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30-10-2007, 12:06
hey dudes and dudettes
im thinking of starting an orc army lead by a savag orc on a rhynox....
counting the rhynox as the magic item boar that causes impact hits
but not sure what magic weapon to arm him with

how do you arm your orc warboss or shaman...

and if you can please give me his str, att, ws, and toughness with the magic gear.

i was thinking of sticking my warboss or shaman in a unit of 11 savage orc boar boys 6 wide

what do you find works better out of the orc warboss types???
is a level 4 shaman more effective than a warboss and what units do you stick them in???
thanx in advance

30-10-2007, 12:39
Stuff: Starting an Orcs & Goblins army -> The general (http://folk.ntnu.no/~tarjeia/avian/tactics/greenskin_starting.php#c_general)

Should answer your questions. :)

30-10-2007, 12:44
i give my warboss the iron gnashas, akrit axe, enchanted shield, boss hat, boar and heavy armour (black orc) if i want him to mince other characters in combat.

He has 4 ws 7 attacks that reroll hits and are S6 in the first round with killing blow. On his boar i stick him with a unit of savage orc boar boys so he can take care of characters while they destroy the unit.

The alternative for me is to have a savage warboss with kickin boots and akrit axe on a boar for 6 S6 attacks with rerolls and a couple of extra S5 attacks. Again i put him with savage boar boys.

I think the best characters for orcs and goblins are their heroes though, they're the one's that'll take you by surprise.

Generally i prefer to take a warboss, but in a recent game i took a great shaman and he did exceptionally well (apart from when the foot of gork nearly crushed him to death).

I like your idea of the rhinox, i personally think the ironback boar is overpriced for what it does but it fits best for orcs when making rhinox proxy rules. i guess if your opponents agreed to it you could always just mount him on a rhinox and use rhinox stats instead... provided they didnt mind.

31-10-2007, 03:26
is there a weapon that adds more attacks (mounted) and one that would go well in a unit of savage orcs.

thanx for the link that helped on what leader to take. but now im trying to figure out how i max out on attacks and str on a savage orc he will be in a unit of 11 savage boar boys.... and i will have 2 other units of savage orc boys 2 ranks of 5. and then 2 savage orc shamans lvl 2. 3 units of 25 orc savage boys. 2-3 spear chuckas. and either a orc boss or bsb (savage of course) on a boar. and then if i have spare points possibly a giant or something to attract missle fire...;D

31-10-2007, 06:27
Well, by using the Ironback Boar option, you nix the Bigged's Kickin Boots. I would maybe use a rhinox model but use boar stats, so you then you can use the boots and the Sword of Battle, giving your frenzied warboss 7 attacks.

31-10-2007, 10:23
so how can i get a rhynox on a normal boars base???

31-10-2007, 11:49
You can't, essentially. A normal Rhinox barely fits on a 50 x 50 mm base. Getting it onto one half that size won't work. :(

31-10-2007, 12:24
so is there a magic weapon that adds attacks or is the only way to get the extra attacks with the magic boot things?

31-10-2007, 12:58
There's a spear that gives you an extra attacks equal to enemy rank bonus when you charge i.e if you charge a block of swordsmen with 3 ranks you'll get an extra 3 attacks. Decent item but unfortunately they changed the wording between 6th edition and 7th so it's no good for flank charging wyvern riding bosses as it states 'rank bonus' as opposed to 'rank'.

Theres also an axe that gives you +1 attack and +1 strength per rank bonus your characters unit is worth. A potential 8 strength 8 attacks for your warboss. Sadly it's 100 points so you'll have little protection.

The final alternative is an axe that gives you +1 attack and +1 strength per character within 12". Read the WD battle report with new orcs against lizardmen if you want to know the potential damage that weapon can do.

31-10-2007, 13:03
Battleaxe of the last waaagh: orcs only, bonus to attacks and strength equal to his own unit's rank bonus. 100 points.

For mounted models: Porko's pigstikka: additional attacks equal to the enemy unit's rank bonus. 40 points.

Basha's Bloodaxe: orcs on foot only, +1str in first round of combat, frenzy (never lost), instead of +1 attack due to frenzy he gets +d6 attacks each round, can never join units. 50 points.

Shaga's screamin' sword: +1str and +1 attack for each enemy character within 12". 50 points.

31-10-2007, 13:37
im going to stick my warboss in a unit of savage boar boys but im not sure how well the boar boys do are they good in 3 ranks of 6??? or is a savag orc warboss better on foot in a unit of 25-30 6 wide infantry?

31-10-2007, 14:48
Units with Warbosses in don't need to be all that big or nasty. Boar Boyz in three ranks of six are probably much too expensive to be very useful, you could field them in one rank of six and they'd probably be much more effective.

Warbosses in infantry units are generally quite effective.

31-10-2007, 15:26
so how can i get a rhynox on a normal boars base???

Use a big rock with a narrow base and large top, that extends out far enough for troops on at least one side to fit in. You could also have a go at making the Rhinox a bit thinner.

However whatever you do, do not put a mounted Savage Orc Warboss in a unit of foot Savage Orcs, as then he would have to charge out by himself if any enemies are within his charge range but not the unit's.

Prince Sairion
31-10-2007, 15:53
My favourite OnG character is a SO warboss on boar.

Only used it a few times, but it had shaga's screamin' sword, bigged's kickin boots and the unit had the banner of butchery.

The charge into the middle of an empire line saw (all benefits included) the lord alone do 11s5 attacks.:cool:

I'd personally not use the ironback boar, as it's just asking to roll a 1 on a d3!

31-10-2007, 15:59
i was thinking of going with a savage or black orc on foot with shield, heavy armor(black) with either the battle axe of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh or
with shaggaws screaming sword and the kicking boots in a unit of 20-30 savage or black orcs.
most likely black orcs because of quell animosity and the extra defence from their armor

i was also thinking of making a orc horde list... like have heaps of orc boys running around the field i figue with 2 shamans 4 dispell scrolls, big boss or bsb, and black orc warboss tooled up.
and then a big unit of black orcs 25-30 and then stock up on units of 25 orc boys with additional choppas.
and then 1or 2 units of of arrer boys and then 2 or 3 spear chukkas

31-10-2007, 19:15
If you want a B.Orc warboss in some black orcs then look at grimgor.

Hes brutal for his pts.

Deff reccomend him as the best OnG lord choice available.

01-11-2007, 12:34
eah i do like special characters but some people dont like them seeing as i used to play a settra list.
but i like to make my own characters so that they play like i want them to play and have the gear i want them to have not what the book tells me.

01-11-2007, 14:11
You can't, essentially. A normal Rhinox barely fits on a 50 x 50 mm base. Getting it onto one half that size won't work. :(
Yes you can :p


01-11-2007, 15:53
Hah, see, exactly what I recommended! I r awesome! :D

02-11-2007, 11:18
yeah but now im thinking that in a big infantry unit he would be better gets more attacks and has a bigger meatshield

03-11-2007, 17:17
what would be a good size of black orcs to stick my B.O warboss in??