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30-10-2007, 04:24
I've decided to try putting together a completely Tzeentch beast/mortal army. I know this is going to be hated...you'll see why...but I like the idea of being as blasty as possible. Also, I've got some cool conversion ideas that make me excited to put it together. Tell me if you think this has tactical merit:

Beastlord of Tzeentch: 334 pts
Pelt of the Dark Young, Staff of Change, Heavy Armor, HW, Shield
Wargor of Tzeentch(Battlestandard Bearer): 184 pts
Vitriolic Totem, Heavy Armor, HW, Shield

Both characters will join -

Bestigors of Tzeentch x13: 206 pts
Full Command

Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch: 194 pts
Power Stone, Spell Familiar, GW
Aspiring Champion of Tzeentch: 204 pts
Power Familiar, GW

Both characters will join -

Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch x 13: 245 pts
Full Command, HW, Shield

Horrors x16: 240 pts

Horrors x12: 180 pts

Beast Herd 5 Gor, 5 Ungor: 60 pts
Musician, HW, Shield, Spear only on Ungors

Beast Herd 5 Gor, 5 Ungor: 60 pts
Musician, HW, Shield, Spear only on Ungors

Warhounds x5: 30 pts
Warhounds x5: 30 pts
Warhounds x5: 30 pts

1997 pts total
15 Casting, 8 Dispel dice

30-10-2007, 04:36
Warriors will be a bit slow for this army, maybe swap them for knights

31-10-2007, 18:25
Hey there, I was at your tourney in vancouver (the guy that played your last game).

I am concerned about your list a little. 14 powerdice, will really **** people off. Your comp score will not look so good.

You have a huge amount of horrors and those bound spells are going to hurt something pretty bad.

I would suggest this.

1) Swap the warriors for marauders of equal points (hand weapon, light armor and shield). You won't need the extra power dice, your ld will the same with your characters in the unit, and you'll have roughly the same killing power as your characters will be doing the killing in both cases. Your marauders will give you more numbers so you get the +1 (effectively +2) for outnumber.

I also think that you should make one big herd out of the two smaller ones (and stick your characters in there). You can't ambush your characters without loosing out on the initial magic phases. So you are just going to be ambushing two herds and your dogs. This may be good, but I guarantee that your opponent will be coming towards you full steam if you are pouring 2 horror units and 14 dice down his throat each magic phase. Your ambush will only save you from stationary artillery (wich will be LOS blocked when he advances). Your herds won't keep up to the battle line.

Also, your characters are equally safe (if not more so) if they are in a big herd rather than a bestigor unit. You'll have the same ld (generals) in both cases but the fighting will allow you to place your characters in the herd how you like once combat starts. And you get 360 LoS with the skirmish unit so you don't have to worry about people avoiding your spellcasters.

As soon as any competent army makes it to your lines, you will need to be able to fight back. You have no qualified unit ready to fight back. And remember the staff of change forces you to re-roll you entire spell and not just one dice.

I would reduce the bestigors to allow you to field a proper super herd of 8 gor and 16 ungor with two characters. Plus you can move your characters back to the bestigor herd if you want.

31-10-2007, 18:32
1st thing i noticed straight off.

13 Tzaangors + 2 characters = one dead unit very early on.

Put the lord on a beast herd and/or increase the number of Tzaangor to at least 20.