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30-10-2007, 05:20
In all of my Slaanesh lists from 1k and up I include a 20 count Beastherd unit with a Gor/Ungor ratio as they come in the box. I normally have full command and 2 Bray-Shamans in the unit. My question is, is having both of my spellcasters (and many times my only spellcasters) in the same unit a tactical blunder?

Would I be better to split into 2 herds of 5/5 each and if so would I really be that much better off verse panic tests and what-not?

My main opponents are Orc and VC so I don't tend to deal with allot of shooting but as I am hoping to enter into some upcoming local tournaments I want to make sure I'm not handicapping myself with my current herd set up.


30-10-2007, 16:11
If your not facing alot of shooting, and you are running slaanesh shamans, then I would say that you are not getting good value from the herd at those configurations (box ratio).

First of all, you are loosing out on the imune to psychology that you would normally get from the slaanesh mark. Second, the box configuration is designed to sell you surplus numbers of gors and insufficient numbers of ungors.

There are several types of ways to run beastherds. Everything from a superherd to a min ambushing herd. In your case, you are using the herd as a body guard for your spell casters. So treat it that way. There is no need to dump a huge amount of points in it. But, it should be able to hand most fast moving things like:
1) Flyers
2) Fast Cav
3) raised zombie/skellie units

And should be able to help out with combined charges.

In that respect, you should be using a "battle herd". Something around 5 gor, 7 ungor with full command. It is cheap and can hold on against light fast stuff.

As for whether or not you are making a mistake by putting two shaman in one unit; not necessarily. It is a fragile unit, that is for sure. And any savy opponent will try to engage it early. But, having a focal magic source unit with 360 line of sight is not bad. If you have the slots available and the points to spare then taking two units might not be so bad as it gives you an alternative set up that you can run when you like.

30-10-2007, 17:47
I normally go for the ratio of 7 gors and 10/14 ungors with FC for a combat competive herd. for ambush I usually take 5 of both gor and ungor with a Foe-render upgrade, these are ideal for hunting warmachines, mages, archer units, etc. I also find these usefull for a supporting flank or rear chargeif the opposing unit is allready engaged in the front.

30-10-2007, 18:14
Yeah, I know my ratio isn't optimum, I just use it since I only have one box of them and its the way the come. I think I'll try using 2 at a 5/7 ratio as you suggest for the next few games and see if it works better.

Thanks Guys

01-11-2007, 13:03
as a general rule of thumb i alway flow the famous maxim of 'God is on the side with the bigger batalions). I have heards of 25, 15 gors who actually fight and 10 'meatshield' ungors. this means that they get into contact relatively intact and don't wither too easily under fire. as i tzeentch in all but big games and if i get yellow fire a 5+ ward save makes this quite formidable.

as far a shamans are conerned if you give one chaos armour (10pts and can still cast majic) and the fir of something (+2 armour against shooting) he general can rely on not getting shot at too badly byhimself so he can skulk in a wood doing his thing. i've also put a shaman in a unit of minotors before (its legal) to quite good effect + he is less likely to run away (LD 8 compared to his rubish 6)

01-11-2007, 19:14
I use one big unit (7/16 split) with 3 characters, standard, musc, no champ and 2 tens with full command. The big unit is a combat unit that hugs terrain as it advances with the 2 shamans spraying magical fire as they go forward.

The small units either ambush and warmachine hunt or (if there are no suitable targets) hang back as flank guards to cover vs fast cav and flyers. It's a good setup once you master the concept that any beast unit fleeing through another will probably start the 'panic cascade' and take steps to avoid it.