View Full Version : Necromancer 1500pt list (dance puppets dance!)

01-11-2007, 11:57
Hi, i'm still relatively new to VC and have gone for the von carsteins mainly becuase i've got the mordheim vampire with a rapier sword and a great pose.
i've had limited sucess (wins against Dwarfs, Orcs and more dwarfs but have got kicked hard by other VC, Chaos X2 and empire)

this is a 1500 necromancer list (as i can't have a vampire i might as well pay less for my troops).

Necromancer lev 2 with Cloak of mist and shadows 145
(general, either hids behind army or in unit of grave guard if i know the enamy isn't stacking any magic weapons, then declare a challange and he picks his teeth while the guard do thier stuff, tries not to get killed)

Necroancer Lev 2 book of arnack and black perift 140
(not much explination needed here general magic support)

Necromancer Level 2 with power familiar 150
(just to be on the safe side of dominating magic :D)

15 Skellies with Light armour, full comand and spears 165
15 Skellies with Light armour, full comand and spears 165
20 grave guard with sheilds and full comand 280
(standard 3 block infantry, with the skellies getting quickly up to number. advance and act scary at the double!)
3 bases of spirit host 165
(mainly to tie up anyting i can't hurt but cant hurt them, minotors/ogres, chariots etc or to act as screen for missles)
5 fell bats 85
(eat war machines and i've found are quite good if they charge in the rear of an enamy unit which is already engaged to get outnumbering folowed by long charge down)
8 dire wolves 72
7 dire wolves 63
(flankers/ redierectors)
all coming to exactly 1500 i'm pleased to say