View Full Version : death master snikch or ikit claw in 3000 agnst WE

29-10-2007, 07:17
i do not no whether to take deathmaster snikch or ikit claw in 3000 pts against wood elves i know there force will have a dragon and im mostly going magic heavy because grey seer on screaming bell and 2 warlocks plus a chieftain with bsb and im thinking of ikit claw to make it full magic heavy.
please help!.
aswell as should i go 2 warp L cannons and a giant or 1 WL cannon a giant and a unit of 10 plague censers. or any other combo please help.:eek:

29-10-2007, 15:16
I think you'd get more for your money using Ikit Claw. I have mixed feelings about taking warp lightning cannons. They're good because you don't need LOS but I don't seem to have much luck with them. I always take a unit of plague censers. They're deadly little unit. How about a tunnel team with poison attacks?

29-10-2007, 16:08
The death master even if yo just take out the dragona nd lord on top you ahve your points back and i doubt he will be expecting it :)