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29-10-2007, 19:27
So after a one year recession of Warhammer (Damn World of Warcraft!!), me and a friend decided to face off with my new TK army. We have played many a times when I had my old Chaos army, so I was very familiar with the Brets and he had no idea how a TK army worked. This lack of knowledge did cause some debates and end up probaly winning the game for me.

My list was pretty standard, I just kinda took a bit of everything to test things out:

TK w/ DoE and Cloak
LP with Casket
LP on Steed
TP on Chariot with Flail, Chariot of Fire, and Golden Eye (5+ Ward)
30 Skellies HW+S + Champ/Undying Banner(Bound Raise Spell)
21 Skellies with BoW
7 Heavy Horse w/ Champ + War Banner
Tomb Scorp
3 Chariots with Champ/Banner
2 Swarm Bases
3 Ushabti

His list was kinda unusual, he had no idea what to expect from TK's, so he took what seemed like one of everything also.

Bret Lord with Challenge Virtue + Challenge Gloves + Wrymlance
Damsel with 2XScrolls
BSB on Horse
5x Mounted Yeomen
12x Knights Errant
5x Grail Knights (Lord was Here)
1x Trebuchet
3x Peg Knights
9x Questing Knights
Grail Relique with 12 Pilgrims
11x KotR (BSB was here)
20x Men @ Arms
10x Archers
10x Archers

Now onto the good stuff:
Setup looked like this


My swarms buried themselves and he conceded the 1st turn to pray for his blessing, so I went first.

TK Turn 1:
My turn saw not much movement. Magic phase was productive, Prince smited his chariots for bowfire and killed off a grail pilgrim, King pulled some dispel dice with his first smiting of the catapult, but the 2nd smite managed to go off, killing his Trebuchet with a direct hit, along with one crewman (Woot!), breaking them and running 3 inches. Priest on the casket smited the archer row and killed off 2 Yeomen, who failed to panic. Priest on steed pulled the rest of the dispel dice when trying to Urgency the Carrion into what was left of the Treb. The Casket pulled the first dispel scroll, ending the magic phase. My shooting was unproductive, chariots didnt kill anything with their bows, my archer line failed to wound any more Mounted Yeomen, and my catapult had a direct hit on his Knights Errant, 1 direct hit and 8 partials, only managed 3 wounds, which were all saved by wards, doing nothing at all!!! :( End of my 1st turn, not a bad one.

Bret Turn 1:
The rest of his treb crew rally. He advances most of his units, but putting his Peg's right out in the open, in the middle of the battlefield (I guess maybe to draw some missile fire?). Magic was all dispelled. His archers managed to kill 3 of my bowmen, but overall not much happening.

End of Phase 1 looked like this:


TK Turn 2:
I move my ushabti into position for an urgency charge on the Peg's, and move my King within 6 inches to make sure it goes off, but also keeping the archers in range for smiting. Move my liche priests with heavy horsemen back out of line of sight, knowing they are no match for his Grail Knights. I move my chariots up, within charge range of his Questing Knights. I reform my bowmen to more of a block formation. Move my HW+S skellies up some for better position. Move my scorp back out of LoS of his Peg's. Magic Phase starts up and I begin with my prince Urgency'ing right by his Questing, he threw a few dispel dice, but doesnt beat the cast. I then Urgency my Ushabti with the King, which gets dispelled, but cast it again and it goes off (saving his dispel scroll for the Casket I figure). I then Smite my catapult towards his Knights Errant, which scatters south and hits my Carrion, killing one of them (Boo!!). My liche priest on steed then raises the 3 bowmen that were lost last round to his arches, bring them back to full strength. The casket pulls a dispel scroll, which I was pretty sure was his last one since he only had a single scroll caddy. Shooting phase was much better, my catapult aimed towards and lands smack dab into his Knights Errant, killing 1 and causing them to panic and run 11 inches! Ended up being 1 inch short of running off the board!! Darn so close!!. My bowmen took a few potshots at his archers and killed a few. Close combat saw the Ushabti kill two Peg knights on the charge, taking no wounds in return and auto-breaking them, and missing the pursue by 1 inch. The Yeomen and Carrion stay locked in combat, costing me another Carrion due to CR (down to 3). I signal to my opponent its his turn.

Bret Turn 2:
He rallies his Knights Errant. Declares a charge on Ushabti with his Men at Arms, reforms his Questing knights to face my chariots, moves the rest of his troops up a bit. Magic phase was all dispelled. His shooting saw him take a few shots at my skeletons, with no wounds. Close combat saw him mow my Ushabti down with some great dice rolling, killing them all after CR and overrunning into the wall. The Yeomen finally broke and my Carrion overran into his lone Peg Knight who held firm the whole time. His archers failed their panic test (both groups) as the Yeomen panic'd to close for comfort. Thats the end of his turn and we took a small break to get a drink.

The ending of Phase 2 looked like this:


29-10-2007, 19:27
TK Turn 3:
Things are going kinda as planned, so I continue on. I figure this turn is where I have to really hurt him, as his lances are getting a bit to close. Also knowing that he's probaly outta dispel scrolls and he's gonna save at least 3 dice for the Casket, I pretty much have magic superiority established. Movement wise, My swarms misfire and I lose them and give my opponent VP's, yuck. I move the chariots up and bit more, almost out of LoS of his Questing Knights. I reform the bowmen into one fully ranked block and then my Tomb King joins to help with the eminent charge. Magic phase next - I start with my Urgency on my prince, moving him out of LoS and angling a little bit, ready to charge the Grail Relique. The Tomb King smites his bowmen in vain at the Knights of the Realm, as all the arrows bounced off his armor. Didnt have anythign else to do, so I didnt use his 2nd incantation (poor planning on my part). The priest on the casket Smites the catapult, getting a direct hit on the Men at arms, panicking them and causing them to run 11 inches. My priest on Steed magic missiles his Grail Knights, but does no wounds. Casket pulls all 4 dispel dice he has. My shooting is horrid, My SSC misfires and rolls a 1, destroying it and its crew, and I kill nothing with my bowmen. Close combat see's me lose another Carrion to the Peg Knight, knocking them down to 2. Onto the Bret's turn.

Bret Turn 3:
His men at arms dont rally and keep running. He declares a charge against my bowmen/TK block with this Kotr w/ BSB. He moves his Grails and Knights Errant to charge my big block of skeletons next round. He gives up on the chariots with this Questing Knights and moves them around a little bit. He flips his Grail Relique around, prepping for the Chariot charge. Magic Phase he does nothing, along with Shooting. Close combat see's my TK issuing a challenge against his BSB, he accepts, and the TK massacres the BSB doing 3 wounds and only takes 1 wound in return. He directs all his lance charge attacks at the block, and kills 6 skeletons, and I lose 3 more due to CR, but the block holds.

Here's the scene leading into the final Turn 4:

TK Turn 4:
Last turn, here we go. I declare a charge with my Scorpion into the flank of his Kotr unit. I declare a charge with chariots on his Grail Relique. No other movement is done. Magic see's my Prince smite himself and kill off 3 grail pilgrims. The King smites his Destroyer of Eternites, and kills 3 Knights, and then he raises 6 skeleton bowmen to recover another rank. The priest on Casket does nothing, and the other priest on steed magic missiles the Grails, but does nothing also. The casket pulls all 4 dispel dice again, and doesnt go off despite me rolling boxcars. Nothing to shoot during the shooting phase, so onto close combat. The prince and chariots pretty much eat the Grail Relique, killing 9 grail pilgrims, but losing a chariot from the unknown (Hatred) 4 attacks back from the Relique itself. The relique autobreaks from outnumbering and flee's a whopping 3 inches. The prince and chariots stay put due to the forest 6 inches in front of them. The scorpion kills off a knight and takes a wound in return, the knights direct all their attacks towards the king and wound him once, then the King uses the DoE again and kills 3 more knights. The Knights autobreak from losing combat and being outnumbered/flanked and are ran down after another boxcar roll for pursue. The Peg knight kills off the last Carrion, and stays put. And thats the end of my last turn, All I can hope is that the block of 30 holds the twin charge.

Bret Turn 4:
The Men at Arms dont rally, but manage to stay on the table. The Relique rallies. The lone Peg knight charges the Scorpion. The Grail and Knights Errant twin charge the block of 30 skeletons. His magic is all dispelled and he has nothing to shoot at. Close combat see's his Peg knight wound the scorpion and take a wound in return, tying combat. The big charge of the game see's him killing off 11 skeletons with all his charges and horses, 4 more with his wyrmlance on his general, and then crumbling 10 skeletons with CR, but not breaking the block and leaving 5 skeletons standing.

Here's what the end of Turn 4 looked like:


With much anticipation, we decide to move onto Turn 5, but the Bret player got the dreaded wife call, and the game was decidedly over. We did a quick add up and I had roughly 300'ish more VP's than he did, w/o adding up killing his BSB, so it was a minor victory for the TK's.

I learned quite a bit after this game. I definately knew I could not handle all 4 lances hitting me at one time so I had to figure out a way to handle them one at a time. We had alot of terrain so that was very nice in creating lanes of traffic and the chariots proved invaluable in keeping the Questing Knights at bay. The Casket was the MVP for me, as it allowed me to cast whatever incantation I wanted and my opponent was saving all his dispel abilities for it.

Hope you guys enjoy the report!

29-10-2007, 20:27
Very nice, but just to let you know warmachine crew new suffer panic tests caused by shooting or magic.......but it would have done nothing in this battle. Congrats on the win and nice report.

30-10-2007, 08:29
Nice report, good to se the TK's pulling off the win, just a few things though;

The tomb king can't use the raising spell like liches, he is limited to doing the extra attack and movement spells. No biggie though as your liche on casket could've cast it anyway.
Also when the scorpion flank charged the knights he doesn't get a flanking bonus (if you're playing 7th edition rules) because you now need US5 to negate ranks and get the flanking bonus.

Also, why did you bury your scorpion on your side of the table? It could have easily wiped out the enemy trebuchet and damsel if you'd placed the marker near them.

Still, a very nicely played list, it's quite good for fighting bretonnians. If you really want to mess them up though you should consider some full tomb guard units, they're a real nightmare for small elite armies with their undead rules and extra toughness. And giving chariot units with characters the icon of the sacred eye is also something i recommend strongly. 2's to hit is great in combination with a magic weapon.

30-10-2007, 11:52
Sounded like a good fight and i really liked your visual representation of the battlefield.

Niceone :)

30-10-2007, 19:02
I'll just join the choir here, nice rep and a close fight.