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31-10-2007, 17:04

I've been looking through the Kislev army book recently and saw that there is no FoC chart for a non-Allied Contingent Kislev, meaning that the list cannot be fielded under 1k points, lords are only available over3k points, and your unit allowances are ridiculously small.

I was wondering therefore, whether it was legal to field Kislev as a standalone army using the standard FoC from other books?

Thanks :)

31-10-2007, 18:47
No, I do not think it is legal to use Kislev as a stand alone force. I know at least one person who does use them as a stand-alone army, but only in friendly games, not at a tournament. It is a cool army though, and adding an Allied Contingent to a cleverly designed DoW force can build a legal 'Kislev' list.

31-10-2007, 18:48

If you field Kislev as a full list and not as an Allied Contingent (as possible as of the first paragraphs), you will use the standard Army Organisation - as given on p.239 of the BRB6 (note the Errata: No Lords under 2000 points)

As the Kislev Army is a 6th Ed army, there is no Army Organisation for it under 7th. Use the RH/BRB6 one instead.


edit: And yes, I do so myself - and no, I cannot advise you to use it in a tournament setting, as the list is not even remotely competitive.

31-10-2007, 20:52
Hmm, no lords under 2k points. No Boris then :( edit: Isn;t that what it normally is? I'm an idiot :o
And I don;t play tournaments, and have no intention to. Not even sure if I'll find time to do a Kislev army (one of many strange ideas floating around my head atm)

Thanks for the replies :)