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31-10-2007, 15:13
The league at our local shop is starting in Dec and I wanted to see what you guys think of this list as we are not encouraged to change our list once it starts.

Tomb King @ 310 Pts (Thanks Happy_Doctor)
General; Chariot; Flail of Skulls; Armor of the Ages; Vambraces of the Sun.

Tomb Prince @ 192 Pts (1)
Light Armor; Chariot; Spear of Antarhak; Enchanted Shield.

Tomb Prince @ 154 Pts (2)
Light Armor; Shield; The Blade of Mourning.

Liche Priest @ 165 Pts
Hierophant; Hand Weapon; Dispel Scroll; Hieratic Jar.

3 Chariots @ 220 Pts (Kings Unit)
Full Command; Icon of the Sacred Eye.

3 Chariots @ 170 Pts (Prince 1 unit)
Full Command.

10 Skeleton Warriors @ 80 Pts (Priest's Unit)
Hand Weapon; Bow

24 Tomb Guard @ 358 Pts (Prince 2 Unit)
Full Command; Hand Weapon Light Armor; Shield; Icon of Rakaph.

Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

Screaming Skull Catapult @ 90 Pts

Screaming Skull Catapult @ 90 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 1999

The general Idea is to Charge with the kings unit into the front and challenge, or if I really need to he can whack a couple of RnF.
The second chariot unit is just a supporting unit.
I have given the TG enough to hopefully soak damage and be able to get to the enemy, with that in mind I knew i would not have out number so I took the Blade of Mourning to double the enemy's break test amount by.
The rest is self explanatory.

Any thoughts on the army would be appreciated.

31-10-2007, 20:59
Erm im my opion a littel magic light with only 6 power dice (effectivly). Personly I normally go for aroung the 10 ish mark but i do prefer a HLP.

Like the 8 Charriots though it would be possible to easily delt with by stregth 7. Think about the icon of rah Nut ( Sorry On Spelling no book to hand) as it gives a 5+ ward on the charriot and stops it being auto killed by stregth 7. always a good combo on a prince with charriot fo fire and flail.

Possibly drop the heratic jar in place for another scroll as 3 DD anit going to do to much.

Personlly overall the army selection is all right but possibly drop the prince in the charriot for a lich priest as it will allow you to sit both LP in the catapult crew (as they are not slain if the catapult dies) and possibly fire the catapults twice.... Add skulls of the foe for -1 to the envatable leadership tests could cause some pain.... though it can be atad boring .

But thats my 2 cents


Mad Makz
01-11-2007, 02:31
I have fielded an army very similiar to this, more magic heavy though, and my main advice would be not on selection but on tactics. DO NOT advance with the Chariots and Tomb King. Keep them back on your side of the table moving and shooting for the first two or three turns of the game, picking off their auxillary units with bowfire from the chariots.

In the meantime advance up the middle of the board with the Tomb Guard. You'll be able to hold the centre of the board AND threaten flanks at the same time due to the Icon of Rakaph. Use your liche priests and tomb kings incantations on the tomb guard to get them to advance.

Once your tomb guard are in the centre of the board the effectly control a circle with a 12" radius, as they can reform, move, then charge in the magic phase. Anything that gets in this 12" radius can then be tarpitted down by hard to destroy tomb guard, allowing you to set up a flank charge with one of your chariot units.

My army focusses on having units of 5 chariots, so that it can take a few more turns of enemy firing without losing effectiveness. I would say it would be worth dropping one of the tomb scorpions or one of the catapults to beef up the chariot units. I know, they are VERY good, but scorpions perform a more harrassing, assasination role while the catapults are prone to be taking out by enemy flyers and are a bit of a points grab for the enemy if they don't work. What you are currently lacking is the ability to really hammer a unit and also sustain more than one round of combat versus rnf troops with good combat res with any unit but your tomb guard.

01-11-2007, 06:53
Thanks for the comments.
The thing with the Tomb King is have much faith in him, he ran through a chaos army even after they beat the heck out of him, but thanks to the priests the old boy survived.
With this list I am trying to steer clear of Priests and Play hard(ish), I will attempt to hit his wizard's/units with my catapults and Scorpions and then i should have 5 incantations to his 3/4 dice, also I am thinking the guys i play normally pack in for the King;), i.e Lots of scrolls and 9outa10 a lvl4 and lvl2.
If you think it wont work, I'll take a prince out and insert a LP.
I'll work on the list post it once I'm done.