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01-11-2007, 16:25
Re: So Cal Slaughter results!

> Misfire Awards:
> *Game #1-Mike Garner (Vampire Counts)
> *Game #2-David Howard (Orcs 'n Goblins)
> *Game #3-John McEachren (Bretonnians)
> *Game #4-Matt Bayless (Vampire Counts) & Robert Hawk (Ogre
> *Game #5-Robert Felix (Bubonic Court-Skaven)

> Player who Signed up and Paid First: Robyn Nixon (Empire)

> Player who Traveled the Farthest: David Leathers (Wood Elves)

> Players Choice: Richard Bark (Chaos Mortals-Nurgle)

> Best Themed/Balanced: 1st-Jim Zapphirou (Skaven), 2nd Tom Mays

> Best Appearance: 1st Richard Bark (Chaos Mortals-Nurgle), 2nd-Bob
> Hemminger (Bretonnians)

> Best Sportsmanship: 1st Richard Sierra (Orcs 'n Goblins), 2nd-???

> Best General: Kraig Beaver (Tomb Kings)

> Best Overall: 1st Ian McAleese (Ogre Kingdoms), 2nd-Stefan Viter
> Elves)

SoCal Slaughter Army Comp Scores

1. Tom Mays (Empire) 15
2. Richard Sierra (Orcs n Goblins) 14
3. Robert Hawk (Ogre Kingdoms) 14
4. Richard Bark (Chaos Mortals-Nurgle) 14
5. Jon Napier (Chaos Mortals-Undivided) 14
6. David Howard (Orcs n Goblins) 13
7. Dana Hohn (Vampire Counts-Blood Dragons) 13
8. Jim Zapphirou (Skaven) 13
9. Fred Whitney (Wood Elves) 13
10. John McEachren (Bretonnians) 12
11. Stefan Viter (Dark Elves) 12
12. Mike Riley (Orcs n Goblins) 12
13. Mike Garner (Vampire Counts-Blood Dragons) 11
14. Louie Eguaras (Bretonnians) 11
15. Mike Gunson (Dwarfs) 11
16. Bob Heminger (Bretonnians) 11
17. David Leathers (Wood Elves) 11
18. Roman Baker (Wood Elves) 11
19. Eric Gerber (Sylvannian Army) 11
20. Kraig Beaver (Tomb Kings) 10
21. Emerson Levitt (Wood Elves) 10
22. Quentin Bohn (Chaos Mortals-Slaanesh) 10
23. Steve Masuta (Orcs n Goblins) 10
24. Kurt Knippel (Lizardmen Southlands) 9
25. Ted Clark (Bretonnians) 9
26. Matt Bayless (Vampire Counts-Blood Dragons) 9
27. Kevin Glasgow (Dwarfs) 9
28. Robyn Nixon (Empire) 8
29. Ken Krogman (Tomb Kings) 8
30. Ian McAleese (Ogre Kingdoms) 8
31. Clive Henrick (Chaos Dwarfs) 8
32. Robert Felix (Skaven-Bubonic Court) 7
33. Chris Hogancamp (Tomb Kings) 7

It was my first SoCal Slaugther Indy GT, and the turn out was great! This year's event was held at GMI Games in Riverside, CA., USA and next year's will be at either a Convention Center or large Hotel. I had created 5 tough Scenarios, that all the players will agree were on the "rough" side to say the least, but I think overall they were met well, and definitely challenged all the players there. I'm sure it's something the Slaughter will be known for over the years, and that's "Crazy Scenarios"...

I do want to thank both Games Workshop as a whole, as well as Phil Kelly and Dave Taylor for all their support with this event. I'd also like to thank GMI Games for all the help in runnning the first SoCal Slaughter, and donating some of the Prize Support. Local stores that also donated to the Prize Support which I must thank are Pegasus Hobbies (Montclair, CA.), Ontario GW (Ontario, CA.), Santa Anita GW (Santa Anita, CA.), and the LA Battle Bunker (Westminster, CA.)! Thanks once again to all their store managers/reps-Kevin (Pegasus), James & Fernando (Santa Anita), Juan (Ontario) and big Kyle (LA Bunker), you guys rock!!!:evilgrin:

And, one last thanks goes out to all the gaming clubs in the area the made the effort to show up, regardless of the crazy fires we were having! The Pacific Marauders (from San Diego), SoCal GW League (everywhere), and a few scattered Team Hollywood players helped pool in with the Inland Empire regulars to make for a great Tournament!

Here's a link from one of the Pacific Marauders players who took some nice pics of all the Armies in attendance....


01-11-2007, 17:27
I can't see any photos?

01-11-2007, 22:15
Hmmm...I'll be posting up the pics I took soon...

01-11-2007, 22:29
Try this...


02-11-2007, 18:08
thats the stuff! looks good, although a bit out of focus there on a couple :)

Got any pics of your demonic legion?

03-11-2007, 05:34
:eek: Yeah and no...my Daemonic Legions didn't play because it was my Tournament, and I felt it could be a conflict of interests if I did...though I was tempted to be the "Ringer"...:evilgrin:...Daemonic Legions as the Ringer Army...:evilgrin:...but there are a couple of pics of my horrid looking models on the GW site I believe for the Vegas GT...