View Full Version : 4000pts of flawless host and pals. (pic heavy)

30-10-2007, 21:43
ok, I've collected and made 3998pts worth of chaos, about 2/3 flawless host or slaanesh, the rest other followers (khorne and mainly nurgle) I have painted so little, on head count, I get lost, but I've made out about 99ish models in total, pictures:
Ariel shots, lol.
side shot.

sorry, horrible photos, darn phone camera, I'll try to nab my mates digi cam at the weekend...

In total It has: defiler, 15 slaanesh marines, 5 slaanesh possessed, 5 nurgle possessed (plague bearer minis) 5 slaanesh raptors, abbadon, typhus, 5 S. terminators, S. Terminator lord, 10 Plague marines (in total) lucius the eternal, 8 k.zerkers, 1 s deamon prince, 1 K deamon prince, 12 deamons (goblins, or warp imps, as I have named them...) 6 deamons, greater deamon, 5 noise marines, cypher (old rules, allowed for games I'm going for.) 2 dreds (1 cc, 1 mid ranged) and thats all I can rember...

C&c would be loved, this will be updated on progress!

30-10-2007, 23:59
Your photos have broken my eyeballs T__T