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01-11-2007, 12:07
Well, after a long time threatening to do it, i am going to get back into fantasy. so without further adoo, here is my old, and slightly updated Ogre Kingdoms list for you all to critique. i also have 33 points left over so any advice on how to spend it would be welcome. (oh, and i dont really like gnoblars that much so their non-inclusion is a personal choice rather then a tactical one).

Tyrant: 271
Longstrider, Extra Hand Weapon, Bullgut, Heavy Armor

Butcher: 180
Bangstick, Dispel Scroll

Butcher: 155
Dispel Scroll

Butcher: 155
Dispel Scroll

3 Bulls: 105
3 Bulls: 105
3 Bulls: 105

3 Ironguts: 179
Standard Bearer, Bellower, Lookout Gnoblar

4 Ironguts: 202

2 Leadbelchers: 120
2 Leadbelchers: 120
2 Leadbelchers: 120

Gorger: 75
Gorger: 75

Total: 1967

what do you think?


01-11-2007, 12:12
give the tyrant a cathian long sword
your units are too small in my opinion units of 5 (inc caracters) is optimal for manuver/ not getting flanked
leadbelchers in two teams of 3 as well and don't bother with the bellower
gorgers are a bit hit and miss but i like thier fluff and the physcological effect the have on an opponent so it's nice to see them
do you have a hunter? with two cats he can be one of the best caracter/units in the game

01-11-2007, 12:14
oh and shame on you. gnoblars are the funnist think since the last time france tried to fight a war!

01-11-2007, 17:11
Please don't listen to sainthale1988. Nothing personal, but that advice will really lead you astray. Large units of ogres are far too cumbersome to maneuver, leadbelchers are excellent bait with bellowers, gorgers are the best choice for rare slots, and hunters are one of the biggest under-achieving heroes in the game.

Your Tyrant needs a Tenderiser. Its simply the best thing he can swing. Get him a Tenderiser and start issuing some challenges and watch him rack up the overkill CR.

The Bullgut is not a terribly useful item, though in combination with longstrider it's not exactly bad, but it's not really good either.

My tyrant usually has a Tenderiser, Wyrdstone Necklace, Heavy Armor, and Luck Gnoblar.

Your Butchers look good, though it would be nice to find room for the skullmantle. It's really nice to throw in that extra -1LD on braingobblers and break tests.

I think as an overall army composition, you're a bit heavy on support units (bulls and leadbelchers) and a bit light on hammer units (ironguts). I'd drop one unit of each, and push the points into getting more ironguts.

Your unit sizes of 3 really are fine for bulls and Ironguts. MSU with Ogres gives you more opportunities for charge baiting as well as setting up the crucial flank charges that Ogres absoultely rely on to win combats.

Ironguts don't particularly require bellowers. They're already ld 8, and tend to be near your tyrant, or joining him so they can use his 9. If you find yourself regularly needing to rally them, something is wrong and you need to look at your tactics, not add bellowers.

Bulls, conversely, are there to charge bait and provide flanking support for IGs. Because they will bait a lot of charges, they can use the bellower.

Leadbelchers are even better at charge bait, being able to move 6 inches, and fire 12 more, effectively giving them an 18 inch strike range, making them an ideal candidate to goad a charge out of some heavy cav, and then flee from it to strand that cavalry in front of your IG's for a countercharge. Then the leadbelchers rally with their bellower improved LD, reload as they rally, and either charge into the combat they set up by baiting, or find something else to shoot.

I know you may not "like" gnoblars, but I really highly suggest you give gnoblar trappers a chance. Scouting, marchblocking, screening, mage/war machine hunting.. Gnoblars provide benifits to the ogre army that no other unit can, especially marchblocking, effective screens that are disposable but won't slow you down, as they're deployed so far ahead, and something that can quickly start hassling your opponents mages and war machines to reduce the ranged damage you take.

Re equip your tyrant and include the tenderiser.
Try to find points for a skullmantle.
Remove bellowers from ironguts, possibly replace with standards & lookout gnoblars.
Trim down "support" units (bulls/leadbelchers, remove 1 each).
Add more 3-man "hammer" units of IG's (Make your unit of 4 into 3 as well).
Consider some trappers.

01-11-2007, 22:21
Everyone has their style. This list is fine.

01-11-2007, 22:44
Its "fine" sure, it could be "better". He asked for critique, so I gave mine.

02-11-2007, 11:12
Since ur playing 2K why not put another 23 gnoblare in the army as meat shields. They as sometimes really handy. The rest have been same by Kadrium, whicj i prefer not to repeate it again.