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Esco Thomson
01-11-2007, 15:50
I had the chance to play a two thousand point game against a long time friend. We are in the process of designing my game room, and decided to break in the table. I want to point out that we have both been playing for nearly ten years, and are good generals. We had however been celebrating a bit too hard…so some severe mistakes were made.

I will start off with the lists that we were each using, followed by a brief description of where characters were at, etc. One thing to point out is that the visual aides are as accurate as possible.

Esco Thomson’s Legions of the Sand
Tomb King(General)
Chariot; Flail of Skulls; Collar of Shapesh; Brooch of the Great Desert; Light Armor
Icon Bearer
Skeletal Steed; Armor of the Ages; Vambraces of the Sun
Liche Priest(Hierophant)
Cloak of the Dunes; Hieratic Jar
Liche Priest
Skeletal Steed; Staff of Ravening
3 Chariots
Standard Bearer; Banner of the Undying Legion
3 Chariots
5 Skeleton Light Horsemen
18 Tomb Guard
Champion; Standard Bearer; Icon of Rakaph
5 Carrion
Tomb Scorpion
Tomb Scorpion
Bone Giant
Screaming Skull Catapult

The Bobfather’s Raiding Party
Dark Elf Highborn(General)
Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Enchanted Shield; Venom Sword; Dark Steed
Dark Elf Noble(In chariot)
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Sea Dragon Cloak
Dark Elf Noble(In chariot)
Lance; Heavy Armour; Shield; Sea Dragon Cloak
Dispel Scroll(x1); Seal of Ghrond
10 x Dark Elf Warriors
Repeater crossbows
10 x Dark Elf Warriors
Repeater crossbows
5 x Dark Riders
Repeater crossbows; Musician
6 x Cold One Knights
Standard Bearer; War Banner
5 x Shades
Light Armour
15 x Witch Elves of Khaine
2 x Cold One Chariot
Cauldron of Blood
2 x Reaper Bolt Thrower

Tomb Kings-Tomb King(GENERAL) is in CHARIOT 2, Liche Priest is in LH, Liche Priest(HIEROPHANT) is in TG, and Icon Bearer is in TG.

Dark Elves-Highborn(GENERAL) is in DR, Sorceress is in XBOWS 1, and a Noble is in each of COC 1 and COC 2.

I won the dice roll to see who goes first; we cracked a few more beers, and after shaking hands, the battle had begun:

The Hierophant once again recited the ancient ritual of awakening. The King’s spies had informed him of an approaching raiding party, bent of pillaging the tombs of their treasures. The elves had little knowledge that they had been followed the moment their ship made landfall. For the servants of the King come in all manners of sizes; from the hulking giant, down to the smallest scorpion…The legion would arise, and punish those that attempt to defile the lands.

The King’s fiery gaze scoured the countryside as it had countless times before. Urging his legions onward with a ancient commands, from a language long since forgotten. He hastily motioned his large avian creatures off into the distance, paying little attention to the figures in the distance. Perhaps the grinding force of time had finally started to make him careless. Their large carcasses cast bleak shadows across the fields as they flew onward. Off in the distance, his catapult hurled its wicked ammunition towards the approaching enemy. The sound of cracking bones and spilt blood bringing a grin to his withered lips.
I messed up pretty bad here, and just kind of tossed my carrion into the middle, banking for some reason on my TK getting them to charge. Beer is not always the best general…shooting saw me miss with everything, and magic was a wash, save popping the Hieratic Jar off in order to land the all important direct hit upon the Cold One Knights, killing three in the process. They did pass the panic check, however.

The knights held fast as they watched a few of their brethren crushed to a pulp under a mass of fiery skulls, pulling hard on the reigns and urging the scaled beasts forward. A nearby chariot trampled forth commanded by a powerful Noble. Frantic cackles echoed forth as the Witch Elves moved forward to guard their beloved cauldron. From atop a hill, a group of crossbowmen watched as a second group marched to secure another nearby hill. Off in the distance they saw the second proud Noble pilot his chariot into the oblivious vultures. A sea of bone and feathers erupted as he paved his way right through them, as if they were nothing more than straw. The wicked bolt throwers let loose a mix of small bolts, and one massive bolt. The giant bolt sailed directly into the looming Bone Giant’s chest, though he seemed not to notice. The other flurry of shots managed to strike a steed near the King’s chariot. From a hidden grove, shades crept silently towards the enemy. The dark elf general grinned evilly, and ran his swift steeds around the base of the hill.
Taking advantage of my foolishness, Robert had COC 2 charge my CARRION, destroying them, and overrunning past them. Magic was a wash for him(surprise) and shooting saw the Bone Giant take a single wound as well as a single wound on a chariot in CHARIOT 2.

Having followed the elves since their arrival in the land, the scorpions lie in wait, deep underground, awaiting the time to strike. That time was now…chunks of earth spewed forth as the massive constructions clawed their way to the surface. They emerged and turned towards their foes. The creatures eyes met the sorceresses gaze and it skittered towards her, claws snapping in anticipation. Meanwhile its counterpart charged forward at a nearby bolt thrower, its crew running up in a desperate attempt at stopping the creature. The King’s unit rolled forward, noticing the enemy general peering from around the hill. He aimed to meet whoever dared intrude his lands, face to face, and add him to his flail…As they rushed forward his charioteers let loose their arrows, felling a crossbowmen upon the hill. Off in the distance, the catapult sent a shot sailing wildly off course. The bone giant lumbered onwards, and then filled with the might of the Hierophant, he clambered further towards the crazed witches. The liche priest sent his horses off behind the forest to try to intercept the encircling shades, while the kings other chariots went forth to intercept the elves. Unfortunately, it seemed as if the massive giant had soaked up most of the liches magics. The fizzle of magical energies was interrupted by screaming and a grotesque snap as the scorpions clipped the Sorceress in two, as well as the bolt throwers crew.
Luckily the Tomb Scorpions both arrived and stayed close enough to declare charges. Killing both the RBT 2 as well as the Sorceress! Magic failed to do anything save move my giant a second time. So I ended up with both chariot units in bad spots.

Esco Thomson
01-11-2007, 15:51
The knights momentarily lost control of their beasts, and the dinosaurs slowly lurched forwards. The nearby Noble however had perfect control, and sneered as he drove his machine straight into the prone enemy charioteers. Bone and wood splintered beneath the advance, and not to be outdone by his brother, this Noble plowed through the chariots and right into the flank of the unsuspecting Tomb Guard. The other chariot rounded out its overrun and aimed towards the Tomb Guard as well. The dark elf general prepared to charge the mummy, but try as he may; his steed was struck by fear. The sleek eleven steeds whinnied and held fast. The unengaged crossbowmen managed to impale another charioteer on a bolt, while the remaining bolt thrower stuck another large stake into the ever advancing giant.
The failed stupidity test hurt, but it was the general’s 12 for the fear test that was brutal. Regardless, his chariot had the pleasure of reducing another one of my units to little more than a speed bump. Thankfully though, my hierophant was in the front, so the flank kept him out of bases to base.

The king relishing in his foes misfortune, charges onward to meet the infidel. Using his sheer force of will, his chariot finally crashes into the riders. The two generals exchange glances, briefly before the ancient king swings his massive flail overhead. Skulls chattering with bloodlust swing at the elf lord, and one gets hold of a forearm, its long dead teeth magically chewing through armor. With alarming speed, the elf draws a slender blade, glistening and oozing a sickly green glow. With a well timed parry, the blade plunges deep into the king’s chest. It doesn’t take long for the crafted poison to set in, and with the last breath the king utters a curse upon the elf; before being reduced to a pile of dust and scattered into the wind. Angered by the banishment of their king, the charioteers and their mounts strike as hard as they can, and cause the once spooked mounts to again well up with fear. This time they flee rather than hold fast, and the charioteers eagerly run them asunder, avenging their fallen king. Across the field of battler, the Liche Priest aims his staff towards the approaching shades. Thousands upon thousands of scarabs shoot forth, overwhelming, and encompassing the shades. Within a matter of seconds, all that remains of the shades are tattered scraps of cloaks and a few drops of blood. The ancient incantations propel the massive giant forward, and into the eagerly awaiting witch elves. With great strides, the giant comes into the fray of scantly clad warriors. He easily crushes a few underfoot, while his unstoppable assault sends his mighty blades into others, shattering spines, and cleaving them in two. Up the hill the crossbowmen manage to hold a scorpion at bay, while on the other hill the counterpart charges up and snips a few crossbowmen, but they hold their ground; preparing to attempt to rid themselves of it. Meanwhile the elf chariot rips through some of the sworn defenders of the tomb. The champion of the guard rushes out to challenge the mighty Noble. Though he is quickly dispatched and beheaded in a brutal display of triumph. The guard begin to crumble, but the might of the nearby icon compels them to continue fighting.
The generals finally meet, but I miss with everything except one attack. He wounds me back and passes the venom sword check, and his leadership for the curse. Though my unit along with impact hits manages to win combat, and he fails insane courage. Neither crossbow unit will run, and they each pull out a wound on the scorpions, mainly due to the re rolls from the cauldron. The bone giant manages to wipe out most of the witch elves on the charge due to some awesome unstoppable assault rolls, netting 10 dead total. He sits locked though with one wound remaining.

Oblivious to the fact that their general has fallen, the elves continue the assault. The witch elves land a flurry of blows on the giant, but can not seem to dent his armor. In return the massive creature pounds the remaining elves into the ground, smearing chunks of elf flesh across his massive weapons. Seeing his brother facing the guard, the remaining Noble steers his chariot directly into the other flank of them. Shields crack under the impact. The kings personal champion pulls his steed out, ready to meet the Noble. The Noble strikes the Icon Bearer twice soundly, more than enough to slay a normal man, but this one seems sturdier than most. His armbands glow a pale blue, and the Noble is unable to find the strength to swing again. With a methodical motion, the Bearer brings his ceremonial blade, encrusted with jewels back around, and in one fell swoop, lets loose the Noble’s head from his body. In a rage his brother slays a few guard, but again, the presence of the icon holds the warriors strong. The scorpions claws click together in unison as they shred the last bits of crossbowmen in half. The remaining bolt thrower lets loose a volley of shots at the liche priest and his horsemen, impaling two in the process.
The giant manages to hold fast and wipe the witch elves with a single wound remaining. The other chariot charges the other flank of the tomb guard. My Icon Bearer ends up in a challenge with his Noble, and thanks to his extra wound and taking away an attack, is able to land a killing blow. Combat ends up with him losing, but passing his tests. Both crossbow units finally go down, and due to some good luck, my liche priest manages to not get skewered by the bolt thrower.

The giant creature stared down at the huge pot of boiling blood before advancing, matching his massive strides a scorpion scurries up to the pot as well. The giant swings his blades, but the elves duck and dodge gracefully away. The scorpion is met with equal resistance as the fanatical elves protect their artifact. Her eyes bloodshot, the hag leaps forth possessed by the spirit of her god and topples the giant. The liche priest turns his cavalry about face and with a utterance of an ancient tongue, several fallen tomb guard arise and reclaim their shields and swords. The hierophant follows suit and more of the fallen rejoin the fight. The Noble manages to fell a few more of the guard, whilst the dinosaurs chomp a few more. The tomb guard hold fast, regardless of the odds, a few of the recently raised crumble back down.
I fall out of favor and have both my constructs whiff and lose the giant as a result. Tomb Guard have a rough combat and I actually lose a few more.

Esco Thomson
01-11-2007, 15:51
Deciding to not hold back any longer, the knights spur up the dinosaurs and charge frantically at the massive catapult. Crewmen shamble forth to meet them in a feeble attempt at stopping their advance. In a clash of lances and gnashing teeth the crew is obliterated, and the machine lay in shambles. The frenzied witch elves suffer a different fate as not even the determination of the hag can penetrate the scorpion’s shell. The creature raises up impaling the hag on its tail before crushing the remaining in each claw. The cauldron topples over; spilling its contents across the battlefield. The remaining bolt thrower takes aim at the liche priest again, knowing that this could be their last chance, and let the bolts fly. Fate is on their side as all six bolts find their mark, obliterating the remaining cavalry and the mighty liche himself. The Noble feels the weight of the battle on his mortal body and only manages to slay single guardsmen, in exchange for this, his throat is met by an ancient blade. Severing the connection; his head lulls back, and off of his shoulders. His remaining crewman turns the vehicle around and flees, whilst the remaining charioteer holds fast.
The knights destroy the SSC and do not run off the table. His Noble meets his brother’s fate, and the chariot runs off, but the other holds. RBT tears up my vulnerable cavalry and liche priest finally.

Drenched in the blood off the overturned cauldron, as well as its protectors the scorpion scurries towards the bolt thrower to finish it off. Like a knife through butter; it runs right through the crewmen and machine alike. The remaining chariots and scorpion advance towards the ever steady tomb guard.
Scorpion takes out the last RBT and doesn’t overrun, I bring my other units in closer to the remaining action.

Sensing the worst, the knights turn their mighty beasts around and put the rear of the guard in their sights. The recently fallen Noble’s charioteer manages to calm his beasts and turn them as well. The other charioteer does not fare as well, the continual pounding from the guard finally driving him off. Crew and beast alike flee, barely avoiding the forest.
The remaining charioteer fails his test and flees off. I do not pursue. He rallies the other one, and his knights prepare for a rear charge, in a last stand fashion.

Observing the cold one chariot skirt the edge of the woods, the chariots rumble onwards, clipping the side of the vehicle and ripping it apart. The scorpion turns from the dismantled bolt thrower, and scurries towards the remaining chariot. The guard; harnessing the hidden magic of their banner, spin around to face the knights with supernatural speed. Before the riders know it, they are facing the legion. The Icon Bearer cleaves a riders head in two, while two nearby guard inflict mortal wounds upon the last riders.
Using the Icon of Rakaph I pivot and charge the COK, wiping them out, my overrun is two inches…but it hardly matters. My chariots charge the fleeing chariot and wipe it out. Scorpion approaches the last model standing.

Esco Thomson
01-11-2007, 15:52
In a act of sheer desperation, the final chariot in the fields rushes forward at the flank of the tomb guard. The charioteer manages to carve his way into the midst of the unit, before his chariot slows, and he is pulled off and executed…his dying scream echoing across the field.
Having been long since over, Robert just kamikazes his remaining model in for the slaughter.

Stained with the blood of the recent battle, silence now rings out across the fields. Tomb guard slowly gather bodies to display as warnings, scorpions begin to burrow back below the ground. The hierophant begins the lengthy process of reassembling the pieces of the fallen giant. Back below, in the tomb, dust begins to pour into an awaiting sarcophagus, where the King shall reform to slumber until his lands are disturbed and he will once again rise to ride to battle
In the end I wiped out everything, but suffered massive losses in the process. We both attribute this poor battle to the quantities of beer consumed, and hope to have a much better, and tactically sound match soon. I hope you enjoy the report, regardless, and I apologize for my shoddy literary skills.

01-11-2007, 16:41
That was a very interesting read, I liked how you first explained what had happened in story form and then commented/explained further what you had actually done.

The pictures were also great, I've tried to do those too, but after one battle report gave up because it's a pain to get them right :p

very well done.


Esco Thomson
02-11-2007, 14:05
Thanks for the reply, and I agree that program is a bit buggy, but patience paid off in the end.

05-11-2007, 01:31
I'm amazed that a unit of Tomb Guard managed to not only soak up TWO charges in the FLANKS from two Cold One Chariots.. but then go on to win the combat with BOTH of them. THEN charge and wipe out a unit of Cold One Knights...

Tomb Guard are serious hard-asses :p I'll be looking out for them when I play Tomb Kings, for sure :p I think I'll leave them to my Crossbows. ALL of my bloody Crossbows :p

13-11-2007, 11:30
Lol nice game... was good a read... well back on with revsion for my exam in ... 2 hours fun fun fun.... :D

27-11-2007, 05:36
I like your battle report system, but with a little bit of effort to make the icons I find photoshop (or any image program that uses layes, such as gimp) better for quick arrangements.

Great battle report though, and has given me an idea for a new drinking game.

28-11-2007, 06:44
Nice game friend very nice!

where i can get the program for placing my battle reports???

thanks in advance?

Esco Thomson
28-11-2007, 13:46
Thanks for the compliments, and I used this online program(it's free and a bit glitchy, but it does work)


Gazak Blacktoof
29-11-2007, 15:12
Nice to see a couple of light and fast armies tearing into each other.

No dwarfs, only 1 unit of knights and alcoholic beverages my idea of a good game.

I second Ward's sentiments, that battle report style is deffinitely a winner.

Esco Thomson
30-11-2007, 11:02
I plan to have some more in the not so distant future, so keep your eyes peeled if you like what you read!

Gazak Blacktoof
30-11-2007, 11:22
Will do.

I've not posted a bet rep before but if I can make that program work I might have a go over christmas.

30-11-2007, 23:41
I really enjoyed that, thanks very much.

I know how much effort is involved because I have been honing my skills with some stop motion type skirmishes. When I move up to the bigger battles I'll try out the Report Illustrator above, it seems to work ok and is quite nifty really.

All my videos are on my blog for anyone interested.

PS. I have also had a few of these moments... "We both attribute this poor battle to the quantities of beer consumed" :)

30-11-2007, 23:42
...and has given me an idea for a new drinking game.

Really ?! Lol, please share the details.

03-12-2007, 02:44
nice report

09-12-2007, 03:35
Great report... I really like the diagrams. I'm gonna go check out the program right now so I can start posting my own BRs.

Congrats on your victory!

Dwarf Runelord 45
17-12-2007, 03:06
nice report really like your commentary. Congrats on winning and good luck in future games