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Anthony Case
31-10-2007, 17:45
Recently I emailed Andy Hall asking about the Necromunda Rules Review, to which I got the following reply:

It's a difficult one to answer. At the moment I'm trying to pause any further development to the Specialist games, as we've come to a juncture where the higher ups need to make a decision about the future direction of the games. Until I have that steer I'm loath to continue any further official development to the games. Hence why it's been quiet on the R.R. front. At the moment I think we've got a game that works very well and while I'm aware there are niggling issues hardcore players would like fixed (there always are) I don't think holding a R.R. at this time would be wise thing to do.

What with the news that there will be no more new SG miniatures for the foreseeable future, I'm somewhat concerned that GW will drop SG again in their latest cost cutting scheme.

Does anybody have any insider info about the status of SG? Heard any rumours?

The Dark One
31-10-2007, 20:26
that does not sound good
sorry i don't have what you are looking for

31-10-2007, 21:26
From Andy Hall himself,

"Thanks to everyone who came to talk to me at Games Day the other week, as ever it was good putting names to faces and been able to chat face to face. Iíve noticed that in the Games Day post write ups I may have been slightly missed quoted on one or two threads. So to set the record straight and prevent further confusion, I never said that Games Workshop would never do any Specialist Games miniatures ever again, that is not the case. However, the Adeptus Mechanicus ships released this summer does mark the end of the miniatures in our current bi-annual release strategy. So there will be no further new releases for the Specialist Games going forward in the near future. Where we go from here is a good question and one that is being decided by people far higher up the GW chain than me. In the meantime Iíll continue to do my bit on this very website. Specialist Games and their accompanying ranges will remain in place and available from Direct channels. Games Workshop remains committed to the Specialist Games and their IP as evidenced by the Blood Bowl computer game that is currently in development."

It's all I got.

31-10-2007, 21:36
That's a pity. I wish they'd at least make an effort to complete the current BFG rulebook... there are a number of rules that they "meant" to include in there, but forgot about. Some people use those rules, others don't, and it's a mess.

31-10-2007, 22:38
Yes I do. Specialist games will not be dying. It will be moving towards its own entitiy, similar to FW or BL. It was almost axed but this solution was but forward and in essence saved SG. It will have its own design team and miniature desgners. How the specifics are going to work or when the official roll out will be I do not know right now. Last I heard J.J. was being interviewed to run the company. All this is from a source I trust. You can believe it or not, that is up to you. On a related note there will be, next year, worldwide tournements for all SG. I know that Chicago will be the Warmaster one, Seattle will be the BFG one and Nashville will be the Epic one. As for times and dates that is still in the works but again, I trust the source. Do what you will with this information. If you do just a little hunting on your own I am sure you will be able to confirm all that I have said.

I for one am excited for this news. I have said for years this is the direction that SG should go and think that J.J. would be a great leader for the company. I lived through the revival of SG with the release of E:A and can see nothing but great times ahead if this pans out the way it looks like it might.

01-11-2007, 08:38
I'm sorry but your source is talking out of his backside. Its been mentioned that the SGs may be reconstituted as a stand-alone studio like BL or FW but this was only a long term hope.
It has been repeatedly stated that SG will not have any kind of development until GW has turned the corner.
Hopefully in a few years SG will be a stand alone studio but at the moment its just a pipe-dream.

As for the global tournaments, SG tournaments have been drastically reduced in recent times - only a couple have official GTs.

01-11-2007, 09:03
New Blood Bowl computer game? What new Blood Bowl computer game?

The Dark One
01-11-2007, 10:20
New Blood Bowl computer game? What new Blood Bowl computer game?

the creators of Chaos League are working on a Blood Bowl computer game
sorry but thats all i really now about it other proberly know a lot more than me

01-11-2007, 10:37
The Blood Bowl Rules Review is ongoing, and should hopefully be finished and announced in the near future, although for this year, all rules will be experimental, with a view of looking at adding them for LRB6 (2008). Going forward, the plan for BB rules reviews is one year experimental, next year add good rules, then back to experimental etc.

The BB computer game is in-progress, and a early WIP video is knocking about on YooTube (but make sure you don't get confused by the Chaos League videos). Cyanide Studios are producing the game for GW as part of the deal that stopped GW suing their asses over CL (whcih also meant Cyanide handed the rights to CL to GW). Last rumour I heard (I can't use their forum) was there were going to be two modes - one turn based (a la the boardgame) and one real time (a la Chaos League).

The 4 BB GT (Blood Bowl [UK], Chaos Cup [US], Dungeonbowl [Germany] and Spike! [Canada] are still going strong), with especially the BB being one of the most profitable (in terms of ticket sales) GTs that GW holds.

@ Slartibartfast - since when has 3 US-based toourneys been global?

01-11-2007, 11:53
What I meant by global was that there were going to be similar to the Chaos Cup. It would be announced more than local and in various areas. Those were the only three I knew of.

Of course I expected some not to belevie everything. My source is someone I have faith in but having been playing these games for many years I too am taking a wait and see attitude.

01-11-2007, 21:35
Well, I spoke to both Jervis Johnson and Andy Hall at the NAF WC, plus a couple of other guys (and Jake thiornton who I didn't realise no longer works for GW!), and if what your source told you is true, they know nothing about it, as they were both pretty down on the whole thing.

I did here rumours of GW starting a boardgames division, and there was a possibility that BB might have moved to that, but I've not heard anything on that since the initial rumour.