View Full Version : BVEF Dwarfs (2000pts) Please Comment

02-11-2007, 15:59
This is the Barak Varr Expeditionary Force, I Need comments as I've never used this army yet. I'm going to use this army at CanGames


Admiral Bane GromirlFist:Dwarf lord, sheild, rune of swiftness, rune of fury, rune of cleaving, rune of stone

Captain Malgrin One Eye:Dwarf Runesmith, sheild, rune of stone, 2x rune of spellbreaking


Bane's crew: 24x2 Warriors: sheilds, banner, musician

Bane's marksmen: 10 thunders, shields


Bane's armour: 19 ironbreakers, banner, champion, musician

Bane's bodyguards: 19 hammers, shields, banner, champion, musician

Bane's fist: 1 canon

Cove Cutters: 10 miners with musician


Bane's breath: 1 flame canon

Bane's scout: 1 gyrocopter


Comments would be very much appericiated

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02-11-2007, 22:32
i would take out the flame cannon and cut out a few warriors and then add rune of forging to the cannon and then a small unit of crossbows or thunderers, as i believ dwarves have to be able to pick off some of the enemy on the way to their lines, and they cant do that easily with a 12" range then flame template of the flame cannon. i would also take a bolt thrower, but i dont really know where to cut a special or the 45pts from.