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30-10-2007, 22:50
Im blogging my progress on my own website http://www.redhotchilis.co.uk but thought i would put up some WIP pics here for some C&C these will be the first thing ive painted in a long time got back into painting and practised on some HE spearmen, now going 40k To start with i went big and started on my Chaos Terminator Lord, these are WIP pics i did the dark angel helm on the trophey rack based the tyranid head and started the lining of he armour:


01-11-2007, 23:23
Did some more outlining and added gravel to the base tonight. As well as painting the rock base. Comments and tips welcome especially how do i paint the back rimming on the legs for black legion.


Added a pic of the bit im looking for advice on with it MS Pait helper :D


Your Evil Twin
02-11-2007, 00:29
that gold is looking very nice mate! Though i cant help but think he would look better with a head :D

Keep up the good work and good luck with the project, this guy should look awesome when finished! (oh and i like the base, does it come with the kit?)

Your Evil Twin

02-11-2007, 08:54
Base comes with the Chaos Terminator Lord kit yeah :D. Just ordered 30 resin bases for the rest of the guys. 20 slate and 10 skull for the beserkers

04-11-2007, 22:44
Ok started painting 8 khorne beserkers in black legion armour but khorne markings and a little bit of khorne colours will post pics of a some what test mini later

08-11-2007, 22:35
Been very very busy at work and keeping the new wife happy so heres a little update as always please help me paint better so leave feedback


10-11-2007, 18:10
I think im neary done got to the skulls on him but im quite happy now. Finished the base and highlighted the silvers and brass. Sorted the face out a bit more just need to get my hands on a micron pen to do the eyes but thinking of going glowing green with them and giving him a stubbley head of hair? Any opinions?


Did the outlining basecout on the Khorn Beserkers keeping them Black Legion colour and started the base coat of the red on one of them. Pic below:


11-11-2007, 21:56
One finished lord :D


12-11-2007, 18:31
Little khorne progress:


12-11-2007, 18:58
Nice, that lord is very cool. On regards to the stubble and glowing green eyes, theres some cool tutorials for green glowing eyes on the net. I can't find them right now but I think there is a good one by Dominus Ex Machinica (sp?). Hope that helps.

Base comes with the Chaos Terminator Lord kit yeah :D. Just ordered 30 resin bases for the rest of the guys. 20 slate and 10 skull for the beserkers

If you don't mind me asking can you tell me where the bases are from?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

12-11-2007, 19:10
I do like that lord. It's a pretty good paint job and he does look like a proper leader.

12-11-2007, 21:00
And i just remembered that he is missing a loak, which i found in the bitz box, so going to paint that up tomorrow. Ive found a good glowing eyes one on bolter and chainsword. But going to save them for the beserkers :D

15-11-2007, 21:09
Some work on the khorne beserker squad. Done 4/8 well no highlighting as of yet but will be doing the highlighting tomorrow night on these. Then im going off course to paint an ultramarine commander.


CandC as usual please as it is most welcome