View Full Version : Hordes of Chaos: deamons 500pts

29-10-2007, 08:48
Hello I was thinking of a 500pt list for chaos and I had a funny idea, all flyers.
I came up with this:

1 exalted, 230 pt (hero)
7 furies, 105 pt (core)
5 screamers, 165 pt (core)

exactly 500pt, and legal!

I dont think this is a really strong list, but alot of fun! It will be strong against shooting and magic, as they can hide behind terrain and then glide in for kills (cursed stand and shoot)

I think ranked up units will be a problem, but with flying, multiple charges won't be so hard to get and they might will break the enemy!

It is great that they all cause fear/terror and are immune to psychology but it is a very small model count.

So what do you think about this?

29-10-2007, 22:56
I might also use deamonic legion rules for this? I heard they're still legal?

9 Ld and a 6+ ward save against magic might give me the edge

29-10-2007, 23:20
i guess it looks fun, nice and fast-the thing is with small point amounts and daemons your charicter end sup being so expensive its already half the warband. but hes going to be a monster in this provided that your oponent doesent have any special monster killy things

30-10-2007, 16:21
Indeed, altough I haven't got to try this list yet, I have been using an exalted deamon. On one occasion I had to challenge a simple dwarf thane, but with his armor reroll rune I could not hit but the thane however did wound after wound...

Altough flying terror is pretty nice in much situations :)