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30-10-2007, 22:41
Ok... this is a list I'm musing over, looking for comments/critique... one thing to consider though.... I don't want to use dryads/treekin/treemen in my army. I realise this cuts down on the hitting power of the army but gives me a theme somewhat


Highborn 145
Wild Rider 50
Elven Steed 18
Spear of Twilight 30 Moonstone of the hidden ways 35
Murder of Spites 25

Noble 75
Wardancer Kindred 30 Blades of Loec 35

Spellsinger 90 Divination Orb 25 Arcane Bodkins 25

Spellsinger 90
Dispell Scroll 25 Dispell Scroll 25

Sub Total 723

Eternal Guard
20 Models 240
Musician, Standard Bearer and Eternal 30

Glade Guard
10 Models 120
Musician, Standard and Lord's Bowman 24

Glade Guard
10 Models 120
Musician, Standard and Lord's Bowman 24

Sub Total 558

Wardancer Troup
10 Models 180 Musician & Bladesinger 21

Wild Riders
9 Models 234 Standard Bearer & Wild Hunter 36

Warhawk Riders
3 Models 120

Subtotal 591

5 Models 120 Shadow Sentinel 8

Total 2000

31-10-2007, 16:31
Some thoughts:

If you want to win games in your tournament you'll be wanting a pretty big overhaul. If you want to have a forest-spirit-less army that's fine and aside from the wild riders this fits.

Some positive things about the list:
Reasonable march interdiction and forward deployment between the warhawks, waywatchers and moonstone-lord.

Some general negatives:
You have somewhat limited melee capacity and not enough magic or shooting to balance that. Your wardancers are very capable but unsupported won't win many combats. If they are hanging back to support the eternal guard you're giving up the ability to really take the fight to your opponent.

Some specific tweaks to improve wins:
Characters (generally too many points). The wildrider highborn would do fine as a noble with the moonstone. You give up being able to take the extra 50 pts of magic items but save yourself a boatload of points. The wardancer noble is okay but you could do fine without him to free up points. Wardancers don't really need a character to win combats.

At 2k you're not likely to run into a lot of lord-level casters who are the only ones throwing enough dice to make the divination orb matter so I'd replace it with another dispel scroll or something else.

If you're going for magic defense only then level 1 casters save you points. If you plan to 'treesurf' then the level 2s will be more suitable.

Arcane bodkins are awesome in combination with bow of loren on a lord (since they cost >50 pts combined). A wizard is only BS 4 with a single S3 shot. This means your 25 point arrows are going to hit ~50%, wound (at best) 50% so in a 6 turn game (assuming you got to shoot all 6 turns) you'll likely kill 1 or 2 models. Either ditch the bodkins or give them to a plain or alter lord with bow of loren.

Regarding your troops:
The eternal guard are fine as is.

The glade guard really have no need for command. The banner will not help them win combats as they are T3 with no armor and a single attack. The banner is just free VPs to your opponent. Musicians can certainly help rally if you use your archers as baiting units but I don't recommend that. The champions are only of value if you plan to put a character in the unit because they can then accept a challenge and let your character live one more round. But 6pts for a +1 BS isn't worth it otherwise.

Your wardancers are probably bigger than they need to be. They're not going to outnumber any opponent that is actually worth charging and anyone who's not in the fighting rank isn't participating. I'd decrease them to 8 just to save points. Keep the champion particularly if you're keeping the wardancer noble.

Your wild riders seem WAY too big. Since they're fast cav they can't get rank bonuses and a single casualty would cost them that theoretical rank anyway. At 10-strong they'll be hard to fit into a wood to use the moonstone as well. With a US of 20 and causing fear on the charge they'll be effective but I think 2 units of 5-6 would be a better investment.

Warhawk riders are fine if you like them. I can't seem to get my points out of them and use glade-riders instead but that's just preference. They'll shine as war machine hunters (except against dwarf machines).

Waywatchers are great distraction units as they scare opponents ("you have ranged killing blow?!"). They, like the glade guard, don't really need a champion. Sure he's BS 6 which is impressive, but that just means he hits on 1s before mods instead of 2s. Not really worth the points.

So in summary:
Shave some points from your characters to get more troops. Dump the divination sphere and arcane bodkins off the mage.

Dump command from gladeguard.

Drop the size of both the wardancers and wild riders.

Dump the champion from the waywatchers.

Get more troops!

Lastly I recently won overall at a RTT at a BattleBunker with a 'no forest spirit' army. It was 5 10-man glade guard units (2 had champs to babysit mages), 3 5-man gladeriders with musicians for march interdiction/warmachine hunting/baiting, 2 8-man wardancer units with champions (no musician because ran out of points) and 2 5-man waywatcher units. Characters were a lord on eagle with bow of loren and bodkins, BSB with resplendence (he joins a unit, their shots become magical attacks, great for ethereal enemy and demons in non-legion chaos lists) and 2 mages.

31-10-2007, 16:35
In addition to what has been said above, I'd get some Glade riders to support your wild riders. They cn be nasty, but if they go out on their own, then they will in all probablility die quite horribly (although not sure how they exactly fit in given your no tree spirit restriction)

More troops is always good, and allows you to do what Woodies do best and that is support charges.

31-10-2007, 22:08
It's all been said, but I'd like to say my warhawks have done great for me.

Other than that, I just want to stress that you have WAY too much points in characters.

06-11-2007, 08:00
ok.... fairly hefty revision taking on board whats been said....I'll post the list then try to explain my actions, again comments and critiscism are still more than welcome:

Highborn with bow of loren, arcane bodkins and a resplendence of luminescents 230

Noble, wild rider kindred and moonstone of the hidden ways 145

Spellsinger with 2 dispell scrolls 140

10 x Glade Guard with musician 126

10 x Glade Guard with musician 126

10 x Glade Guard with musician 126

10 x Glade Guard with musician 126

5 x Glade Riders inc Musician 129

5 x Glade Riders inc Musician 129

7 x Wardancers inc command 147

7 x Wardancers inc Bladesinger 140

7 x Wild Riders inc command 218

7 x Wildriders inc Command 218

I've dropped the eternal guard (not because of the comments on this forum) because they would be the only block of troops and would be unsupported for the most part. Bulked out the troops choices with more glade guard and glade riders (making shooting much more viable (playing to WE strengths)). The thinking being that the glade riders will help to support the wild riders as suggested byCrube above. I've shrunk the size of the wardancers and wildriders as suggested but I now have 2 units of each.
The general idea for the army is now there is a firebase (Ld10 general and mage hang about in the 4 units of archers) with a skirmishline of wardancers on the flanks or dependant on the opponent behind the firing line to deal with anything coming across the board and finally the cavalry able to move pretty much anywhere I want very quickly and hard hitting on the charge.

btw the original list before I posted it on warseer was as follows (only listed here to show you how much its changed!):

Orion King in the Woods
Noble with wild rider kindred on a stag
Level 2 enchantress on a unicorn with the glamourweave kindred and 2 dispel scrolls

5x Wild Riders with full command
5x Wild Riders with full command
5x Wild Riders with full command
5x Wild Riders with full command
5x Wild Riders with full command
5x Wild Riders with full command

07-11-2007, 20:36
Well it's a good mix you got there now, the only thing that will cause you grief is flyers.

But as long as you can kill that dragon before he hits your line you'll be fine ; )

08-11-2007, 17:03
That second list is so much better! I wouldnt place any more GLade Guard in the list because folks tend to get cry cheese when you have over 4 units of Glade Guard. However, if you are not a veteran to Fantasy I think they will make up for any tactical mistakes you might make with your other finesse units.

I played WE for few months, but I wasnt crazy about the playstyle of the armor. Plus I used to mainly play 40k so I found playing another skirmishing army full of shootiness somewhat boring.

I prefer units with ranks and passive combat res. Eternal Guard are great when they are stubborn. Annoyance of Netlings is key when trying to trap characters into a challenge, especially when they are not able to refuse when they are not in a unit...