View Full Version : slaan mage number of spells

29-10-2007, 23:12
how many spells does a 2nd edition gets. My firend says 6 im sure its 5....

Oh and how do you roll for the spells.

The book seams to suggest you pick a lore roll, pick a lore, roll and keep going..

however my local store seem to think this is unfair and you should do it liek:

2 on metal, rolll
2 on fire, roll...

29-10-2007, 23:37
A slann is a lvl 4 wizard and thus has 4 spells, on top of this he has the drain magic spell totalling five. If you buy him the plaque of tepok he gets one additional spell, totalling 6.

The spells are rolled one at a time as you suggest.