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Light of the Emperor
28-10-2007, 23:19
Wait...are you saying this guy paints models other than Vostroyans? No way!

This is a "for fun" project log where I will be painting all my limited edition models. It's a good mix of fantasy, 40k and FW which finally gives me some variety.

The goal is to paint these models to a higher standard and experiment with new techniques. I also want to go to town on elaborate bases as well. Each model will be featured with some tidbits as to how I got my hands on it. Some are interesting (wooo, trip to Nottingham!) while others are dull (bought it on ebay) ;).

I also want to continue amassing special models so if any of you reading this plan on parting with a model I may not have, PM me please!

So here are the models I have aquired thus far:

Captain Sicarius- WD/Medusa V offer (DONE)
Sergeant Centurius- 100th GW store (DONE)
Female Commissar (DONE)
Chaos Champion- GamesDay '02 (DONE)
Space Wolf Rune Priest- GamesDay '03 (DONE)
Archaon on foot- GamesDay '04 (DONE)
Sergeant Aurellius- GamesDay '05 (DONE)
Dwarf Slayer- GamesDay '06 (DONE)
Ork Boss and grot- GamesDay '07 (DONE)
Space Marine Captain- GamesDay '08 (DONE)
Inquisitor Lorr- GW Weekend Battle thingy (DONE)
Bugman (ver. 1)- From Bugman's Bar in Nottingham, UK (DONE)
Thunderbolt Pilot- FW show model (DONE)
Ork Pilot- FW show model
DKoK Commissar on horse- FW show model
Female Catachan- (DONE)
Ultramarine Banner Bearer- Skullz promo
Emperor's Champion- Old School (DONE)
Space Marine Veteran Sergeant- GW online $100 deal (DONE)
Nightgoblin Fanatics- Special fantasy deal model (DONE)
Harry the Hammer- Warhammer 25th Anniversary (DONE)
Marco Columbo- Lustria Campaign model
White Dwarf- XXX Anniversary
Invisible Frodo- WD Promotion
Warseer Marine- Made him myself...(DONE)


Now then, on with the show!

Light of the Emperor
28-10-2007, 23:27
First model on the list is the Ork (or do I say Orc?) Boss and his grot counterpart.
I went to my first GamesDay this year and got him with my ticket...how nice of GW :rolleyes:. Nah, its cool.

I started painting him yesterday and finished him today. All he needs is a dullcoat and an elaborate display base which is where I shall start this log.

Onto the pictures:


First time with the checks...could be better

Dead orc
29-10-2007, 00:12
Fantastic work. I really like the smooth 'realistic' tones on his skin, what kind of colours did you use?

Light of the Emperor
29-10-2007, 01:28
The colors on him are mixes using chaos black, catachan green and camo green. About 7 layers total.

Here's the second model since its already done.

I got the female commissar in a trade a while back. Warseer had a mini exchange where members exchange and paint models for the other before sending them back. WilhelmRochRedDuke took my female commissar and painted her up quite nicely! He even gave her a display base with magnets so I can play her on a standard base as well.
Obviously I'm not gonna mess with the model since its so nicely done so consider this the first model completed:


29-10-2007, 22:16
Much like your Vostroyan thread, I look forward to following this. Your limited edition stuff looks great.


31-10-2007, 11:19
Damn these are great, like said, your Vostroyan thread was frikk'n inspiring, and these are so far equally, frikk'n, holy mother of all *******' osome. Nay, o for osome.


01-11-2007, 13:45
Looks good. I like the Ork warboss' colours, and the commissar's base is good, awell as the model.

Light of the Emperor
09-11-2007, 18:34
In all his glory, Captain Sicarius of the 2nd Ultramarines Company.

This guy was available via a WD subscription during the Medusa V campaign. Damn WD suckered me into another year because of him...

He's still not my best painting. I need to really start looking into how gold is painted over large areas.


His base:

And two new aquisitions:

If anyone has a bonesinger to trade for a FW thunderbolt pilot, let me know!

09-11-2007, 18:41
Looking good so far. FYI, Captain Sicarius is 2nd company.

Light of the Emperor
09-11-2007, 20:00
Really? Gold trim is second company then and 3rd is red?

09-11-2007, 20:05
i will do the same soon with my ltd collection however its about 30 models +

09-11-2007, 23:36
I only have two ltd models in my collection, the space marine vet sergeant and Sicarius. I was recently bidding for a Thunderbolt pilot on ebay but got beaten. Damn.

Well I cant wait to see more models, so keep them coming.

Edit: Do you have the Dwarf Slayer on the dead daemon's head?

Light of the Emperor
10-11-2007, 00:45
Do you have the Dwarf Slayer on the dead daemon's head?

I do not have him. I definately want to get my hands on him though as I think he's an awesome model. I also want the Eldar Bonesinger and any other 40K (and some fantasy) models.

10-11-2007, 04:33
Really? Gold trim is second company then and 3rd is red?

Yes, all the shoulder pad trims are on page 68 of C:SM.

10-11-2007, 23:01
I do not have him. I definately want to get my hands on him though as I think he's an awesome model. I also want the Eldar Bonesinger and any other 40K (and some fantasy) models.

I have the slayer, but he's painted and in Sydney for the Golden Daemon competition. My local store had a couple of them but now there's the Ork Warboss in its spot.

Light of the Emperor
12-11-2007, 18:50
And my favorite guy in the collection:

Vet. Sgt. Centurius!
I got him as part of a purchase. He cost me about 30 US dollars. I've seen him go on ebay for quite a bit more so he might be a good investment down the line.
Pretty standard for painting...I HATE highlighting black btw...it just never looks good.
Add some pretty bad free hand flames on the leg and shoulder pad and finished him off by giving him an old school base!


And Captain Sicarius is also now complete:

12-11-2007, 19:43
Looks pretty good... I love the job you've done on Sicarius... and you do yourself a disservice on the flames on Centurius... although I feel the highlights on the black could do with being a little finer... but that's minor - he looks great overall...

Keep up the good work :)

12-11-2007, 19:45
great paint job dude! the old school base looks good with that model. and love the face. Keep up the ltd edition goodness!

Triszin The Wrath God
12-11-2007, 22:51
wonderful paint but i have to know, that lightning claw marine, was that right arm claws always croocked? (forgot how to spell that word)

Light of the Emperor
13-11-2007, 00:44
Thanks guys!

@Crube: Thanks. I never know how far to go with highlights on black. Too little and they can't be seen, too bold and it looks wierd. It's the one thing that's keeping me from a Ravenwing force...

Yeah, he had some casting errors on that claw. I've done the best I can to him. Any more work will result in each claw bit falling off. They are barely holding on as is.

13-11-2007, 05:51
WOW, some sweet models and some sweet painting.

Really cool i like everything in this so far which is very rare for me to say:D

13-11-2007, 06:18
Centurius and Sicarius look great.

So does Bugman in the group shot. Can we get a closer look at him?

Out of interest, what are your 'most wanted' (Rare, limited) minis to add to this collection?

Light of the Emperor
13-11-2007, 16:36
Here is Bugman:

He will be getting re-done at the end as I think I can paint him better.

I'm still looking for quite a few minis:
-2 cadians at ease
-archon on foot
-marco columbo or whatever his name is
-FW ork bomber pilot
-eldar bonesinger
-tau ethereal from the 3rd edition box
-White Dwarf
-and whatever else there is...

13-11-2007, 17:28
Wow. that's quite a paint job! Love it! and if i had any of the ltd editions, i would just give them to you, you would do such an awesome paint job on them. Keep up everything!

13-11-2007, 18:16
I'm still looking for quite a few minis:
-2 cadians at ease
-archon on foot
-marco columbo or whatever his name is
-FW ork bomber pilot
-eldar bonesinger
-tau ethereal from the 3rd edition box
-White Dwarf
-and whatever else there is...

May I suggest checking out my eBay sales. :)

13-11-2007, 20:01
Heh, love the red nose on bugman (as well as the rest of course!)

Light of the Emperor
13-11-2007, 22:50
Inquisitor Lorr!
I fell in love with this model when I first saw it. At the time I was heavily into all things inquisition and he was perfect! I got him at GW's Warlords Weekend or whatever they called it. I think it was to celebrate the release of 4th Edition.
This guy was painted a few years ago and I consider him my first "good" paint job. Thus he remains unchanged. He did receive a new snow base today...


14-11-2007, 06:15
wow. stunning. yet another success! and the snow base sets off the other colours really well! Good work!

14-11-2007, 07:09
Damn I love that Captain Sicarius, so well painted. I agree with Shodowphrakt, the snow base looks awesome with that model and makes it stand out.

14-11-2007, 07:41
Lorr looks like a 100% model man.

That looks like one of the best models ive seen in a while. GREAT JOB!

14-11-2007, 16:56
Awsome work! I especially love the Captain Sicarius. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question for this thread, but I was wondering what your build-up of colors was on his power armor. I am just beginning to start an Ultramarines force (4th Company) and I'm trying to figure out what colors to use (including the basecoat) to get a good look on my models.

I'm excited to see more of your work on these models. It makes me jealous, both of your collection and skill.

Light of the Emperor
16-11-2007, 15:24
Well for starters there's no ultramarines blue in the mix at all!

-75:25 Regal Blue, Chaos black (leave black in all the recesses)
-Regal Blue (leave a little of the first layer showing)
-50:50 Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue (this is the main layer)
-Enchanted Blue (thin along all the edges)
-Ice Blue (use sparingly along the sharpest points
-Wash of Regal Blue and Enchanted Blue with a lot of water...it helps tie all the colors together.

Hope that helps!

19-11-2007, 00:21
That Inquisitor is sweet

22-11-2007, 20:26
Do you still have the Pilot?

Light of the Emperor
22-11-2007, 21:38
I have the thunderbolt one yes. The ork one, no.

I've painted Sgt. Aurellius twice and still don't like him so he's gonna get another stripping.
I am however putting the finishing touches on my female catachan model so she'll be up in the next day or so.

23-11-2007, 04:19
How is it that when I take a picture of a mini I paint it looks good, but when you take a picture of the same mini it looks Great!. Thanks for the nod to the paint job, I appreciate it.
What do you use for taking pictures? (yes, I know, a camera) What kind of setup do you use?
I have a demonslayer model for your collection, I won't ever field dwarves.. I'll PM you with a few more questions.

Light of the Emperor
26-11-2007, 16:34
I have a an old (by today's tech standards = 4 years) digital camera that came free with my printer. I put the model under an overhead halogen spotlight and then shine a daylight bulb from about 2 feet away on the front. Macro setting on the camera and there you have it. It gets the job done which is why I've bought nothing new to improve my pictures.

Here's the somewhat special edition female catachan. She can still be found in special weapons blisters...
I kinda rushed her and with this picture I see I need to go back and thin some of the highlights. The dullcoat probably needs a redo as well.

26-11-2007, 20:07
I have the thunderbolt one yes. The ork one, no.

If you're willing to part with him then please, PM me :D

floyd pinkerton
26-11-2007, 20:24
very nice stuff;)

I would plaint mine, but I'm a) too lazy to and b) I don't like taking LE stuff out the box/packaging, which was basically the first thing my dad ever taught me about toys:D

26-11-2007, 20:40
Me too... I have many WFB ltd ed minis, that I think would look great,. but then I see them in their packaging and....

So I'm looking for 2 of each empire one so I can paint one and keep one ;)

Lovely job on the models so far... keep it up :D

26-11-2007, 20:51
I think when you paint them this nicely they become more valuable than mint in box.
Just my opinion.

I love Bugman. although I think the detail on his axe could do with a 'lift' (picked out in a different colour or metalic).

Lorr is my favorite so far. Thats a cracking paint job. set off very nicely by the snow covered base. I have a conversion planned for mine and am inspired to get on and do it having seen this job.

26-11-2007, 20:53
I agree Harry, but I'm scared....;)

My thought on the Bugman model is the barrel looks a little heavily painted...

Light of the Emperor
27-11-2007, 04:27
Sometimes keeping things in the box is better. Sometimes not... I see well painted ltd edition minis go for rediculous amounts on ebay. But, all these models have a home with me for the immediate future.

I got my hands on two "at ease" cadians thanks to Warseer. I'm still looking for all these guys:
-archon on foot
-marco columbo or whatever his name is
-FW ork bomber pilot
-eldar bonesinger
-tau ethereal from the 3rd edition box
-White Dwarf

My local store has a few of the fantasy chaos champion blisters (from some Gamesday). If anyone is looking for him and has a ltd mini to trade, I can definately pick one up.

Bugman looks fine for now but as soon as I run out of new models to paint, he'll get a better paint job!

Up next will be my third attempt on the GD Vet Sgt Aurellius!

27-11-2007, 04:52
ive got the white dwarf if interested

27-11-2007, 05:04
Space Wolf Rune Priest- GamesDay '05 ?
Sergeant Aurellius- GamesDay '06 ?
Now then, on with the show!

The WolfPriest was GD 2003 and Aurelius was GD2005. The Dwarf Daemonslayer was GD 2006. Will check today what I can arrange for you, but a few can be on the way (includeing the bonesinger and Malus). PM will be sent with a list.

BTW, splendid work. Being a fan of limited minis myself I like to watch them painted.

Light of the Emperor
09-12-2007, 22:51
I'm working on so many different projects right now in addition to my college classes so this log suffered a bit.

But here's a WIP update!

The axe will get a metallic repaint I think. I need to clean up a little around the eye too.

I found him and the special fanatic blister at my LGS. I also got my hands on the Cadians standing at attention.

Light of the Emperor
13-12-2007, 22:16
The Chaos Warrior is done barring some flock or leaves on the base:


The gobbo fanatics are next...

13-12-2007, 23:29
Hey, LoTE I know I have one extra of the dwarf slayer standing on a demons head minus it's base. I think I might have an Archanon on foot as well. I'll have a look around and let you know.

Justicar Freezer.

14-12-2007, 04:11
Don't forget about http://cgi.ebay.it/Chaos-Tzeentch-Lord-on-Disc-Limited-edition---Warhammer_W0QQitemZ200176832501QQcmdZViewItem

Light of the Emperor
16-12-2007, 00:59
I appreciate it Justicar.

Another model done...didn't take long at all:

I might attack that marine again...and paint him in a color I'm actually good at: Green! Hello Dark Angels!

19-12-2007, 10:08
Beautifully done dude!

God you're an awesome painter, i've learnt heaps of painting tips thanks to your work.

19-12-2007, 14:38
Could you give a quick tutorial on that chaos champions skin its awsome, the red tint really suits khorne. Keep up the good work.

19-12-2007, 18:25
I might attack that marine again...and paint him in a color I'm actually good at: Green! Hello Dark Angels!


You know you want to do Salamanders instead :D

Metal Fingered Villain
19-12-2007, 20:06
Check that one famous painters website, Tincture Adept, he's got some limited edition minis on his for sale page unpainted for a reasonable price.

Light of the Emperor
19-12-2007, 23:52
Cheers Hallowed! You have the basing skills though...I've been watching over at the Ammobunker.

Sure thing deathskullork!

Bestial brown basecoat
50:50 bestial/ dwarf
25:75 bestial/ dwarf
dwarf flesh on its on
dwarf flesh with some elf flesh for the final highlights
Wash with watered down liche purple a few times.

It's pretty simple!


Thanks for the suggestion MFV but with all my other projects going on, I can't afford to buy limited edition minis. I try to get them in trades. Sometimes friends give me models for free too.

19-12-2007, 23:54
Thanks ill give it a try sometime.

20-12-2007, 01:16
Aaw, cheers LOTE!

If you ever need bases made, i'd be more than happy :)

20-12-2007, 14:21
the etheral you need is the one with his arms crossed over his chest right?
i may be able to hook you up with one,
gotta check "gray metal mountin" to see where i tossed him

20-12-2007, 14:28
Some cracking stuff here LotE. Love the Fanatics.

But do I spy a chip on the back of the Chaos Champion?

Light of the Emperor
20-12-2007, 16:02
@pablofiasco: That's the one. As far as I know, he was only available in the army box. Besides Kais and Anghor Prok, he's the only other limited tau mini.

@Crube: chip has been painted there on purpose! Front has more...

20-12-2007, 17:01
*goes bak to have another look*

Oh yeah... sorry about that - the ones on the front arent as noticable on the photo - my bad.

21-12-2007, 12:54
@pablofiasco: That's the one. As far as I know, he was only available in the army box. Besides Kais and Anghor Prok, he's the only other limited tau mini.

@Crube: chip has been painted there on purpose! Front has more...

this one right?

if its the right one, you can have him,
i can get him in the mail after the holidays

22-12-2007, 19:52
this one right?

if its the right one, you can have him,
i can get him in the mail after the holidays

That's the one. I know, as I still have mine as well :D

Cypher, the Emperor
30-12-2007, 03:29
Any chance of you possibly buying and painting the LE Adeptus Mechanicus minis?

Just kidding. I assume your not made of money.

But you should get the old limited edition Space Marine Standard Bearer and paint him, I always thought he was cool.

11-01-2008, 14:54
you must paint the invisible frodo:D

12-01-2008, 20:10
you must paint the invisible frodo:D

like the tau stealth suit in a thread a while back (entered for a painting competition. the only problem was, it was in stealth mode, so only a base was entered. and even that was rubbishly done) i have the new WD model, but im afraid im not going to part with him. are you looking for the one with gotrek and bugman or the older one?
brilliant painting as ever

18-03-2008, 22:16
if you want the new triple dwarf (white dwarf, bugman and gotrek) you can have him. i got it and never built it. still in packaging

02-04-2008, 21:27
Yeah I think he asked for that, in his list of what he needs. Keep up the good work!

I have a marco columbo(one feather is missing), a possesed berzerker, the lmt ed. High elf and an entire squad of latd. PM me if interested.

02-04-2008, 21:45
likwise, PM me for details

Light of the Emperor
17-05-2008, 23:32
'Tis been a while! I got Archaon on foot a week back and started work on him. A bit of a different scheme than normal. I'm using a technique on the silver which uses a variety of washes ranging from browns to purples, greens and reds. Still WIP but I like how he's coming along.

The models in this picture are the ones I have left to do. Then its off to find more rare models!

18-05-2008, 16:09
Archaon's armour is looking really really good. Thats a beautiful shade of silver. I think the red helmet lets it down a little IMO. Fantastic work.

Light of the Emperor
18-05-2008, 22:40

Finished version. The red is darker in real life...I think its something different to draw the eye. Then again, I'm not an art scholar. The sword is black...it'll get a varnish to look like obsidian.


19-05-2008, 05:51
I like it. I understand what you mean about the red. There's just one teeny-tiny bit.... the jewel in is forehead, the eye of someting-something-something, shouldn't you paint that another colour?

19-05-2008, 10:37
@pablofiasco: That's the one. As far as I know, he was only available in the army box. Besides Kais and Anghor Prok, he's the only other limited tau mini.

Not entirely true, there are others that were not available as widely as those you listed.

28-05-2008, 13:22
True dat there're two metal prototype models: a tau (you can see him in the first Tau Codex) and a kroot nearly bought him once, but common sense (and a wallet coughing moths) overcame me. :D

If you are interested in some of the Skulz Ad Mech set, I've got the Archmagos and two servitors that I'd be happy to sell on or swap for a Defiler (I think these are about 30 online, right?)

I saw the Archmagos go for 40 on his own on ebay, but I'd be happier knowing he's going somewhere where he'll get painted beautifully!

29-05-2008, 00:06
i have a harry the hammer if u want to trade 4 it.

Light of the Emperor
29-05-2008, 03:14
Cheers guys!

Anghor Prok was a Games Day model wasn't he? I'd like to try and get my hands on every GD model. I have a good start already but I'm missing the dwarf (06) and then most of 'em from 01 and before...

@Apologist: I appreciate the offer, but I have no defiler atm nor do I have the money (school, other armies). I have an RT era techmarine but that's as close to the Ad Mech theme as I can get. Great army too btw!

@Blargag!: I have 2 Harrys. Just waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

I think I'll go with the space wolf runepriest next. The cadian should be easy too.

As far as what I'm still looking for:

GamesDay models from '06, '01-whenever they started
Eldar Bonesinger
Space Marine vets for WD sub/ 100 dollars or more purchase at GW online

There's probably a lot more too. I don't really want to get into direct only models as they are not as "special" as some of these other things. However, models relating to campaigns such as Marco Columbo would be great to have too. I'm open to suggestions!

29-05-2008, 07:54
Anghor Prok was a Games Day model wasn't he? I'd like to try and get my hands on every GD model. I have a good start already but I'm missing the dwarf (06) and then most of 'em from 01 and before

Yes he is. And...how many for the Dwarf? :D

29-05-2008, 10:32
I have loads of Bonesingers and would be happy to send one your way. PM me your address.

29-05-2008, 11:48
I just found this thread... er kinda while skiving from doing work in the lab... anyway I must say, I now really want to paint what few Limited models I have, and damn it I may end up spending MORE money now to buy others LOL. Great job !

29-05-2008, 12:39
There's probably a lot more too. I don't really want to get into direct only models as they are not as "special" as some of these other things. However, models relating to campaigns such as Marco Columbo would be great to have too. I'm open to suggestions!

Limited edition Emperors Champion (before the present blister model)
-- http://www.coolminiornot.com/pics/pics8/img43878451ecd3f.jpg

limited edition (25 skulls) Ultramarine standard Bearer
http://images.google.com.au/images?q=limited+edition+%2B+ultramarine+standard+ bearer&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2&hl=en&safe=off&sa=2
(second row, 1st model, bunched banner, bolter out)

My own collection is the above 2 + White dwarf and Sicarius.
Are you still after a white dwarf ?

Light of the Emperor
29-05-2008, 13:25
Thanks for the responses guys. The skullz promo models might be worth a shot too.

@AbyssRaven: I am still after the White Dwarf but he costs too much at the moment. I'm hoping I might be able to trade him for a Harry the Hammer model as I have extra.

Time to start basecoating some models!

29-05-2008, 14:45
And if you want that ultramarines standard bearer I do have one somewhere unfortunatly I think my brother tried his hand at painting it so it will probably require stripping.

29-05-2008, 15:22
A brilliant collection of painted limited editions, I am subscribed!

29-05-2008, 16:25
really good concept, well executed.


dave is the best
30-05-2008, 11:44
I have a few models.

I have the WD 300 model, the GD06 model and the WD30birthday white dwarf.

PM me if you are interested in any of them.


Light of the Emperor
30-05-2008, 14:13
An almost complete Sgt. Aurellius. Not amongst my favorite GD models, but still cool nonetheless. I went with DA green to distinguish between all the special model marines (otherwise I'd have a squad of ultramarines). Still, I hate painting power armor.


31-05-2008, 09:49
Good to see the model put to good use :) Nice work matey.

Light of the Emperor
31-05-2008, 21:31
Aurellius is complete!

You can see him in there with everything else:

My two Harry the Hammer models arrived today so I need to start putting him together...

01-06-2008, 22:23
Oh dang, they look like the mean kids in school lol.


02-06-2008, 21:50
looks great LotE how did you do the flesh it looks amazing i need a tutorial!

03-06-2008, 08:01
Love the work you are doing on your limited ed stuff, I may have to start a thread where I progress mine.

I was wondering how did the skull on Centurius as it is the only part of mine that I struggled with due to the lack of detail on it?


03-06-2008, 13:27
I have one of these LE Wood Elf Heroes that was only available in France for a small window of time.

Willing to trade him for the old Gamesday Orc with Great Weapon, the Fanatics base or the Direct Only Forest Goblin on Giant Spider.

Light of the Emperor
03-06-2008, 13:51
@Kris: The skull isn't very detailed so you need to focus on what is. The eyes of the skull are sunken into the skull so you can outline the red with a black rim to help them stand out. You can pick out the recesses in the teeth as well.
The new washes might help out a bit too.

04-06-2008, 11:33
The new washes might help out a bit too.

Had not thought about that cheers, will go back and have another crack at it once my goblins are done.


Light of the Emperor
06-06-2008, 16:58
Here's a WIP of Harry the Hammer...well his base at least.
The metals, skeletons and wood are done so please critique!


I'm trying to keep all the colors relatively the same. I don't know any painting jargon, but since I want the focus to be on Harry, I figured I'd go for more muted tones and dull down the metallics as well. The trick is now to figure out what colors to paint the canvas and vests and streamers. They definately need to be dark, muted and dirty.
I don't know what color to paint Harry's armor. I already have a red chaos model. Perhaps purple and gold? Maybe Slaneesh pink?

06-06-2008, 20:09
Harry's base looks fantastic so far ! and I'm also impressed with your Centurious, great work !

06-06-2008, 21:31
Try something like this:

Or this:

I prefer the second myself, something about the way the green is done.

Light of the Emperor
07-06-2008, 16:43
Hmm, that green seems like a good idea. Maybe I'll combine some of the techniques each painter used (I have the WD with all of 'em in it).

Here's the finished base. Leaves and a tidy black rim come at the end:

07-06-2008, 22:59
I just love how the base could quite easily have been made by anyone.... all the parts are from the new VC skeletons box. Loving the muted tone look there !

08-06-2008, 03:52
Green chaos bloke would be good.

Light of the Emperor
08-06-2008, 03:54
Harry the Hammer is one tough cookie to paint. Spent the last 6 hours on him and gotta get away for a bit.

Here's my list of minis I am searching for. It's in the WANTED (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2680524#post2680524) ads.

08-06-2008, 13:48
Love your log here. So nice to see all those goodies painted up to a nice standard, its really inspiring. :)

Btw, if you are still searching for that marco columbo they still have him for like 6 down at my local store. Just send me a pm if you still need one. :) (I live in sweden, but hey, can still work)

Light of the Emperor
08-06-2008, 22:40
Harry is done! Went with the green warrior...even tried to blend a bit. I'm happy with the result...



08-06-2008, 23:49
Wow with the use of dulling the colours it has made your minis go up a million ranks on the painting chart :p

I'm using your CoD table log for inspiration. Especially the posters and craters probably the channel as well!

Did you use the usual green method of?
Chaos black+ catachan green working up to camo green?

P.S. I'm definetly getting another to paint it the green method :D

09-06-2008, 03:06
That looks AMAZING!

Going to enter it into GD? *hint* *hint*

09-06-2008, 06:02
I like it!

Though it's a bit dull with all the colours really toned down, and he blends into the base quite a bit.

I think he needs a focal point, or something to stand out and draw the eye, make visual interest. As right now, I see a dark chaos warrior standing on the dark skeletons.

Just something to think about. I do think it's a good paint-job, just it could be so much more with some little touches here or there

Taker of skulls
09-06-2008, 07:13
Very good.
I wish i could paint like that

keep up the good work


09-06-2008, 13:11
Just noticing again the picture. If i was you LotE i would add something brighter on the chest piece. Also brighten the bone a bit. Unless he had a descent display board with dull colours i don't think he is as good as it could be with your skill :D

Oh i critsice a lot :p But how do people learn :D

Light of the Emperor
09-06-2008, 23:30
Cheers guys...and thanks for the critique!

I stuck with green as it is the color (that I think) I paint best. Pretty much standard procedure as my vossies. Catchan+Black and then working up to pure camo green. About 10 layers and then some washes of initial dark color to bring things together. The metal is something different that I saw in a recent WD. Black+Boltgun with an immediate highlight of mithril. Looks pretty cool actually.
I do agree there is something missing. He actually has a nice purple cloak underneath, but I forgot about the shield (painted seperately). Perhaps some freehand symbols in a good color...but I'll have to practice more first!

No golden daemon for him...he's not good enough IMO nor is he really my best...

10-06-2008, 14:46
Holy crap LotE, you're improving with every figure. Keep up the great work :D

25-06-2008, 16:01
Good paint job mate.

Keep it up!

01-08-2008, 17:56
Another great thread, consider me subscribed Light. Everything you've done in here is great, glad you went with the Green Harry in the end. I'm curious what of the offers throughout the thread you've taken up and will be appearing at a later date ...

- Salvage

Light of the Emperor
01-08-2008, 19:55
Thanks boss.

I am still missing a large majority of special figures such as the bonesinger, marco columbo, etc. The problem is that money is tight and most of my trade items are long gone (I blame the vostroyans). I do have another harry the hammer model for trade so perhaps I can work out a multi figure deal down the road.

For now though, I still have the following to paint:
Thunderbolt pilot, Wolf Priest, Cadian at attention, Ultramarine standard bearer (skullz), 100 dollar GW store marine vet.

The latter is almost finished so pictures soon!

01-08-2008, 20:04
Hey that Harry the Hammer looks great : D Well so do all the models in this nice log : )

Oh and I hate painting power armour too and yet I have around 3000 pts of Black Legion -_- with more coming later...

Light of the Emperor
01-08-2008, 23:56
Needs to be dullcoated, but otherwise he's done:



04-08-2008, 16:42
Just one thing Lote but maybe one little fine edge highlight on the very fine edges. Like some really protruding points. Also the powerfist, on the back maybe shade the rivets?

Otherwise top stuff :D

04-08-2008, 17:51
That looks really cool. Is here still a bit of flash on the cables leading to the Power fist? Looks like it.

Crimson Fists are awesome.

Light of the Emperor
17-08-2008, 14:38
Finally gave the Orc a base. He is now a bouncer at 'Da White Wolf Tavern.

Also got my hands on the old Emperor's Champion model. Don't know how hard he is to find or if he is rare in the firstplace, but he's here anyways:

only joking...
17-08-2008, 19:28
The GD ork as a bouncer is complete and utter lol. Keep up the fantastic work as usual lote.

18-08-2008, 17:29
brilliant! your bones realy cool too.

loving that base.

18-08-2008, 18:21
wow that emperors champion is a sweet model who ever traded that to u must be a really nice guy.
The bouncer is awesome you are a genious

18-08-2008, 22:51
Nice work mate, especially on the old emperors champion since hes my favourite model ever its always nice to see peoples take on him.

Light of the Emperor
31-12-2008, 05:25
It's been a while...

Work begins on the Games Day '06 dwarf slayer model:



I'm thinking of modelling him after Obelix...one of the hilarious gauls. My European friends would know what I'm talking about! He'd have a green belt with the striped pants.

31-12-2008, 14:55
Aha! That looks like a promising start! The skin tone looks very good. Oh, and you should really paint him as Obelix, I would die laughing. Though switch the daemon head for a Menhir :D Lol. Joke.

Still, looks very good.

31-12-2008, 15:19
Give him a little white dog to complete matters.

31-12-2008, 19:35
Nice work great yellow highlights on the hair

Light of the Emperor
02-01-2009, 23:23
Got into a painting groove today and finished up two more models.

Space Wolf Rune Priest:


Red Scorpions Commander:


Brother_Chaplian Raimo
03-01-2009, 00:10
Massive yay for Red Scorpions, tempered by the fact that the GD Captain is just a "meh" sculpt. How do you go about doing your gray?

03-01-2009, 04:13
Nice free hand scorpion great work on the TH handle. Larry the hammer looks great
The wolf looks good too. Andy the Red will like this post

04-01-2009, 00:21
HAHAHAHAHA craig i like the new nickname

Mike the Wolf priest looks awesome and im really impressed on how you made the base, Im also dually impressed with the Red Scorpion.

05-01-2009, 03:26
You should try and get your hands on Gazbag from the WAR CE. I would love to see you do justice to that model.

08-01-2009, 04:47
Okay, this thread is amusing the heck out of me. Go Team LE!


Hadriel Caine
08-01-2009, 16:44
Centurius is great. the old school base made me laugh... can't believe they all used to look like that!

Really enjoyed the scenic base for the Orc 'bouncer' great idea. lovely model, superb skin tone.

Harry the Hammer is obscenely cool, the base is spot on and the armour rocks.
Not such a fan of the Archaon tbh but there you go!
Probably just the picture but the helmet looks the same material as the cape, which is, i think, the problem. does he have a cloth helmet or a metal cape?


Light of the Emperor
10-01-2009, 18:21
Finally got my t-bolt pilot painted...2 years after I got him at GamesDay along with my thunderhawk. I've actually painted him quite a few times only to strip him because I did not like the colors. This time, I actually painted the vest to match with the jumpsuit sleeves. This creates the look of a bomber jacket...at least to me it does!

The base will be painted and then the Imperial Navy poster will be added.



10-01-2009, 18:38
Lovely work on the Red Scorpions SM the grey is really well executed and the freehand is excellent.

10-01-2009, 20:55
eh not bad

10-01-2009, 22:14
dude your bro could paint better than that! lol the pilot looks ace

Light of the Emperor
11-01-2009, 01:59
And done!


11-01-2009, 02:00
nice work on the floor and the free handed poster

11-01-2009, 22:11
Love that Imperial pilot! Having painted that I know how awsum the face sculpt is and you realy have done that justice the stubble realy works well with the general feel of the miniture. The base for me is what makes that mini realy pop tho. Great work keep it up.


Light of the Emperor
12-01-2009, 01:43
Glad you like 'em!

Here's my newest model:



12-01-2009, 02:44
HEY! i recognize that mini! you got that from ME!

glad that you actually did something with it (as opposed to having it languish unassembled in a box).

it looks really good. any chance that you will be working on the display scale minis any time soon? those are some great sculpts as well.

keep up the great work.

08-02-2009, 16:29
Wow....I have been reading the Vostroyan log for a while and just found this one. I love all your stuff. Now all you have to do is paint armies up for all your LE models. I will be following those blogs as well. Keep up the great work.


08-02-2009, 16:35
Lovely work on that slayer!
Although, I would like to see a little bit of blood on the axe. It looks a bit too clean at the moment.

Falkus Kibre
26-02-2009, 02:51
I have the Ltd Ed Dark Angel captain I'd be willing to get rid of, if you want him PM me.

Light of the Emperor
06-04-2009, 23:01
Egads it has been a while. Time to get things kicking again.

I have managed to obtain the following goodies over the past few months:

That would be:
skulls banner marine
30 anniversary WD
invisible frodo
ork pilot
other WD
Marco Columbo

What I really need to know is where the white dwarf on the right comes from...what promotion and when? Is he even a ltd. ed. model?

07-04-2009, 04:03
I remember seeing that White Dwarf in a blister on the shelf at my local retailer for years - so I assume it is not limited edition.

It is out of production, however, and an excellent mini - so I'd hope you would paint it all the same!

Very excited to see what you do with Marco Columbo, as he's one of my favourites, as well as the invisible Frodo :p

07-04-2009, 07:46
That White Dwarf was the one released to coincide with Issue 100, IIRC. There have been three further incarnations since then. It wasn't, strictly, Limited Edition, but is certainly OOP.


07-04-2009, 10:16
Fond memories. I have on of those issue 100 dwarves lying around in my bitz box. Sadly I'll probably never get around to doing anything with it.

I'm also interested in seeing what you do with marco colombu - I always thought he'd make a great engineer or captain in an empire army.

Rabid Monkey
08-04-2009, 00:48
I cant wait to see invisible Frodo all painted up. :D

17-05-2009, 11:26
Are you still looking for the Bonesinger? Sonofultramar might have one, I was looking at this thread http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=181451&page=2 and noticed in his sig he was selling one on eBay. It might be a bit late but I thought it was worth mentioning.

17-05-2009, 11:32
The white dwarf was released with UK issue 200 I think. I only remember because I wasn't collecting when issue 100 was released! It was either for that or a birthday celebration model.

Most importantly, how will you go about painting invisible frodo? (someone had to ask.....)

17-05-2009, 21:54
Light of the Emperor did you ever sell a dwarf army?

18-05-2009, 09:18
how do you paint sombody thats invisable? i dont think GW sells a paint that makes models completely transparent. or will he just be a floating ring

18-05-2009, 18:29
Even though the model will most likely stay as is, I have a hunch he will try to do something interesting with the base.