with those eyes :p:D

Impressive amount of stuff, I'd keep an eye to follow the progress. Prince Sairion, if I'd play HE I'd follow your painting scheme: lovely to the n-th power!


31-10-2007, 20:00
Truthsayer, you'd better try to play Vampire Counts with those eyes :p:D

whilst on the subject of vampire counts here's a pic of my army (wip) ;-)


Im currently working on my night goblin unit (49 strong with skarsnik at the head!)

31-10-2007, 20:57
Please if you are on this thread post any encouragement you can, it really spurs me on. And wakes Truthsayer up!;)
If you don't continue to paint I'll eat a carrot... and I'm allergic! :eek:

I hope threats work as good as encouragement, right? :wtf:

Prince Sairion
31-10-2007, 21:12
Why oh why oh why oh why didn't I paint the silver on my spears first? Why!?!?


Toschenko - Please don't start doing HE, you paint far cleaner thatn I do, it would put my lot to shame! Thanks for the interest.

Crube - Thanks for the encouragement, I hope to have some nice updates by the weekend

mrtn - That's what I like to hear! Some commitment to the cause! I shall try my hardest to ensure that you never eat a carrot.

Hespithe - Thanks for the post, when I first saw the Spart-'uns I said to truthsayer 'this is madness', he replied THIS IS SPART-'UNS!!! . . . Sorry had to be done, I'll get my coat.

02-11-2007, 12:12
This is amazing. I'll pop by your log every day to check on your progress. Be sure to post new images as you paint more, cause this really caught me. Love the HighElf color theme, and I think that Boss-on-Spider conversion looks cool. Or, funny anyway...

Keep it up lads, can't wait to see more

02-11-2007, 20:57
I'd stock up on green and orange if i were you two!
Good luck with this, your probably like me; painting at the pace of a 2 legged tortoise.

02-11-2007, 21:45
Ha ha keep on with the encouragement gents!

the amount of green i need to paint is making me green!

more pics over the weekend!

Prince Sairion
02-11-2007, 21:47
Cheers guys, it's a big ask definitely, but one we are both very much stuck into!

I'm looking at Sunday for finished minis, then i have some life-changing decisions for you to help me with. . .:eek:

03-11-2007, 10:57
Great looking armies thus far mates, really inspiring. I actually really like your color choices for the High Elves, and what really catches the eye is your simple but effective banners. Really great.

03-11-2007, 15:06
oh, so not a lot to do then? :D

03-11-2007, 15:08
I promised more pics and here they are!

first of all my twin pump wagons!


next up my Orc Warboss riding his ferocious Wyvern


and some Snotlings on foot (WIP).


Comments are welcome as always!

03-11-2007, 15:15
Ah, great use of a scenic base with snotlings!

Everything is looking good, but I feel like the warboss (not the wyvern) is lacking some highlight... it may be the pic though.


03-11-2007, 17:19
Looking great. I agree with the warboss looking like he needs another highlight or 2... also, and this is just personal preference, I think the wood on the pump wagons is a little orangey and flat...

I do love the snotling bases though - lovely work. Keep it up :)

03-11-2007, 17:40
Keep on the enthusiasm, I wish I was that lazy:evilgrin:.

04-11-2007, 00:10
My life of those pumpwagons! I just love snotlings. Reminds me of my childhood, somehow. Always full of short green men:D(no idea why... too much sci-fi)

Keep it up, by the looks of it, its going to be great!

Prince Sairion
04-11-2007, 18:12
Okay then folks, as promised, new piccies. 61 Elven spearmen, nearly finished (gold shield emblems, banners and on some models shields.)

Comments very welcome, I am however just very glad to have got more minis painted in the last week and a half than I had in the previous year and a half!

The newbies:

The newbies and the oldies, painted approx three years apart!

And in a line

And with my WIP noble

I have enough to make another unit of 20, but after the ordeal of these 61 I think that will be the final paint-job I do. Definitely not happening any time soon!

04-11-2007, 20:56
It seems like you emptied some Ulthuan town... all citizens must be on your table :p

However I envy you, as I already said in my log, it takes a real man to paint all those minis and to keep the mind focused on such a task. Well done, Sir.


04-11-2007, 22:36
Nice painting. the new and old ones look very good together.
And yeah, thats a lot of spearmen:)

05-11-2007, 18:18
Im in the process of making that many orcs! then those high elves will go down like sweet muffins!

Speed of Asuryan my ar$e!!

05-11-2007, 18:34
Speed of Asuryan my ar$e!!

Sigged :D !


05-11-2007, 22:08
really excited about those greenskins;). personally, i hope you'll beat the c**p out of those weak pink Elf-things in the end:D

Prince Sairion
06-11-2007, 13:24

This isn't very nice . . .:cries:

Anyway, I've just received my advance order, too much good stuff to make!!!

I'm going to put together my four tyranoc chariots today hopefully, WIP pics expected in the next 24hrs. Going to make one of them a noble-led chariot using the new plastic hero kit.


Prince Sairion
06-11-2007, 13:35
In the mean time, I need some advice. Going on the colour scheme of the army (ie the rider will be orange) what colour do you think this dude should be?:confused:

He is obviously going to be a star dragon and mount Prince Sairion himself. I was going to paint it red until I saw the new dragon-mage, that's what the new one is for.;)

This pic is WIP, still got a few bits to do to him

So what do you think??

All comments gratefully received:)

06-11-2007, 14:43
Orange and blue give a nice contrast, not too striking. The key is to make the blue the same saturation of the orange. Using as a base the appropriate foundation paints you should have a good starting point.


06-11-2007, 14:58
Woah, awesome work guys, im really impressed.
Also feel very motivated to do my orcs n goblins now.

As for the star dragon.... White underbelly and maybe Dark blue starting at the spine shading to lighter blue where it meets the underbelly? Orange might be interesting but Id say a little 2 much in the end, although another thought, how about yellow scales? It will work with the orange without over doing it I think.

Not this yellow - ;) -
But more this - :) -

- Lotho

06-11-2007, 15:46
Oh and, just to add something more, make a search on google on "colour theory". It is a source for useful suggestions on how to choose colour schemes and how to pair off nearby colours (provided that you don't already know all on the subject, if this is the case, then kudos to you :p).

You'll find that my choice of blue/orange can be proven scientifically :chrome:


06-11-2007, 16:29
Ok, time for an update!

Ive put a few highlights on my Warboss riding Wyvern, looks a lot better than before but is then let down by the quality of the pic. The pics taken at my house never seem to come out, even though they are on the same camera used at the Princes place!


Here is my finished unit of night gobbo's with Skarsnik at the head (second pic slightly blurry).



finally, One of my many Big Bosses riding a boar.


next im working on some more snotling bases, a few trolls and then onto some orcs! seeing as its an orc army i thought it about time!

06-11-2007, 19:40
Warboss looking much better, even in that picture.... nice one :)

06-11-2007, 21:53
Im really liking the gobbo's Truthsayer! Keep up the good work. I myself finished painting my first skink priest, and he's actually turned out to be the best model ive painted thus far! :D.

07-11-2007, 00:39
Man that is a crapload of infantry lol!

I really like the ork spearmen, they look so well ordered and disciplined, much more so than the 7th edition rabble of a bunch, the monkey soldiers of the Empire...

Great stuff fellaz, do the lazy bunch (like moi) proud!


Prince Sairion
07-11-2007, 07:01
The chariots are made, sprayed, and awaiting paint. Also waiting for me though is work:(

Heres Teclis, or just my level 4 mage, sorry about the angle, it's included here as it's one of the only close-ups wev'e taken so far that has worked!!


Keep the comments coming guys! It's always good to get feedback.

07-11-2007, 08:52
Well in that case ...
I really like the redness of the high elves. It's got an oriental feel to it, whilst being relatively 'elfish' if that means anything lol.

Change the photo bro... it's a little difficult imagining the wizard climbing up a wall like that.


08-11-2007, 01:56
Amazing so far i really lik ur idea of WHFB APOCALYP.... I mean CATACLYSM!!!!!!!! lol anyway great painting keep it up. Hope u write up an awesome battle report for this, anyway good luck and u guys are awesome!

10-11-2007, 11:44
I usually dont care much for highelves, but theese look great! I also love seeing such massive forces of foot soldiers, infantry blocks is what warhammer should be all about!

10-11-2007, 11:56
Looking great still..

Some constructive criticism if you dont mind... and that's the metal on the top of the head, and the sword appears a little thick...

Other than that...keep it up

10-11-2007, 18:54

Those two armies are beautiful, and awfully numerous ...

I really like the elven banners tough, simple and effective, and your "orange" paint scheme is stunning ... clean, neat, "elven" and totally different from what an Elven Host usually looks like !

I agree with Toschenko, I've learned a bit about "complimentary" and "contrasting" colours at the "art workshop" recently, and a nice blue dragon would strengthen the orange on the rider (the reverse being true too), but that would be a "classical" elven dragon ...

On the "green front", I feel your pain mate ... I'm currently working trough a Night Goblin horde, my first ever painting project, and after 133 gobboes I'm going slightly mad, with a sprinkling of nuts ... I even thought about painting dwarves, just to paint something without any hint of green in it !

Still, I would love a closer shot of your Night Goblins, to see how you did yours ...

Prince Sairion
11-11-2007, 10:47
Truthsayer and myself have decided that as part of our plog we are not only going to chronicle our painting/modelling/army building, but also all of our OnG vs HE battles!

So here goes! I'm afraid we only have two pics of the game, the deployment and the aftermath (mess.)

I'm sure a theme will develop sooner or later, but for now, this is our first game using the new HE book:

The armies (2250 points):
OnG: lv4 NG shaman, BO Big boss on boar (general), goblin bsb on spider, orc shaman lv2, 18 spart 'uns, 25 orcs h/w+shield, 10 arrer boys, 30 NGs w spears (2 fanatics), 20 NG arrers (1 fanatic), 6 snot bases, 2 spear chukkas, 2 boar chariots, 6 squighoppers, 3 stone trolls, pump wagon

HE: Lv3 archmage (high), lv2 mage (hvns), bsb on horse, 2 bolt throwers, 2x10 archers, 6 reavers, chariot, eagle, 5 DPs, 21 spears, 15 white lions, 12 SMs.


Result: Marginal victory to the High Elves - I'll await the abuse.:rolleyes:

I'll let Truthie give his version of events in his own post.

For me the battle was quite fun, I picked an army that I cold have picked in the last edition, with no new stuff, just to see what the difference was. My magic worked well for me (saving the day twice) and it was only the blocks of infantry that really stayed intact.

The best thing to come out of the game was Folariaths Robe (priceless).

As for the painting, I'm battling through my 4 chariots, the chariots themselves should be done today, so just 8 horses and crew to do . . .:cries:

11-11-2007, 11:06
I have three things to say.

1. Monstrously awesome dragon!

2. Spear-elf phalanxes and Spart'uns 4 t3h w1n!1!1!!!!!

3. You are both absolutely off the charts of awesomeness!

11-11-2007, 11:07
Interesting! Good luck with the chariots.

Would you say the new rules have a huge impact on the game? And would it of gone a lot differently?

I myself have just started my x20 block of saurus and boy do i hate painting saurus... Not trying to steal your thread of anything but here's the skink shaman i did not long ago (Sorry for the bad quality).

11-11-2007, 11:31
Let me just say this..

1. Drain magic is particularly good at what its supposed to do. Shame i couldnt stop it.

2. Elves still die in droves when someone pops a paperbag in their vicinity.. Especially Swordmasters and Dragon Princes!

3. Always strikes first only really makes a difference in the first turn. against ranks and numbers it does diddly squat.

4. Folariath's Robe is gay.

5. Prince Sairion is gay.

6. High elves are gay.

7. take more boar chariots.. arrows, bolts and head on collisions by Tiranoc chariots bounce off them.

8. take more trolls.. make them stone trolls to stop any unfortunate flames of the phoenix getting cast on them.

I must say though that the game was a good one, and that Orcs and Goblins rule!!

disclaimer.. any mentionings of "gay" in the above post do not mean to sound derogatory towards homosexuals..


11-11-2007, 11:36
By gay i presume you mean happy, good to see the robe is out of the blues.

Prince Sairion
11-11-2007, 12:33
Cycorax the priest looks good mate, now get to work on the next batch!!

I am very much looking forward to painting just a single model, I remember how it was, back in the day:p

The ga(y?)me was good, my favourite moment was actually when my
(t)rusty chariot bounced straight off it's boar counterpart. Caused an impressive - for me - 2 impact hits. Then my BSB who tried to assassinate the NG great shaman, only to fight his buddy, flee and get stomped on by Gork. Pity.

11-11-2007, 14:53
The miniatures stil look great. Love the HE mage:D

And remember, Orcs never loose;)

11-11-2007, 16:37
my BSB who tried to assassinate the NG great shaman, only to fight his buddy, flee and get stomped on by Gork. Pity.

oh yeah! I forgot about that bit!

the bsb charged the night goblins, lost through combat res and stuff and feld. my turn!! foot of gork came down on the bsb who was now unit-less and did 6 hits and 5 wounds at strength 6!

funny stuff! I always roll 5's or 6's on fanatic hits, impact hits and magic missiles, Prince always rolls 1's and 2's!

11-11-2007, 21:04
Very nice plog here guys!
Lovin the Spart-uns especially, might steal that one if ye don't mind :D

Prince Sairion
13-11-2007, 18:39
An update of sorts . . .

My WIP chariots of minimal impact hits!!!:p

Going a lot slower than the spears unfortunately, but going all the same. Should have the horses done by this time tomorrow.

I haven't put a great deal of effort into the chassis as it will be hidden for the most part by the crew etc. The main thing is still getting painted models on the table. At this rate I will have painted around 950pts of models in roughly a month!:D

13-11-2007, 20:51
So, things aint going to fast?:D No guys, youre doing great. I just wonder how I'm gonna do. Starting my "painting cult of Slaanesh in one week" project in a few weeks now. Would be cool for you to stop by and chack it out when that time comes:)

15-11-2007, 12:47
OK, update time..

Its been a while since i posted so I thought i'd do it now. Ive kinda got another camera and am still working out the best place/time/background/lighting to take my pics. These ones have come out better than previous ones (no offence prince but Ive got more time to mess round with this one!) but are still in experimental stages.

First of all Ive been painting a few snotlings to go with the ones i had done. Ive got enough Snotlings and other gribblies to fill another 4 bases but for now ill make do with 6.


Ive painted one of the new trolls and have re-painted and re-based my BFSP troll to go with it.



My Spart'Uns have been sprayed and another rank of Spear wielding Uns has been added for a total of 30.


15-11-2007, 12:50
This load of Sprues has been turned into another 40 Orcs, I also bought the shaman boxset even though Ive already got about 20 hero/Lords!



Ive also decided to finish my unit of Savage Orcs before moving onto anything else so these boys will be finished next before anything else.


Heres my Gobbo Shaman who recentlt took part in a game against Princes High Elves.. I cant remember if he survived but I think he did (cant remember for the life of me!)


15-11-2007, 12:53
Last but not least Ive been painting a test model for my new dark elf colour scheme. here is my corsair champ and my chariot for a noble in the future.




Thats all for today, Im off to paint some savages, thanks for looking!

15-11-2007, 14:32
About time that update came:). Athough its not much, I enjoy seeing what youve been painting since last time. still, good luck;)


15-11-2007, 15:41
Scrolling from the bottom of the page I was unsure of where I came :wtf:... the dark elves scheme is quite nice, but maybe you may try to lighten up a bit the blue tone... the cold ones are simple and effective, good job on these.
The savage orcs are shaping up well, I always loved the sculpts. Is the boar riding shaman (I forgot his name) some sort of filler or he's independent from the unit, put there only to show it? Oh, and the tiger/jaguar/generic big cat pelt is a nice touch, too :)

Damn it man, it is a BIG load of stuff you have on that box :p


15-11-2007, 16:15
Ok, quite a lot to comment on, but i'll be quick:

Truthsayer: The snotlings rock, as do the new trolls! (bravo for the W.B.Yates sig as well!! ;) ) The task ahead of you is massive!good luck!

PrinceSairion: You've managed to paint more elves than Harry himself did!!! :D Great scheme, and very uniformed look! Scary!

I would like to see more pics from your battles, even if the models aren't fully painted! it will be nice to approach that side of the hobby too!

15-11-2007, 16:48
Scrolling from the bottom of the page I was unsure of where I came :wtf:... the dark elves scheme is quite nice, but maybe you may try to lighten up a bit the blue tone...

I originally had the blue a lot lighter but didnt like the shading i had done and so just went over it with Necron Abyss foundation paint. I will have a look at it again tonight. Id actually gone off my Dark Elves before the release of the high elves due to them being too underpowered but have decided to paint some up ready for their glory days.

Is the boar riding shaman (I forgot his name) some sort of filler or he's independent from the unit, put there only to show it? Oh, and the tiger/jaguar/generic big cat pelt is a nice touch, too :)

Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahuba is his name I believe, he is just a normal shaman in my games when i use them and does go with the unit. give him the Waaaghpaint and he doesn't do too bad!

@Happy Doctor. We'll be having a few more games soon and will be sure to post more pics of the battles. Ive borrowed the sig as Im a big fan of the film Equilibrium. If you havent seen it track down a copy and watch it... very good

@Furry Miguell. Cheers for the kind words.

I wish I had more time to paint!

Prince Sairion
15-11-2007, 17:57
Happy_Doctor - Harry does have another four or something armies going at the same time, but I've probably still equalled his efforts with my soon-to-be-done chariots! He hasn't posted here yet, I think he's scared . . .:p

I'm still enjoying all the painting. Manslayer has been slowing me down quite a bit for the last week, but now that's out the way I'll have a bit more time for modelling etc.

I'm also looking at re-basing the army, going for a 'savage forest' look, I'll do a bit of research into it and post an example.

Thanks for the posts people, it's great to see you taking an interest in our stuff, I personally only check Warseer four-hundred and twenty-nine times a day to see what has been said, all feedback gratefully received.

15-11-2007, 22:09
Keep up the good work! ;)

Morglum Necksnapper
17-11-2007, 16:32
I like the snotlings and savage orcs and the cold ones... Nice base on the snotlings.

I alo like the high elves, even blocks of spearmen look really strong and diciplined.

17-11-2007, 17:06
Love the snotties and the spart 'uns:). The Dark Elf looks kinda good to;)(hail Malekith)


17-11-2007, 17:41
I do really like those snotlings. Looks very well. And you two got a lot of stuff to paint. We want more pics.

Prince Sairion
18-11-2007, 18:10
Update! Seems to be a regular Sunday thing this for me.

I've managed to get three chariots painted, (if you exclude the crews eyes.) The fourth is getting there, just got the chariot master to paint.

All of the new chariots are having pennants attached. These have been started but weren't ready for the camera.

So three new ones, but I also have two more that somehow evaded the army photo-shoot at the start of the thread

Five down, one more tyranoc one to go (plus noble) and then just the lion chariot for the complete set.

I'm quite happy with the look of the new ones, think (hope you agree) they look far better than my older ones.

Think the next installment will be slightly smaller, I've got my noble on foot nearly finished, so a group shot of all that I've done since starting the thread may appear next time. Then maybe the phony guard.:D

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
18-11-2007, 18:39
Cool looking armies, both armies look impressive, keep upthe awesome work.


18-11-2007, 18:40
Lovely stuff as ever, a great log :D

1 thought on the chariots - and this may be the picture here, but the saddles and other leatherwork are very orange in colour - maybe a darkr, or lighter brown shade would work especially as your elves are predominantly orange in colour themselves.

I love the snotlings. Full of little details that really make them look great. Well done.

Oh, and truthsayer - those Dark Elves look great too, but PAINT MORE ORCS :D

21-11-2007, 11:34
spart-uns what is your profession?
waaghru! waaghru! waaghru! (LOL)
i think your work is fantastic and has inspired me to finish off my 5K guard army by january (it'll all be over by Christmas, where have a herd that one before?)
BTW i was thinking, say you guys made a 2000pt list of what you have already painted, play one game month, but then add every model you have painted to the army list (incentive to paint new troops!) i know this is more advantagous to the HE (being mroe expensive in points) but Orc is bigger and stronger than puny elvez!

Prince Sairion
21-11-2007, 11:46
@sainthale1988 - I like the idea of adding to the army list as we paint, but I doubt i would ever get my 50 silver helms painted - why would I want them in my list!?! I'd be mad!:p

I am going to try and use painted models in my lists for upcoming games however, apart from a war of the beard style game we have coming up.

Aside from the painting, Truthsayer and I should be playing another 2250pt OnG vs HE game this Sunday, so pics from that should arrive shortly after.

Thanks for all the kind words guys, if you often check this thread but don't post please do as it makes all the difference to me and the bald one.

Prince Sairion
28-11-2007, 21:29
All has been quiet on the painting front for a time, although I have finished off my noble. The issue being that without Truthsayers recently acquired uber-cam I can't get a decent close-up of him.

Instead I bring you this, the army as it stands at the moment!

Note: I am eager to base this lot up, and am looking for plus model leaves, if you have seen any for sale, let me know asap, I want em!!

Army infront of suitably (un)elven tower

And again

And from the side

And the closest my noble will let me get (very shy)

Truthsayer was meant to post details of our last game, but as it was a massacre in favour of the High Elves I think it's slipped his mind . . . he he . . .

I lost in total 5 Dragon Princes, a bladelord, 2 phoenix guard and a lion chariot. In fairness neither Gork, Mork or indeed fork or dork were with him.

We only have a photo of set-up as his cam was full, unless he's deleted it I would anticipate it's arrival on the thred shortly.

28-11-2007, 21:52
Lazy, eh? You put on that table more minis than I've painted in 10 years... :mad:

That's a lot of pointy ears... and they look cool and inspiring. What's next on the painting line?

Toschenko :D

29-11-2007, 05:53
Well I don't post on these forums alot but you two have impressed me with what your doing. The High Elves look nice and the Spearuns look really cool so keep it up and get the lot of it finished.

29-11-2007, 09:33
good work! i think that there is an ebay shop that selves good to scale leaves.... cant find the reference, but cheeck out Count Olaf gets a paint job thread, its in their near the end

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
29-11-2007, 11:52
Nice looking stuff I really like the red colorscheme on the elves.


29-11-2007, 14:30
I was just wondering. How many lion chariot's are you planning on having.

Prince Sairion
29-11-2007, 14:46
Thank you for the posts, I'll respond to everyone individually.

Toschenko - Next on the painting line are my Phoenix Guard, then it's a toss up between my dragon mage, lion chariot or 70ish horses.

Weregerbil - Good to have you on board, December may be a bit of a rubbish month for me painting-wise as I work in food retail (and people like to eat at Xmas) but rest assured me and the bald one will continue to churn out the models till the jobs done!

Sainthale1988 - I have some leaves!!!!! On order at least, means I can get some basing done very soon. I have some random twigs from the wood elf batallion from Truthsayer, the autumn theme is good to go - nearly.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull - Thank you for your kind words, it's good to see your army progressing too, very impressed with what I've seen.

Heinrichvoncarstein - Now that is a question! I own one, but used two in my last game vs the orcs (they rocked) AND for our 10k final game, Thruthsayer and myself are doing away with the restrictions on troops (special/rare) so there is the potential to get more. I do like the idea of a mass chariot-charge of 10/12! Then I'll need more white lions though to make it believable, then more spears/archers, then more characters, another dragon, I'll stop now.:D

29-11-2007, 17:02
Prince Sairon. What really would rock is maybe 10 CHARGING LION CHARIOT'S (i know!), and 2-3 Princes on star dragons fully kitted out with star lance etc.. That would be a rock solid charge but if I were you i would opt for 1-2 princes on star dragons and maybe 2-3 arch mage's on moon dragons. You should also get some dragon mages (lore of fire, get that magic item that makes be able to switch any spell for the flaming sword.:D. also to take full potential of the reckless rule).

29-11-2007, 22:30
yes and i'd like a 100 cannons, but its just not happening. then again knowing Sarion reputation......... (potentialy best charge ever!)

Prince Sairion
30-11-2007, 00:19
Well I have two dragons at present, one will be Sairion himself, the other will be a dragon mage. And I'd hope to include atleast one more, probably another dragon mage, or maybe a moon dragon for the full set.

I basically have 2k to decide on. I have roughly 8k at present, so the final 2k is entirely undecided. The only restrictions we are abiding by are with characters, so fourteen dragons is out :cries: but four dragons is a possibility:evilgrin:

At the moment I'm leaning towards the idea of more white lions, as the are my favourite HE minis, but hey, any suggestions are good suggestions as far as I'm concerned, you have all seen what I've got, so go for it!

30-11-2007, 19:52
that dwarfs (hate that word, wonder why?!?) my High Elf army of just over 5000 points... looks amazing though. keep up the painting: it looks great- very unified because of the colour scheme. Would love to see that army in full glory, lined up as a glorious High Elf warhost (instead of just an army)

05-12-2007, 20:38
Update time!

well after slipping on some ice a few weeks back and landing on my hand ive not been able to open doors or turn taps much lately, let alone painting mini's.

I have however fought through the pain ;-) to continue painting my savage orcs and a few other bits and bobs (albeit at a slower rate of course).

so, enough of my waffling and onto the pics. please note Im still working on the camera!





as you can see my Savage orcs are now at full strength and have been based too. I wont be deploying them in two rows though as that would be quite stupid... Ill be adding a few tattoo's eventually but cant decide on a colour at the minute.

Next up Im gonna work on a unit of 10 arrer boys as I like the idea but could never be bothered to paint 'em... well it is a tale of two lazy gamers after all..

05-12-2007, 20:42
I have painted a few other bits as well as the savages.. a very small chaos force will include my spawn of slaanesh, my Dwarf Daemon slayer was painted as I loved the model and my Dark Elves will be commanded by my Highborn Chariot or I can use it as a bsb chariot.





I have also painted up 10 repeaters and 10 executioners in the ice blue colour and they will be making an appearance next time.

Prince Sairion
06-12-2007, 08:17
Happy days, the painting re-commences!

The slayer doesn't come out too good on the pics does it?? Shame as it looks really good in the (metal) flesh.

Good to see the savages done, liking the dark elf chariot (still), but which high elf patrol did you nick the banners from?;)

06-12-2007, 13:57
Prince: I'm loving the banners on your regiments and the great job you're doing on your nobles and lords! grats

Truthsayer: Great scheme on the Dark Elves, the cold ones and looking really good. Keep up the good work!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
07-12-2007, 08:17
Good looking savage orcs:) are you going to give them warpaints? the rest looks also neat.


07-12-2007, 10:00
You good sirs are my new heroes, I am having a hard time painting 400pts of chaos space marines for the week after x-mas.
@prince sairion: real men dont paint orange, they paint yellow and orange.

Firestorm Falcon
07-12-2007, 20:20
Hi guys, some really awesome elfsies and orksies. Since I play both I'll be a regular on this thread now I've found it.

Sairion, your army looks really impressive laied out that's about twice/three times what I have and I'm a pretty avid pointy ear player. There seems to be a great deal still to do though so keep plugging at it.

Truthslayer, well done for working through the pain, those savages are your reward. Your orks are awesome as is the dark elf (realises he complimented a dark elf) I mean He's an appalling vile piece of scrap metal that should burn from Asureyan's flames. :)

I'll be interested in any battle reports you may have to offer.

Keep it up and good luck my fellow lazy hobbyers (Is that a word?)

Prince Sairion
08-12-2007, 21:29
Thanks for the comments folks, I should have an update tomorrow night (Sunday) with my Phoenix Guard completed. They are all painted up now, but (and i hope you are sat down) I'm basing them up too!!! Received my leaves from the wondeful place tha is ebay today so I'm putting them to the test.

Aurellis: Thank you, I'm quite startled at how much good feedback I've received for my banners, if you like them then my phoenix guard one will go down well with you.

Gazhkull: I think they need some warpaint too, maybe some 'I luv Mom' on their shoulders, that kind of thing . . .

Appoloclypse: Good to hear that kind of response to our work (or play as it is) it spurs us on to paint more.

Firestorm Falcon: Thanks for the support, I'm pretty stuck into this here project so I can't see myself quitting before it's all done. As long as folk remain interested in viewing orange pointy-ears I'll keep posting.

So an update shortly, all that remains is to ask the question, who's going to grab the 100th reply on the plog?????

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
08-12-2007, 21:46
Gazhkull: I think they need some warpaint too, maybe some 'I luv Mom' on their shoulders, that kind of thing . . .

Don't say this or you will hurt their feelings;), if you do warpaints I think blue ones would look nice.


Firestorm Falcon
09-12-2007, 18:22
Oooooooo Phoenix guard, I love them the models are great and they're fun to paint. Let's see them, please:angel:. An army always looks better based so get that done too;) in-fact just keep working on everything.

Good luck and keep at it.

Prince Sairion
09-12-2007, 21:05
As promised my unit of Phoenix Guard, painted and based - shock horror!!:eek:

The unit is missing a halberd which I just can't find, I'll find it in a bits box in 2012 most likely. I will have to go back over the banner a bit, give it some tlc, not bad for a ten minute job though I don't think.

So the unit

A similar pic

And from above-ish

Let me know what you think. I'm not sure on the leaves, but now I've spentthe money on them I think I may keep them. Enjoy

10-12-2007, 07:03
Love the phoenix guard. as far as the leaves go you could always try painting them in fall colors, ie. yellow, orang, red and brown, the greyish color that they are currently makes the model look unfinished imo.

Firestorm Falcon
10-12-2007, 17:48
I quite like the leaves but that banner is lovely, really clean and sharp.

A close up would be nice :angel:.

Great work mate.

10-12-2007, 18:12
I think the leaves look great. Where'd you get them from?

10-12-2007, 19:20
I like the pi symbol on that banner :D

10-12-2007, 21:26
great work, both of you, im just starting HEs with a colour scheme or red gore and white, although i do think yours is quite impressive too. how did you manage to make the PG halberds stay on????? i tried several approaches, like leaving them for a week, supported, but they still fell off the first time i put them on a movement tray! im a lazy gamer as well, i have 1k necrons to pain, about 2k lizards to finish(out of 4k, so half way there), 1.2k Tau infantry, 2.5k Dark Angels, and then my 2.1k HEs, with then a dragon, SMs, and WLs.as for filling points at the end, get some more eagles, then you can have your dragons flying with eagle bodyguards. i will keep reading as its updated, good luck!

Prince Sairion
10-12-2007, 21:58
Wahey some new faces (or avatars)! Welcome aboard!

Appoloclypse: I agree, they stand out like a sore thumb imo, when I get my **** in gear I'll give them a paint/wash to brighten them up a bit.

Firestorm Falcon: A close-up of anything would be nice, wish I had the kind of camera to do that with. Unfortunately this is the closest I've been able to get with mine. Bit poo, but hey. Thanks for the kind words, guess close-ups will only come if you visit Warhammer world with the two of us for the final game.

Satan: Erm, it was ebay. Go to the UK site, type in plus model leaves, and it should come up. A couple of quid from memory for a little tub full. Quite good value!

Aurellis: Ha!! Wish I'd have done that on purpose! For arguments sake lets say I did. I'll be creating a mage called pythagoras soon . . . :p

Brambleten: That's a lot of painting to be getting on with. I am tempted by more eagles, thinking the lotr ones at the mo as the direct one is great but only one pose - the 'ass-cannon unloading pose'.

So thinking what to do next . . . A DRAGON!!!

Just the new one though. Still not happy deciding on a colour scheme for the big dude - suggestions still welcome. The girlfriend said that it should be red/orange like the army, as the whole force has dressed in admiration and worship to this dragon. So that's an option.

I'm thinking either brown (never seen a brown dragon before) or the orange and grey scheme seen in the lizardmen book on the slann mage priest. Let me know.

The new dragon is going to be painted using the guide in the recent wd, patience prevailing. The rider naturally will be red and orange;)

10-12-2007, 22:27
what ever you do don't do a brown dragon! its a flying firebreathing piece of s............ (you get the idea)
red dragons are the best IMO (my welsh blood comming to the fore)
but as you have rightly said real men paint orange so.....

10-12-2007, 22:31
The rider naturally will be red and orange;)

he will be when ive finished with him... lol.

like the pheonix guard, shame you cant make 4+ ward saves!
run a spot of black paint round the edge of the bases and yer done.
I look forward to shooting them with arrers!

bring that big dragon round mate and ill have a go at it.. with a couple of lighters! make it look like a mutated chaos dragon!

10-12-2007, 23:40
great work, both of you, im just starting HEs with a colour scheme or red gore and white, although i do think yours is quite impressive too.
haha modesty there barkley =P
you haven't included 40k battles against me and foote in ur W/D/L thing! pfft.
but yeah. hey mr.high elf/orcs&goblins person, nice work on your armies, mine never seem to get done as fast except my latest empire. i should really do a blog, but that seems a lot of effort..

11-12-2007, 07:54
haha modesty there barkley =P
you haven't included 40k battles against me and foote in ur W/D/L thing! pfft.
but yeah. hey mr.high elf/orcs&goblins person, nice work on your armies, mine never seem to get done as fast except my latest empire. i should really do a blog, but that seems a lot of effort..

if i think my schemes crap then why am i doig it?
oh, and if your bothered about the w/l/d thing, if you look it says started november, as i couldnt remember any past that.
going back a goiple of pages, i think the wyvren or whatever it is looks amazing

warlord hack'a
12-12-2007, 11:49
my O&G force is I think for maybe 5% painted, trouble is that we have abig gaming group and I'm the only one craxy enough to seriously spend time on making scenery, so I now have something like 15 hills, 20 fences, 4 buildings, 6 forests, rocks, a swamp, an agricultural field, a grave mound and lots of other tidbits, all together making the whole table look great, if it were not for the grey and metal mass of my army swarming over it ;-).

Prince Sairion
13-12-2007, 16:56
So we had another battle. 2250pts again, heres what we had:

BO warboss, goblin BB, BO bsb, orc shaman lev2, 3x28 orcs, 10 arrer boyz, 10 wolf riders, 10 squig hoppers, boar chariot, 20 Black orcs, 2 spear chukkas, 2 pump wagons.

Noble in chariot, bsb, dragon mage:eyebrows:, 3 chariots, 6 dragon princes, 12 swordmonkeys, 12 white lions, 2x21 spears, bolt thrower.

Bit experimental on both our parts. Including this one Truthsayer has played three games vs the new elves, and has tested pretty much every unit he can (except a giant:confused:).

I decided to leave the archmage at home and go for a completely different approach with my characters. The plan for me was to pincer the orcs with chariots and hold them until that point with my spears.

13-12-2007, 17:06
what sort of chariot?

oh, i remember, tiranoc, arent they?

Prince Sairion
13-12-2007, 17:09
This is the view straight after deployment:

The HE went first, moving slightly forward to adopt the pincer tactic in later turns. what happened though soon stiffed that idea. Despite only having a level 2 shaman waaaaaagh! was cast with irresistible force, resulting in this at the end of orc turn 1:

Orc turn two saw the warboss declare the army waaaaaaaagh! and then a further (3rd) waaaaaaagh! in the magic phase. The dragon mage got run down, the dragon princes fled, but fortunately the other elves had remembered the tactic for the fight, the pincer . . .

The game ended on turn four, a short game but considering the orcs effectively had three turns of movement in two game turns it kinda sped things up somewhat! Fun game though!

The result - massacre to the High Elves! 3-0 for the series. I have a feeling this will be short lived as Truthsayer has pretty much sussed out the HE list now.

Next time round we are playing (another) 2250 game, but also changing sides, with myself taking the OnG against my own army.

13-12-2007, 17:12
nice to see how big the dragon model is in comparison to other units, as i havent seen it before, just images of it on its own

15-12-2007, 11:03
I suppose id better put my take on matters then hadn't I.

This being our third game (and me still in my grace period) I thought Id try the last few bits of the orc list I hadnt tried before or had tried before but wanted to try again.

I decided to go without any magic this week and chose a level 2 with a couple of scrolls, Prince usually brings an archmage and a mage to his battles and Orc magic never usually works for me except against Dwarfs...

To help with my magic defence I brought along Mork's Spirit Totem on a black orc bsb and My general was a Black Orc riding a boar, I equipped him with the akrit axe for the re-rolls, enchanted shield, effigy of mork and a talisman of protection to give him a bit of survivability. Just for a laugh I chose a goblin wolf riding big boss with the boss' at and best basha to round out my characters.

3 units of 28 orcs took to the field for a bit of numbers and muscle, Prince loves to take chariots in two's and double charge so the extra numbers would be good. some orc arrer boys and ten spear and shield wielding wolf riders round out the core.

Special's I have chosen 10 squig hoppers, an orc boar chariot, 20 black orcs with warbanner (priceless item!) and a couple of bolt throwers as they're nice and cheap.

to finish off the list a couple of pump wagons are in for the rare.

as you can see above the armies were then laid out. Prince had decide to bring a dragon mage but I wasnt scared as they are quite crap to be honest, as prince found out to his cost when it got charged by overrun and then legged it through combat res.. whats that prince? the fire dragon only has strength 5.. by gum thats crap! ha ha! Thankfully I dispelled the flaming sword he had cast too before i overran into him!

turn one I managed to cast Waaagh with my level 2 shaman who rolled an impressive 18 on three dice! quite nice as i most of the time I cant cast it on 4 with a great shaman! that spell kinda scuppered my plans a bit though as everything moved but my crappy dice rolls just weren't enough to get 90% of the army into wombat.

My Goblin wolf riders who came along to take out a couple of chariots rolled a 1 for animosity in the first turn and just sat there. this combined with my waaagh moving my units into charge range of his chariots in turn 1 meant the wolf riders just couldnt get the chariots which as you can see in the third pic moved through my orc units and hid behind the tower.

overall it wasnt too bad a game, like i said before my grace period is up now (grace period:- when a new army comes out you will invariably lose most of the time due to new stuff and stuff). it might well be 3-0 but if we take off the three wins due to cheese and grace reasons the scores are 0-0!


Ive tried a fair few of the bits in the army now and promise to win the next one for all the orc players out there.. or indeed for people who just dont like chariot using gay elves.

15-12-2007, 15:17
and people who josn't like pointer ears anyway (nothing personal prince i just realy dislike elves in all fantasy genrers)

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
18-12-2007, 04:54
Here's a question: how did you achieve that orange/brown colour for your High Elves?

Prince Sairion
18-12-2007, 18:39
Fair question, two answers:

I have been painting this army over a great number of years (since the HE plastics came out) so my style has changed over the years.

For the archers on the earlier page(s?) the method was a lot more longwinded than that of the latest offerings.

The latest is (for the red) mechrite red basecoat, blood red layering, blood angels red (no longer available) or blazing orange (new replacement) layering, fiery orange highlight at the very tips.

The orange is simply solar macharius orange with a highlight of just a mix with white. Then a watered down - heavily - blazing orange glaze.

The old style was achieved through using umpteen layers of blood angels red over a black undercoat and then eventually highlighting with orange. Far too time-consuming now I have so many models to paint.

Thanks for the interest:)

18-12-2007, 19:47
Prince, what colour would you reccomend for my red gore colour scheme? i would have thought blood red, or would an orange suit it better?

Little Aaad
19-12-2007, 16:15
and people who josn't like pointer ears anyway (nothing personal prince i just realy dislike elves in all fantasy genrers)

I hate them too, but I am one.

Heres a riddle. I hate the elves on this log. BUT I AM AN ELF PLAYER.

What army do I collect?

19-12-2007, 17:02
Heres a riddle. I hate the elves on this log. BUT I AM AN ELF PLAYER.

What army do I collect?

well looking at your sig i'd say... wood elves!?

am i right?

good to see people who dont like high elves though!

Little Aaad
19-12-2007, 17:29
Wooops. Lol I forgot about my sig. Haha, thats funny.

Do me a favour thruth slayer. Next game you play, play for keeps. Then send me his High Elves so I can burn them!

Nah, I wouldn't do that. However, the elves of Prince actually inpressed me! Unusual but very sucessfull colour scheme.

I suppose I like HE. I just hate them on the field. Those dang swordmasters are so overpowered! I know people say thius everyday but it issss True!

Prince Sairion
19-12-2007, 18:14
Don't get me wrong guys, I'm not a huge fan of elves either (dark:p) I just collect them.

My favourite armies are probably Dwarfs and skaven. I use to do Dark Elves before I started playing Truthsayer, they were my largest army. The I saw the light! The dwarfs are just too boring to play with imo, and rats, well, I'm waiting for them to be re-released. But if demons get an army beforehand I'm sold!

@Brambleten I'm not really sure on the question . . . If you are looking for a colour to go with red gore there aren't many that won't make your models look either too dark (black etc) or like a circus team (yellow). I chose orange cos it looked alright, but if I started again I'd o for varying shades of either purple or neutral tones. Each to their own.

By way of an update I'm currently painting not one, but two dragons!:eek: They are both winding up red as I liked the way the first one was turning out, fair bit of work to do yet but I'll try and get a wip on here when they don't look so flat.

Ramble over.

19-12-2007, 23:13
ahh can you do a step by step for your dragons?, as my Karl Franz imperial dragon is gonna be red too

cheers in advance!

20-12-2007, 08:22
cheers prince, i was actually asking what colour you would highlight red gore with, or thats what i meant to say, anyway. cant wait to see the dragons

Prince Sairion
29-12-2007, 19:36
Not a lot of painting has been going on with me over the festive season. This is an update on my wip dragons. One is simply a big red blob at present, but hopefully the pics will show the sizes of these 'sun' and 'star' dragons.

I've been busy at work, Truthsayer has been busy producing his first sprog (due middle of next year) and getting a yes whilst on one knee form his girlfriend, I'd like to say the first Warseer congratulations to him, a very happy time ahead!

So back to the dragons, the pick of a bad bunch on the photos of the two of them. They don't pose well together! Too much size difference!

And a close-ish up of the near finished highlighting on dragon the smaller. At present without a name (suggestions appreciated) the big one is Doris:o

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, I got two lion chariots, I'm gonna get another, then make the now compulsory white lion cavalry. I'll also be able to make another 3 tyranoc chariots. taking my total to 9. Never have too many chariots with an 18" move . . . . :evilgrin:

29-12-2007, 19:47
i would like to also say a Warseer congratulations to Truthsayer.

name suggestions for the smaller dragon: Bob, Dave, Mavis, Reginald, Geoffry

what do you mean, compulsory lion cavalry? surely they would be as only slightly more effective than silver helms, but more expensive. they wouldnt be str 6 though, which is dissapointinsg, and only have 3 str 5 attacks each...

29-12-2007, 21:39
i second the Bob suggestion!
also on a rule layer note chariots can only move 9...... but they do charge 18!

Morglum Necksnapper
29-12-2007, 22:24
Also my congratulations to Truthsayer! I liked the battle report.

30-12-2007, 18:15
Thanks for the congratulations people, December has been a busy month so not much painting going on from me. I have however decided to start painting my Black Orcs and am quite pleased with the outcome. I also received a better camera for christmas and the quality of pics i can now produce is a lot better.. anyway heres some pics.




And just cus I could! a much better pic of my spider riding big boss and some fanatics


30-12-2007, 18:17



and heres all my Black Orcs awaiting paint


30-12-2007, 23:42
whooo! much better pictures of some excellent models! (what camara is it cause mine is rubbish and i was thinking of spending some christmas cash on a camara)

Little Aaad
31-12-2007, 13:53
Liking it all. 9 chariots are you mad!

Firestorm Falcon
01-01-2008, 00:54
Some more nice stuff guys.

@Truthslayer, those Blorks are very er bright arn't they ment to be, you know a bit more black?:)

PS: congrats :D

01-01-2008, 20:25
Some more nice stuff guys.

@Truthslayer, those Blorks are very er bright arn't they ment to be, you know a bit more black?:)

PS: congrats :D

Na, I dont like painting dark green on my orcs (snot green is the darkest i like) and I take the name "Black Orc" to be a description of their grim resolve and dour demeaner. They're more hurty and killy in their persuasion than my normal orcs.

Firestorm Falcon
01-01-2008, 21:22
Cool, I've gone the other way, my black orks are Black!

Each to their own (and yours look great).

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
02-01-2008, 11:26
Nice looking greenskins keep up the awesome work, I like the spider boss.


Prince Sairion
03-01-2008, 12:48
9 chariots are you mad!

Why yes, I suppose I am!

The dragon with no name (although Bob seems to be the general feeling) is nearing completion, probably just another couple of days on that one then onto the rider. I'll post a pic of the finished dragon when I have it.

04-01-2008, 03:06
o my god. how many hours do u two paint a week? i love the elf colors- the dragons shouldn't have been red though- doesn't stand out at all. dark blue would have been nice. other than that: amazing :D

as for the orcs- i love the black orcs great black tooth pattern on em. and the spider boss is great too.

once again wat u r doing is crazy- KEEP IT UP!!! :evilgrin:

04-01-2008, 18:04
o my god. how many hours do u two paint a week?

not enough is the answer!!!

i literally paint about 3-4 hours a week. with moving out of my place next week that will drop to 3-4 a month!! oh my god!!!

thanks for the interest in looking and welcome to warseer!

Prince Sairion
04-01-2008, 19:13
I probably paint a bit more than Truthsayer, but not much more. I probably did 20mins over the fortnight prior to Chrimbo, since then maybe 6 hours to get my Dragon to this stage . . .


Sorry, I was ment to say . . . UPDATE!!

Still got the reins to paint and then obviously the mage that sits atop. Not sure what gubbinz to add on the base, as it's a bit too big to simply flock and sand the whole area.

I also agree with Supersonic (and a couple of others who noted earlier in the thread) that my star dragon should be blue, or at least not red. I'm going to relegate it to the confines of its box for now until I can A) be bothered to look at it again and B) paint it all in a day, choosing the colour and finishing it!

So after the mage comes the decision of what to paint next, and I'm thinking horse. Lots of horse!! I'll have to get them all out to give you an exact figure of how many there are to do, but I'd be disappointed if there were less than 60.

To paint the horses I will utilise this: it's my twin-linked tank brush. If I miss with the first brush I get a re-roll with the second!
I am ofcourse joking, but atleast one of these wonderful creations will be necessary.

Truthsayer and I play game four in the series on Sunday, then change sides and play with eachothers armies.

04-01-2008, 19:22
To paint the horses I will utilise this: it's my twin-linked tank brush. If I miss with the first brush I get a re-roll with the second!

i think i have to sig that. dragons dont have to be the colour they are in the book! check my plog to see just that (the nice grey+ orange dragon)

04-01-2008, 20:12
I think you should change the thread name, from lazy to crazy...

For the dragon, just finish it with red skin... and add more white on the prince/mage to make the rider stand out. Wouldn't be a pity to lose all your effort?

Just my two cents,


P.S.: might try the twin-linked brush myself (now, where did I put my tape??)

05-01-2008, 00:00
like the idea of playing then swapping armies, i must introduce it to my gaming circle (lets see how much fun the dwarf player has against the thoric gun line!)

05-01-2008, 00:44
Jeez brambleten you beat me to sigging that...Sweet dragon though, I really like the red color scheme. are you gonna do any basing work in front of the rocks?

05-01-2008, 11:06
Jeez brambleten you beat me to sigging that...

i watch warseer most of the day, im that bored... does that mean that you cant sig it as well?

Prince Sairion
06-01-2008, 14:31
PICTURE FRENZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Randomly, a house.

But wait, theres more . . .

Prince Sairion
06-01-2008, 14:35
My noble on foot, who before now was very camera shy.
The enemies, noble and black orc ugly boss, Notso Grimgor
My swordmonkeys and commander
And finally one of us two, I'm the one on the left

Thank Gork and Mork for truthsayers new camera, we can now produce some half-decent pics.

We also played our fourth game in the series, it ended in a draw, but was by far the most enjoyable game so far. We did have pics, but they aren't the best so havent bothered to post them.

Enjoy the pics!

06-01-2008, 14:53
The dragon is awesome, glad to see that you haven't repainted it. Now that I see it from that angle, I noticed that the pose is a bit odd... it seems that the dragon is going to crash on the ground leaping from a too small diving board... :p

That elven prince is one of the GW sculpts I like more, and your painting give it justice. Good work! (I'm waiting for the base, though :p :D)

The house is cool, too (if not too orkish or elvish)


06-01-2008, 15:37
wow, nice dragon and SMs

06-01-2008, 16:51
The enemies, noble and black orc ugly boss, Notso Grimgor

Orc reminds me of rooney :p

Fantastic work on the thread, keep it up :-)

06-01-2008, 16:56
Orc reminds me of rooney :p

i thought he looked more like shrek (rooney)

both taken from google

if you want them gone, just say

06-01-2008, 17:12

06-01-2008, 17:14
ok, you win, he does look like the orc. im sure thats insulting the orc though.

06-01-2008, 18:27
Gekiganger thats hilarious! and it is insulting to my Orc too ;-)

Had a couple of good games, the orc/high elf game was very good and was a draw.

All of my characters bit the big one at the hands of the high elves although my shaman's head detonated when he miscasted!!

Im gonna have a go at finishing off my black orcs this week but ive got a lot on with moving home but im confident i can get some done (a little anyway).

06-01-2008, 18:30
For queen an' kuntry! (and gork)
But on a less soccer-orc inspired note, very nice dragon and BO's,
keep it up :D

Prince Sairion
06-01-2008, 18:32
Guys that is priceless!

Even my girlfriend - before calling me a gaming loser - said it was funny!

I agree with Gekiganger though, the attention to detail on the dags and teef is great.

Toschenko - Thinking I may have to make some elven terrain for future games. Sounds like a lot of effort at the moment, but maybe when my army is painted.

On the line of painting, and just so we can't get out of it (too easily) Truthsayer and myself have decided on a June deadline for our armies to be painted and up to 10,000points. So get on our backs if we aren't performing!!

The rumour is that Teclis and Gorbad Ironclaw are to lead the forces. With the option of one more special character each.

Keep posting, the support is great for spurring us on, and boy are we going to need it!

06-01-2008, 18:36
Just taking the opportunity to say how m uch i like this thread! I come back here daily to check your progress, and must admit that you've been doing great!

I like the battle reports (although I have a softer spot for Truthsayer's orcs, prince...), so ,please, keep them coming guys!

I have a suggestion to make: Let's make it a Warseer event when you 2 guys play that battle at last! I might take the plane from athens to Nottingham to watch this (wishful thinking, really):D

06-01-2008, 18:46
Prince, you have to take Tyrion, but just make sure he is on a normal cavalry base, not his usual one, because his horse cant be targeted and is just a normal horse now

06-01-2008, 19:21
Prince, you have to take Tyrion

Ha ha!!!

dont give him any ideas Brambleton!

Im taking Gorbad Ironclaw and Grom just so you all know. reason being I can upgrade all my orcs to big uns and al my gobbo's wont fear elves!!!


This 10k game is a big ask, Were thinking we may have to get to warhammer world really really early and ask if we can get in before opening so we have a whole day to play the game.

Prince Sairion
06-01-2008, 19:38
Just taking the opportunity to say how m uch i like this thread! I come back here daily to check your progress, and must admit that you've been doing great!

I like the battle reports (although I have a softer spot for Truthsayer's orcs, prince...), so ,please, keep them coming guys!

I have a suggestion to make: Let's make it a Warseer event when you 2 guys play that battle at last! I might take the plane from athens to Nottingham to watch this (wishful thinking, really):D

1) Thank you very much for your opening statement, means a lot.
2) Is there anyone out there that likes Elves . . .:p
3) Sounds like a good idea to me, we'll see how things progress, and also whether Warhammer world will have us - we will need a 12-6' table we reckon.

On the topic of the 'big game.' Our 10,000point army lists will be split into 5 2000point lists. We have decided this because it will allow me to use all of my special choices (allowed 30 in 5x2k as opposed to 14 at 10k, I have 27:D) plus it will limit the number of lord choices we take.
We are to have one supreme commander and two battle standard bearers, one with the general the other the army one.

We are also looking at setting up victory conditions other than victory points. Ideas at this stage are a witch hunt, take and hold and hold the line. Bit 40k but will mean we don't have to do maths at the end of a long day (or two) of gaming.

This could all change, but these were todays developments. I should shut up and do some painting really . . .

06-01-2008, 20:41
all of my special choices (allowed 30 in 5x2k as opposed to 14 at 10k, I have 27:D)

:eek::eek: how many rares can you take?
an idea for before could be that you do a '7 lords' thing from the 6th ed book (i dont know if its in the 7th ed) so you could each take it in turns to pit 7 characters against an equal points value but regular army. e.g Prince would take Teclis, Alith Anar, Korhil and then some nobles/mages or whatever, against a regular O+G army on the other side of a river. then swap, with 7 O+G heros defending their plundered village from some pissed off HEs. (PM me if you need more information)

06-01-2008, 20:48
1) Thank you very much for your opening statement, means a lot.

indeed it does... thanx!

1) 2) Is there anyone out there that likes Elves . . .:p

truthfully.. No mate!

1) 3) Sounds like a good idea to me, we'll see how things progress, and also whether Warhammer world will have us - we will need a 12-6' table we reckon.

Oh they'll have us alright, Im thinking if some warseer people want to pop in to WW then they'll be very welcome

1) On the topic of the 'big game.' Our 10,000point army lists will be split into 5 2000point lists. We have decided this because it will allow me to use all of my special choices (allowed 30 in 5x2k as opposed to 14 at 10k, I have 27:D) plus it will limit the number of lord choices we take.

It will also limit our games so that we dont just have 9 level 4 wizards too. Ill just take 9 level 2's instead ;-). na just kidding it'll keep our games to troop levels and not just herohammer.

1) We are to have one supreme commander and two battle standard bearers, one with the general the other the army one.

One is the army standard, the other is the Generals personal standard (they dont have to stay with the general though).

1) We are also looking at setting up victory conditions other than victory points. Ideas at this stage are a witch hunt, take and hold and hold the line. Bit 40k but will mean we don't have to do maths at the end of a long day (or two) of gaming.

Any ideas on this one would be great

1) I should shut up and do some painting really . . .

Yep you should... ;-)

06-01-2008, 21:17
the rooney-orc thing's only cause brambleton's a newcastle supporter...are they out of the cup yet?=P
dragon's looking cool btw
and have fun with ur massive game, are you going to play over 2 days or something, cause that's a pretty big battle! but then i suppose lots of things will die at once, however equally there'll be LOADS of leadership tests, combat resolutions, keeping track of power dice etc to be done...

Prince Sairion
06-01-2008, 21:32
are you going to play over 2 days or something, cause that's a pretty big battle! but then i suppose lots of things will die at once, however equally there'll be LOADS of leadership tests, combat resolutions, keeping track of power dice etc to be done...

We may have to do a dry run of a smaller game or something first to see how long it will take. The main issue we see is unpacking and tidying away, which could be probably THE most painstaking process either of us have ever gone through.

@Brambleten, It's probably something we could have a go at, but I wouldn't be so happy using all the special characters. Teclis stood out on his own would not be the best for example. A decent idea none-the-less.

06-01-2008, 22:34
well i was thinking in going to warhammer world some time this summer (hey we all make the pilgrimage once!) so yet us all know when you've fixed a day cause i realy got to see this!!! Keep up the good work but why you looking at this? get back to painting damn it!

06-01-2008, 22:49
Still Keeping track of this, you guys are doing great so far. Good luck on the whole Warhammer World idea!

Prince Sairion
09-01-2008, 14:22
With our June painting deadline in mind, I have come up with a painting plan for the next five months or so, ruthlessly organised and undeniably sad but hey!

The plan for Jan and Feb is to get all of my cavalry out of the way. Starting with the horses . . .
All 65 of them:eek:

There is a 66th too, but it's the one for the bsb, so I'll leave him till later when my horse painting technique is improved.

I also have 6 white lion cavalry planned (pending purchase of 1 more chariot) which should be done by the end of Feb too.

The bad news is it seems gw in their infinite wisdom have stopped making coloured spray undercoats, meaning that I will be painting the same things 65 times by hand.

Never mind! I did 60 spearmen, it's time for 65 horses! Then it's the elves.

I'll be starting these as soon as my dragon mage is done, I'm already feeling hoarse . . . :o

09-01-2008, 15:08
Nice shot, seeing all that cav together. It would already be impressive if this was an all-cav army, but it's even more impressive knowing this is only one part of a much larger army.

Regarding your army compositions, have you considered an arrangement with a commander-in-chief and a few sub-generals with a smaller LD range?

09-01-2008, 17:49
The cavalry contingent arrives!
Hop to it! I want horsies with paint :D

And thruthsayer, on the grom and gorbad idea you spoke of,
Damnation that would make the entire army effective, throw in skarsnik and you would have autorally-ing Night gobbos, Big strong orcs and no fear on the gobbos, throw in some Blorc bosses and you will also lack animosity, making for a scary prospect indeed O.o

10-01-2008, 07:41
Prince, you could get an air spray and spry them that way

10-01-2008, 09:51
Prince Sairion could then take tyron and teclis as lords and all the special heros in thier repsective regiments. btw if you pincusion grom do the goblins get their fear back?

on a more important painting point could you show a white horse painting walkthough? mine always look so...... unnatural.

Angel Robertson
10-01-2008, 12:59
I think an airbrush could be the best investment you could make with all those horses!!


Prince Sairion
10-01-2008, 20:43
btw if you pincusion grom do the goblins get their fear back?

I'd bloomin' well hope so!!

I'm weighing up taking Caradryan, as I've actually made my list forthe 10k game and really can't find the points to take Tyrion as well as Teclis, I'm liking the idea of a sizeable force over uber-characters. Plus I only have seven chariots in the list! 7! Not nearly enough but never mind.

As for the suggestions to get an airbrush, I agree totally that it would be the best and most sensible option. HOWEVER. I'm just gonna go for it with the tank brush. Crazy, probably, especially when doing different colours, but I did find a spray can with some grey left to undercoat the remaining few.

My dragon mage is finished, the horsing around starts next week. . .

11-01-2008, 00:06
pics of dragon mage?...... please?
teclis is easily the better option of the two (however in a game used agianst my undead manfread held him and then curse of yearsed him to death lol!)

11-01-2008, 05:58
Hello again Prince Sairion and truthsayer! Been a while since I last checked your plog, and my has it grown!


Keep it up!!! ;)

11-01-2008, 14:11
I've found when painting horses without barding (i.e fast cavalry) that just spraying them black then tankbrushing them any shade of brown (possibly with a lighter coat for a highlight) is very quick and effective as it just leaves an odd little thing likes straps which are quick and easy to paint in =]
horses with barding i now do the same with the legs, then either paint or drybrush the armour (depending on how battered i want them to look), then paint the saddle, head and neck.. again quick and easy as long as you're fairly good with the coat on the metal, otherwise cleaning up mistakes i presume could take a while. you should find this no trouble by the looks of it though =]

Prince Sairion
18-01-2008, 20:12
News flash!

My horses have had their skin/flesh/fur/coat/what do you call it? base-coated and first highlighted. They do however need a further highlight in my mind, bad news for my sanity. The good news is that I have found love with my tank brush . . .


For now, a couple of awful pics of my dragon mage
And the obligatory, but somehow skipped/forgotten until now pics of my 'work' area, complete with horses, dragon mage and other rubbish

Truthsayer is using the excuse that he hasn't got access to the internet for his lack of updates. He has 'reportedly' painted all of his plastic black orcs. Until I see it, I'm not believing, GET YOUR NET FIXED BALD MAN!

Thanks in advance for all comments, and welcome back Saulot, good to see folk returning.

18-01-2008, 20:40
i think one of your mages has given mine a gift of an orange cloak... but anyway, the horses in the pick look good, from what i can see. it. it must be boring to paint lots of horses all at once. the pics of the dragon mage arent too bad, its probably just that the model is better. thanks for the update Prince. must now go and paint more elves. how pale are you elves faces, by the way? i was told by a dark elf player to "paint their faces properly" when i showed him my chestnut inked faces, which look absolutely stoned if you look up close. im hoping that yours dont look as bad

18-01-2008, 21:28
Truthsayer is using the excuse that he hasn't got access to the internet for his lack of updates. He has 'reportedly' painted all of his plastic black orcs.

Are you sure he didn't day he "painted all his plastic orcs black?" Maybe he meant they're basecoated. :D

20-01-2008, 04:34
@ Gekiganger - That was, awsome. Nice one... :D

Awsome log guys keep it up. Your armies look amazing so far. Looking foreward to the final showdown, 10000pts, very nice.

Just a question to you both, roughtly how many mini's do you both have, and how many hours a week do you spend painting? - From what I can see in the backgrounds of some of the pics, you guys are loaded...

Anyway, great work - keep it up!

Firestorm Falcon
20-01-2008, 09:34
That dragon-mage is looking very impressive, especialy the wings. I'm not sure about the mage's sword though.

Well done with the horses, just keep going mate.:)

Prince Sairion
20-01-2008, 11:08
Just a question to you both, roughtly how many mini's do you both have, and how many hours a week do you spend painting?

Massively difficult question to answer!

I paint less now than the start of the plog. Probably up to 6/7hours a week depending on when my days off fall (I'm a food retail manager so when I get a day off in the week when the girlfriend is at work I get more painting done)

As for number of models. At least a thousand. But I stupidly sold a huge amount of my collection when I was 16 to fund newer stuff. I sold 3500 minis.

As it stands I have High Elves (honestly) skaven, bretonnians, empire, orcs and goblins, chaos (fantasy), undead, ogres, eldar and chaos (40k) in my collection.

20-01-2008, 12:30
I sold 3500 minis. :eek:

As it stands I have High Elves (honestly) skaven, bretonnians, empire, orcs and goblins, chaos (fantasy), undead, ogres, eldar and chaos (40k) in my collection.

how many points does all of that equate to?
it probably makes my 18k points of everything look tiny, although i have only been playing for 3/4 years

i suppose a group shot would be too much to ask

20-01-2008, 13:07
I love both your work, keep going!

About the dragons: they are lovely but I miss horns for the star dragon, I don't know why but I love them horns on dragons. Otherwise he looks like a real awesome centerpiece!

21-01-2008, 20:54
Very quick update from me, my Black Orcs are finished. well.. 20 of them anyway, ive still got another 37 to go but they can wait for a while.

one from slightly above

shot from the front

shot from the back

Not been able to do as much as I would have liked recently what with moving house and all. Things are getting there though.

I am however planning on a big centrepiece for my army, one to rival the princes! but ill post pics when that comes to pass!!

I must admit those Vamps are looking very tempting to me, Ill probably buy a battallion to break me away from the monotonous green but must keep an Iron will where the orcs are concerned if im gonna get to warhammer world!

Now then, back to the painting table I go!!

21-01-2008, 21:21
Nice Blorcs Truthsayer, well done!

21-01-2008, 21:53
Not the way i would paint them but, quite nice anyway :D

22-01-2008, 01:07
i'd like to challenge someone to do a painting plog with me like these guys, except we'll be against eachother, anyone up for it?

22-01-2008, 01:16
^ how many points you looking at doing?

Looking great guys, but I would throw down a green ink wash or glaze on those black orcs, they are to bright.

22-01-2008, 09:48
I would throw down a green ink wash or glaze on those black orcs, they are to bright.

Naa, Ive already explained further up in the thread I like my Black Orcs the way they are, I see them as just more vicious and called black because they are more evil/sadistic/brutal not because they are black in colour.

Dont bother reading me the description in the army book. Ive scribbled out the bit about dark oily skin ;-)

Anyways I like the contrast between the black armour and the green skin.

22-01-2008, 13:34
Naa, Ive already explained further up in the thread I like my Black Orcs the way they are, I see them as just more vicious and called black because they are more evil/sadistic/brutal not because they are black in colour.

I that idea comes across with the really simple black banner, too. Nice work.

Prince Sairion
22-01-2008, 17:33
Returning slightly to the list of models: 3k Dwarfs.

Anyway, we played two 2250pts High Elf vs OnG games today. And I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear that my Elves took an absolute pasting in the first game, I gave up turn four or something I think after a single failed terror test from a giant wiped my army out :eyebrows:

The second game was a draw, really good game, I finally fielded Prince Sairion but on a moon dragon. The valiant leader and guardian of the tower of the son standing tall against hordes of goblins and orcs before nearly being chased off the board by night goblins . . . :o

I blame being distracted thinking about the next army I'll tackle. Normally picking a second army to go crazy on is easy - and would be Dwarfs - if it was the case that they were THE most boring army to play games with. Obviously I have the small matter of 150 high elves to finish painting/basing/varnishing yet. But worth keeping in mind.

I'll be scanning the pages of Warseer for inspiration.

22-01-2008, 17:52
Ay, they were some really good games! the first was won by my giant making the big block of spears that were fighting my black orcs run off. this in turn panicked every unit on the table and it was just a case of sweeping up!

Yay! Massacre to the Orcs!

The second game was gonna go the same way until my savage orc unit charged a unit of spears (originally 10 but id killed a few) managed to kill all but 1 (never forget you have cast bash em lads which would have killed the last spear). I won through outrageous amounts of numbers but the lucky git rolled a double 1 and held my savages there!!!

Most unfortunate for me as behind the unit was the princes dragon which I would have mullered!!

Pretty good games and the orcs have a few more heads to adorn their chariots!

Oh and we've talked about this Prince and I would go for Vampires! you know you love the new skellies! you'll learn to love the rest!

22-01-2008, 17:58
Prince, have you tried Lizards? completely different challenge to Elves painting wise, but still has some nasty magic. oh, and some T4 stuff basic, which elves lack

Prince Sairion
22-01-2008, 18:39
Prince, have you tried Lizards? completely different challenge to Elves painting wise, but still has some nasty magic. oh, and some T4 stuff basic, which elves lack

I did try them for a while, found them to be too easy to win with in all honesty. Not to sound big headed cos I think I've lost as many games as I've won, they are just too good imo.

They have however made the short(ish)list.

Anyone else with a suggestion to make please feel free to post it right here and let me know. I am looking for something other than Elves, both models and gaming-wise. I normally go for models before play when choosing an army.

22-01-2008, 19:13
ok, so no lizards. ogres? T4 and multiple wounds, easy to cast magic and low model count, whioch would make a change after 10k elves. i would suggest brets, but i think 70 odd horses would put anyone off for a while. chaos? lots of different ways to play, with daemons or mortals, either makes a different challenge.

22-01-2008, 21:04
Weve discussed most of this today already havent we prince. I still say Vampires, with a whole lot of new rules coming out they are going to be completely different to what they were like before.

If you were going to go Lizards I would stick by what I said earlier and make em evil lizards!

22-01-2008, 21:08
If you were going to go Lizards I would stick by what I said earlier and make em evil lizards!

yes, but how does that go down with the old ones, teh ones who sacrificed themselves to close the warp. the lizards are like the tau, just misunderstood

22-01-2008, 23:02
down with the old ones!

Well said Brambleton!

they are a group of jumped up time-space meddling hippies!

ha ha ha!

I still say Vampires!

22-01-2008, 23:41
^ how many points you looking at doing?

Looking great guys, but I would throw down a green ink wash or glaze on those black orcs, they are to bright.

oh.....750 pts. its to start up. its ethier that or giant unit syndrome.

23-01-2008, 07:12
I'd love to see you guys go Bretonnians. Think of the 70++ Elven Steeds as practice! hahaha

(Would make a cool enemy for Vampires!)

23-01-2008, 16:32
Well a few posts up I mentioned making something that would rival the Princes Dragons (he has 2 and possibly a 3rd!) and so today I have put the wheels in motion on this most daring of tasks.

I plan to make one of these!


So today I bought the first part and a hacksaw.



Ive got on order an Orc Wyvern boxset and Gorbad Ironclaw (both of which arent in the store). I plan on posting pics at every stage of construction and painting to keep you all in the know.

Im not sure when my Wyvern will be in the store but until then I have time to cut, de-flash and glue some of the dragon bits.


Firestorm Falcon
23-01-2008, 17:45
That wyvern should look great when finnished.

I'm watching with interest.

23-01-2008, 18:39
Plus, as an orc player with a HE arch-nemesis, it's got to feel good taking that hacksaw to a HE dragon's neck & limbs. :evilgrin:

23-01-2008, 20:25
Haha sounds like a cool idea for a conversion really.
Give the high elves a taste of their own new-plastic-dragon-medicine!..with Gorbad Ironclaw stuck on top.

23-01-2008, 21:11
how much was the dragon?

23-01-2008, 21:37
how much was the dragon?

if bought at standard GW prices, 30. if bought through an independant stockist on the internet, cheaper

24-01-2008, 07:36
That conversion looks wicked Truthsayer!

Wish you luck with it, tell us how it goes.

26-01-2008, 21:45
This is so cool, me and my friend are also trying to finish everything we have( me O&G and him HE) to somewhere around 5000p and youre aiming at 10? I need to get some more models me think ;) Besides.. how does it feel to be finished with an army? No idea! Youre never really finished, are you? Allways wanting some more.. need more!

Prince Sairion
27-01-2008, 12:03

Tis a sad day, but I must admit defeat. I'm breaking away from my horses for a while as I'm seriously struggling to find any kind of motivation to continue with them.

So far I have done:
- Basecoat on the skin
- First highlight (skin)
- Second highlight (skin)
- Basecoat hair
- Highlight hair
- silver basecoat for the armour
- armour wash
- orange basecoat (saddle and some straps)
- orange highlight
- Black wash around eyes read for detail.

Overall 650 repetitions. Truly, unbearable.

I bring you my wip horses, all sixty-bleepin'-five of them.

The horses have very much won the battle, but i will win the war!

I'm going to paint something of a smaller denomination for a while, before returning to them. I may even base them up, just a break from taking a paintbrush to them will be nice.

Truthsayer apparently has an update too, keep an eye out for that. I'm off to stuff some horses into a box! :D

27-01-2008, 12:47
To keep you sane i would paint batches of 5 then something else, anything at all that is funny.. a character, or machine. Then back at 5 more horses and so forth. Hope it helps! :)

Its either that or smack yourself silly and do like a hundred pushups then go back to painting :P

27-01-2008, 12:56
Prince, if its any consolation, now go and base them :evilgrin:

Firestorm Falcon
27-01-2008, 15:14
Lots of horses, lots of work but it's coming on well. Keep plugging at them, I agree with Kaos paint a hero or something in between each colour, something like that.

You can do it Prince.

27-01-2008, 20:27
Ha haha ha ha!!! beaten by the horses!

there are a Lot of em and I didnt think anyone would be foolish enough to even try it!

Shed loads of horses are not my idea of fun times... anyway!

As mentioned by the Prince I have been busy and after finishing my last 20 black orcs was looking around for my next victims.

So whilst I was on the subject I dug out all my "other" Black Orcs and decided to get them all painted now.

and so the pics. (I was hoping to get them in the daylight as it gives a much nicer pic but didnt have time to)

More Black Orcs from the front with Borgut Facebeater as Boss.

next up from the back

my metal and plastic Black Orcs together

Next up Ive got another 15 metal Black Orcs with two hand weapons to mix in with the great weapons and Im gonna be starting on my Wyvern!!!

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
27-01-2008, 20:47
That is one nasty bunch of black orcs you have there. Keep up the good work. I also have that many blorcs and I never used them.


27-01-2008, 22:07
blorcs blorcs blorcs! love them, excellent work. any chance of seeing them in action?
do you think the new plastics are an improvement because i've always realy liked the older metal ones.
Prince i'm slightly..... disapointed. pull it together elf boy! there just horses damn it!
(on a slightly more practial note i think that basing them would be a good way of doing something different whilst still making rapid progress so you can get them out the way)
do you just paint one item at the exclusion of all else? i mix it up, so a couple of skellies, then a grey knight then a tank or something, keeps me interested.
still enjoying this thread, always looking forward to the next update.

Ezekiel Celes
27-01-2008, 22:16
Good crap!!! you guys are mad! so many models! And here I am still intimidated by painting a mere 15 phoenix guard and some dragonriders... Massive amount of respect to you guys! Keep up the spirits! hope you'll be able to finish this all indeed...

28-01-2008, 08:19
I hvent checked this log for ba long time. so happy i did again! the models are awesome, and you guys are mad!

You got many models left? I didnt bother to read all the text, to damn much:p

I almost want to make my own orc army now that i see how yours are comming. though i'd most likely to end up with gobbos. gobbos mounted on orcs:D


28-01-2008, 08:42
@truthsayer: those blorcs are nice, well done sir! If I can suggest you a thing, try to dilute a bit more the metal on the weapons, it's looking a bit grainy in the pics... other than that, great work, I'm waiting for that wyvern, the idea is too cool :D

@prince sairion: I second the opinion of painting a "reward" mini between one batch of horses and the others... besides that, DON'T BE LAZY MAN, YOU'VE GOT AN ARMY TO FINISH! :p:p:p


Prince Sairion
28-01-2008, 18:34
Thanks for the support people, means a lot. I have put the horses away in a box for a time, I'm going to take yours and my doctors (:rolleyes:) advice and paint them in smaller chunks. They'll look much better if i do them infives and not 65's.

Kaos - I sure felt like smacking myself silly, not the push-ups so much ;) thanks for the advice.

Brambleten - A job for my girlfriend I think to show her 'love and support' to her fella and his hobby. Guilt and blackmail, can't fault it.

Firestorm Falcon - Thanks for the support buddy, I'll keep plugging away at it all.

Truthsayer - Your'e ugly.

Sainthale - I like to paint batches of things just to get them out of the way. Normally a 'batch' doesn't include 65 of something. My latest 'batch' is far more manageable.

Ezekiel Celes - I visited Amsterdam once, spend 160 in two days and came home with a 2inch pair of clogs. Great place. 'Good crap' has become my favourite phrase of the plog so far, thanks for that. Oh, and WE WILL finish. Have no fear of that. Thanks for the kind words.

FurryMiguell - What models do I have left . . . 65 cavalry, 40+archers, few spears (15ish), dragon, eagle, 20 swordmasters, white lion cavalry, 5/6 characters, 5 bolt throwers. I'd say I'm nearing half way through my army. Lot of work still to do, stay tuned!

Toschenko - My reward will be my final 10k (and a bit more) army arrayed infront of me on my dining table, posting the pics on this fine website for you all to see, and then beating Truthsayers ass on the tabletop at Warhammer world. Any two of these would be good also;)

My reward painting for half killing my only brain cell painting horse is underway, can't tell you what, but it's far more fun.

29-01-2008, 09:21
Not more than that left? My VC army has 200 zombies and 400 skellies alone needs painting, and i have a 3k DE army totally unpainted. But your painting quality are way above mine, so im impressed that your still alive and, uh, well(?)

Good luck, keep up the good work, and truthsayer, how many orcs left 4 you?

Waiting for more


29-01-2008, 14:37
Never really understood the idea of buying a lot of mini's and never painting them. As soon as I had over 40 unpainted High Elves and a playable fully painted 2500 points list I decided to never game with unpainted mini's ever again and installed the rule never to have more than 2 units unpainted when buying new a new one!

HE is now closing in on 8000 points, 3500 pt Tomb Kings and 2k Chaos mortals & beasts - only two mages unpainted!

But I've said this before and will say it again: I love this project and its a great inspirations to many fellow gamers, I am sure! Take your doctors advice, though, Prince Sairion: 65 horses is way too much. I for one hate painting horses! Keep it up, and remember that every great journey always started with just one single step!

29-01-2008, 15:14
wise words indeed:p


29-01-2008, 15:57
Never really understood the idea of buying a lot of mini's and never painting them. As soon as I had over 40 unpainted High Elves and a playable fully painted 2500 points list I decided to never game with unpainted mini's ever again and installed the rule never to have more than 2 units unpainted when buying new a new one!

You live dangerously, my friend. Haven't you heard the legend that you only die once all your figures are painted? That's why the intelligent gamer stockpiles miniatures as a precaution. :D

29-01-2008, 16:26
In notice every second post in this thread is mine, so I guess I'll give the warseer a break for some time, but not before all the current threads I'm subscribed to are officially 'closed'.

Me wants more pics!!! Gahahah! (yeah I'm mad, and I have no life)

OoOh, no new ocy pics yet?? Me wantz dem'! (promise me you'll kick the HEs hinds when the big day commes;)


29-01-2008, 18:40
some questions answered from me.

@Toschenko: The paint is a bit grainy on my Black Orcs but that was from before when I painted them the first time. They were badly painted as I was experimenting with ways to paint them. I couldnt be bothered to paint over the silver and so left it as it was.
I think If i go over it again it will make it look worse than it is so its gonna be left.

@FurryMiguell: I will win the 10k game just for you!
I have left to paint.. in no particular order!

30 orcs with spears
60 other orcs in an assortment of hand wep/shield, 2 hand weps.
10 spider riders
10 wolf riders
15 Black Orcs
3 or 4 war machines
orc chariot
20 night goblin archers
30 night gobs with spears
an assortment of characters.. roughly 20
Convert and paint an Orc Wyvern
squig herd
10 squig hoppers
4 snotling bases
16 Orc Archers
Gorbad Ironclaw
and an assortment of other stuff!

I think I will make one of them lists with everything on it online and colour the words when ive done something so i know its done.

29-01-2008, 18:43
i would do a unit of gobbos then a unit of orcs, or a big unit then a chariot/war machine/ character to keep yourself interested

29-01-2008, 18:45
Truthsayer - Your'e ugly.

so is your grammar! ;-) he he!

29-01-2008, 23:39
This is an awsome thread guys, i'm hooked. Best of luck with those horses man, you'll get them. Loving the black orcs and the to be converted wyvren aswell man. Keep going guys.

30-01-2008, 07:28
YES! ORCs! Go to victory! Anvenge my many failed battles against the hated HE! (and uh Prince Sairion, good luck:p)


30-01-2008, 11:35
You live dangerously, my friend. Haven't you heard the legend that you only die once all your figures are painted? That's why the intelligent gamer stockpiles miniatures as a precaution. :D

That's why the plans for new models and expansions always run far ahead of actually buying the models, bu't I'll never have everything painted.

Already thinking of VC or Empire as next army, but my TK still need a second Screaming Skull catapult, Tomb Guard (have not got them yet, I know: it's stupid), another Tomb Scorpion and more archers. My HE need 3 more core choices (archers and another 30 spearmen) and I want to add the Phoenix Guard (20 strong). My chaos has a lot of plans for the future, with more Marauder horsemen, converted chaos knights, converted slaanesh chosen warriors with halberds, more marauders, spawns and deamons.

I with Truthsayer a lot of succes with painting all those models he has left to do. I personally think it is a pity to spend so much money on models you don't use and which lie in pieces and sprues in your closet. The hobby part of Warhammer is equally important as the gaming, if not more important (in my opinion it is). It enhances the gaming experience as well.

30-01-2008, 11:56
spam... OK I'll stop posting! I just cant wait till you guys get on with your armies! Guess I'll just paint my zombies and wait for better times...


Prince Sairion
30-01-2008, 19:30
My 'horse-painting recovery job' has been done, although it wasn't much of a treat as such.

Ten bolt thrower crew.

And the boys with their weapons of choice (currently untouched) we'll call them the wyvern hunters;)

The other one, already painted from ages ago. The plastic crew are so much nicer to paint than any of the older metal ones.

I have undercoated all of the gubbinz that I plan to put on the bases, whether I can bring myself to paint it all yet is another thing, but it's a step in the right direction.

A quick mention must go to two other threads on this section that are a must to visit, those started by Kaos and ZeroTwentyThree. Inspirational stuff guys.

30-01-2008, 19:54
The other one, already painted from ages ago. The plastic crew are so much nicer to paint than any of the older metal ones.

funny that, i think for me its the other way. i like the ability to pose my own guys, but there's something about the metal ones that i like

30-01-2008, 20:11
YaY! pic time!:p Oh, puny HighElves... Oh well, its something:). No, you paint fantastic!

Oh, and dont let the Orcs kill you too fast...


02-02-2008, 21:21
Well its update time again!!!

First off this update is dedicated to furry Miguell who has been waiting for an orc update and had to make do with a high elf one in the meantime.


here's my first pic, my Wyvern and Gorbad Ironclaw have arrived from GW.


Next up are the bits that I will require to assemble my Wyvern, all de-flashed (mostly).


OK, here are all the bits again including the sawn off tail end and head. My new GW saw went through them with no problems at all. I have also removed the small flames that went up the side of the armour. I will be painting the armour black with dags.


Ok, I have pinned the tail section into place and will have to sculpt a few scales onto the joint to make sure it "goes".


02-02-2008, 21:21
With the tail pinned on I have moved onto the head. As the neck section of the body is hollow (being made of 2 parts) I got through it with no problem but had to pin the head on with 2 pins to make sure it stayed where it was and didnt drop off. I covered the pins with green stuff and liberal amounts of superglue (as usual) and It is holding nicely.

Ill start sculpting more green stuff onto the neck and tail tomorrow when im sure its dried and is holding.

heres a couple of pics of the beast in the swooping position, I havent glued it yet as Im awaiting some advice from the prince. it is however, standing on its own gravity.



i should have the construction and undercoating completed tomorrow.

Oh and Im also half way through my last 15 Black Orcs and think I may need some more!!

Prince Sairion
02-02-2008, 21:53
heres a couple of pics of the beast in the swooping position, I havent glued it yet as Im awaiting some advice from the prince.

Advice on the way!

Looks pretty darn good to me, the only things I'm not too happy with are:
1. the elven like armour on the legs
2. the length of the model - it wouldn't be too hard with the saw, I'd lose a bit off the neck to make it shorter and more wyvern like.

The elven leg bands are a bit tougher but with a bit of filing the general pattern could be removed.

The work so far is excellent, just think that with a little more green stuff and sawing it'll look even better!

Have you thought about throwing some random orcy shields and skulls onto the model, maybe hanging from the armour above the big leg joint area??

Prince Sairion
02-02-2008, 21:59
Changed my mind. Just the neck. Theres four straps that run under the neck from the seat to the head. Taking the gap out between the middle two would be all I'd do.

It's gonna look bloomin' intimidating having that model over the table from me! Let alone having the Black Orc Warlord atop it.

Prince Sairion
03-02-2008, 18:26
A more meaningful effort in the the update department from myself now, I have re-visited and finished my chariots.

The four together:
A couple of shots focussing on my chariot master:
My 6 chariots together:

Hope the wyvern is coming along nicely Truthsayer.

03-02-2008, 18:54
YEEEAAAH! ORCS, ORCS, ORCS! Lovely wyvern!! I think it looks great so far, hope it'll kill loads of puny High Elves:D.

Oh, and the Chariots look nice:p. Fantastic painting! Im just glad my HE regular opponent dont use the same coloursheme as you do, cause my NightGobbo army'd probably s**t their pants:p

And, yeah! Hows the Wyvern comming along!? (dont let me rush you, im just so tired of painting zombies, I need something else to do

You will be taking pics from the battle? I hope so, cause I really wana see! (when will the battle be anyway?)

Too much? sry!


Firestorm Falcon
04-02-2008, 17:13
6 chariots = awesome. Really nice work especially on the crew.

Is the chariot master a hero perchance?

Prince Sairion
04-02-2008, 21:10
Is the chariot master a hero perchance?

He will indeed be a noble, I did want to have two characters in chariots, I just imagined Truthsayers wyvern-riding warboss with shagas screamin sword killing all my lovely chariots instantly though (s7) so refrained.

The game will probably be early July I'd say, rest assured there will be tons of pics when it rolls round.

Today I've made three of my six lion riders, got the command three to do, then I have to fathom how to get them to fit onto six cavalry bases. Pics later on in the week!

04-02-2008, 21:30
And I reply to you reply! Lovely minis still! Game early July? Im waiting exited! Only six lion riders? *weep* Me wanted to se them DIE! BWAHAHAH! No, they rock... But Orcs rock harder! played HE the other day, he won by 300pts. Im pissed:p(Im usually very cool about loosing a fight, but I really have a mad competition with this guy!).

More Orcs? Tell me there be more Orcs!!! ORCS!!!!! That wyvern ain gona finish itself, and Ill be around naggin you till it is! Green power!

Oh, no rush guys. Take your time. after all, this is a game ment to be fun AND fun to deal with... NOW PAINT THAT DAMN WYVERN!


04-02-2008, 22:17
dear lord i forgot how intimidating dragons/ flying beasties look (let alone the rules)!
He looks mean.... that before the big phyco green guy with a huge axe is added!

@ Sairion: have you ever considered the (near) all HE chariot army idea? how about you too have a fight you max out on chariots (and heros in chariots) just to see what happens?