View Full Version : Dominant Strategic Assets (APOC)

02-11-2007, 20:06
I was wondering if we're (community such as we are) are already beginning to see a set of dominant strategic assets being taken in games of Apoc?

All posturing aside, most people who play a game at least have some drive to win at that game. As such, even though we know that apoc. is about fun and themed games, I suspect that most people would still at least try to win - even if they don't "game" the system with cheezy army builds.

I got a sniff of this idea (e.g. broken strategic assets) in the thread on Flank march and Careful planning. (And to be honest, that was the first combo I noticed as well - to the point of thinking "I always want Supreme Headquarters because of the nifty vinette I've made to represent it, so I'll always need at least 3 assets to get it and these other two...")

How many different assets are you seeing taken in your apoc. games, is it varied or is it always carefully-planned, flank attacks?

02-11-2007, 20:22
Since all strategems are not created equal, we've found it useful for all parties involved to get together and collectively select them well before the battle - to fit in with the storyline. Both sides get a say in what they and their opponent will get as a strategem. That way both sides know everything involved and there isn't any min/maxing nonesense involved.

Apoc battles should be epic and story-oriented. They shouldn't just be a pick-up battle where each side just slaps together some units and strategems.