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08-09-2005, 17:47
Hi basically am pretty new to empire and have come up with the list below. It has faired well with 4 massacres, 1 minor win and 1 minor loss (1 5 round tournment, but it is a bit too gunline to be truelly effective in tournment play. Think it will win a fair amount but is too relient on randomised effects. So basically I was looking for a way to drop some handgunners or artillery for something which will add to the realiablitiy of the army.

I would have normally just swapped guns for units but without a high Ld character I am worried or the unit being paniced and then breaking all the artillery and missile troops nearby. Hence the alternating lines of gunners and detachments to try and avoid panic cascades. I do like the character set up as they allow me to pay semi offensive or defensive magic depending on the army I face, and the engineer to crew the mortor makes its very accurate and reliale for horde bashing

I realise this looks very much like most other empire gunline for that I apoligise but it is a empire strong point and I don't like knights, and am too lazy to paint units

Wizard Lord Lv4 210
dispel 25
Van horse spectum 25

Priest 95
harm, GW 8
shield 2
Icon of Magus 30

Engineer 55
Repeater Pistol 10
l arm 2
orb of thunder 40

Wizard Lv2 95
Rod of power 45

18 Great Swords 216
Command 30
Griffon Standard 50

8 Swordsmen 56

8 Swordsmen 56

Mortor 75

Cannon 100

Cannon 100

Hellblaster 125

Hellblaster 125

10 Handgunners Mus 85
Marksman Hochland rifle 25
5 Handgunners 40

10 Handgunners 80
Marksman Hochland rifle 25
5 Handgunners 40

10 Archers 80

5 Huntsmen 50


09-09-2005, 13:01
I see what you mean about the gunline :)

I would replace a hellblaster and the handgunner detachments with some knights, you would still have a formidible shooting phase but this would give you a lot more melee punch and some much needed mobility.

I would also use your achers as a detachment for your greatswords and use them as a skirimsh screen in front of the unit to take early shooting/magic damage and to block enemy charges if they live long enough. I would prefer 30 swordsmen over your greatswords but if they work for you...

I assume that the enginer is ther for fluff reasons as I cant think of any other reason why he is included. replace him with a captain with vanilla infantry kit and get him to lead your greatswords.

I have found that giving your priest Van horstmans is a much better option than giving it to a wizard as priests are designed to be able to survive melee combat.

The fact that priests only have 2 attacks makes them particullary attractive as VHS carriers. If you get some knights mount the priest and use him to lead your knights. Knights need to do well on the chagre and the possibility of rerolled misses is very useful, plus there is a better chance that you can put the VHS to good use.

09-09-2005, 13:40
I like to play (and fight) armies that are at least close to fluff, and using knights in a gunline list would bother me, from an opponents perspective. I would recommend squeazing in some pistoliers. I do realize you currently have all your specials fillled though. Greatswords with the Griffon Standard, while hard to break, have virtually no offensive capability.

I have had an idea lately that a unit of 16 handgunners with 2 detachments of 8 handgunners would be very formidable. Depending on terrain you can deploy 4x4 for ranks or 8x2 for firepower. dont forget that handgunner detachments could countercharge too. I think it would be quite versatile, really.

09-09-2005, 13:56
I assume that the enginer is ther for fluff reasons as I cant think of any other reason why he is included. replace him with a captain with vanilla infantry kit and get him to lead your greatswords.

No his engineer is there as support for his extensive gun battery, an engineer can take hits from enemy fire to keep the crews alive and can act as a crew member himself. Also the reroll on a missfire could save 100pts for him and probably will.That engineer is equiped to stop flyers from totally messing with the gun battery and plays an important role.

If you don't want knights would dropping one or both hellblasters and picking up some flagellants seem like a good idea?

They would provide nice support if you need to bottleneck an army then shoot it to pieces or for some extra offencive capabilities.

10-09-2005, 12:38
The engineer has 3 main game play points,Firstly he allows a reroll or the scatter or misfire dice. Which means that he can take the mortor to over 50% of hitting dead on the point I aimed for very useful for smashing horde units that cannons aren't to effective against. Secondly he can stand and shoot against charging anti warmchine flyer and such and he's BS 4 with 3 shoot at str 4 which will not great might get a lucky wound or 2. He also gets +3 attacks in combat which might swing a combat if the attacking monster isn't that powerful e.g. a great eagle. Thirdly he can leave and recrew another warmchine which is very useful especially for saving victory points and the like.

I don't really feel knights fit in with the game play of these army or its style, do you not also think in game play terms they would be just riding off on their own and likely to get slapped by other fast units or powerful characters. However some pistolliers might be good.

I am tempted to swap the greatswords but I do actually think they are quite good on the offence as although they cannot pursue the detachments can, they are stubborn which is very useful as am only Ld8 with general. I did orgially have 30 in the army and bigger detachments but I couldn't really justify the points as the unit only occasionally saw combat with 20 in it and 120 points is a lot to ensure extra rank bonus I think I might swap out the hochland rifles, orb of thunder and 1 unit of handgunners for a big unit of swordmens, or 2 smaller units I could get 210 points so 42 free company or 30 swordsmen with command.

How about (this is rough so may not fully balance 2000)

Wizard Lord as above
Priest as above
engineer No orb of thunder
Lv2 as above

18 Great swords Griffon banner full com
2 * Detachments of 8 swordmen
16 Swordsmen
16 swordsmen
10 Archers
5 huntsmen
15 Archers (This is a new thought to stop my handgunners blocking my artillery from being able to cover each other but blocking line of sight, Also adds abit more flexibilty and speed)

2 Cannons
1 mortor

2 Hellblasters

11-09-2005, 12:59
I donít know what a scoutís opinions are worth, but I like the second list better; almost the same as Iím using, though I like the Elector Count for the magic banner. But thatís just me.

I think you should stick to the Greatswords, for the same reason you point out: Stubborn.

Thatís my 2 cents. Donít know if it helped though...

13-09-2005, 13:28
I still dont think that engineers are worth the cost never mind the hero slot. The rerolled dice can be useful but if you want a warmachine guard a captain would be a much better choice in terms of melee ability and the same points cost, in fact 2 points cheaper with full plate and shield. Misfiring artillery, while annoying isnt all that bad IMO as there is a fairly small chance of wrecking your war engine per shot.

Knights may not be particullary fluffy but they would be handy game wise as either an effective speed bump or as a good counter charge unit.

Im not a fan of small empire melee units. 16 swordsmen dont seem particualry valuable to me. If you want to run small expendible units then may I suggest units of 10 free company, very cheap and good for their cost but they would make your army vulnerable to panic.

Big blocks of handgunners, while quite versitile, are also expensive. IMO they are better of as small units or as detachments for static infantry blocks

13-09-2005, 19:09
My opinion of the advantage of an engineer over a captain has already been mentioned above basically recrew and stand and shoot plus 4 attacks in first round of combat to help protect.

On spending points from dropping some gunners how about 20 seordsmen with 2 detachments of 10 free company (not sure if legal as havn'y got my book on me) then use the Free company as small independent units. Basically they have to be set up within 3" of swordsmen but can move away and still won't cause panic if broken/run (they only lose the ability to use parents LD and countercharge if more then 3")

Any better??

14-09-2005, 13:02
That would work a lot better but keep 1 detachment within countercharge range. Empire infantry struggles against most enemy troops (less so for swordsmen but still...) but the ability to negate enemy rank bonuses more than makes up for the mediocre combat abilities of state troops.

On the engineer point, I reread the rules for them and I am even more convinced in their sheer waste of points but if you want to use one...

15-09-2005, 06:14
Personally i say don't loose the hellblaste ronly thing i respect i an empire army. Hugly effective. I say drop the hunters archers and maby the engineer or priest for maby a unit of swordman with detachments of five handgunners, or a captain or other engineer.