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09-09-2005, 10:55
well, give me your opinion for this army for a tournment:

Captain in pegasus, chev lance, charmed shield, heavy armour

lv1 sorc, 2 dispel scrolls

paymaster in barded warhorse, chev lance, shield, heavy armour, 6+ ward save

10 crossbow

10 crossbow

10 pikemen

5 heavy cava (no bard)

5 heavy cava (no bard)

6 heavy cava with bard standart & musician

9 duellists with pistol

9 duellists with pistol

9 duellists with pistol

12 norsemen with 2h weapon, musician and shield

12 norsemen with 2h weapon, musician and shield

1 canon.

My strategy is to form a solid center with the marksmen in first line, pikemen in a second line, and the norsemen in a third line, using the marksmen to redirect, and the pikemen as a free multiuse unit. In a flank i will put one duellist unit and a semiheavy cava, and in the another flank the heavy cava, supported by the two duellists unit and the semiheavy second cava.

In know that out of Spain Big units are considered good but i also know that they arent good in any way. Small and maniobrable units, with a lot of supporting units will let me to crush the flanks and get enough bonuses, of course, usind my multiredirection center :P. Charge me to the marksmen, and u will see how i take ur flank with that frenzied 2 handed guys ^^. And no ranks, now win : P.

Tell me what do u think : P.

09-09-2005, 11:07
Rather small units. Especially the minimum size pikeman unit sounds like a bit questionable in usefulness - remember that you are paying a leg for the ability to fight in four ranks, which is not really possible with such a small unit.

09-09-2005, 11:13
if you want small units, drop the 10 pikemen, and take something which you not paying huge amounts of points for the abilty to fight in 4 ranks, when you not going to use it.

09-09-2005, 11:42
Well, i forgot this... : P. The pikemen are in a little strange formation. Let me explain:

What i want to do is tho redirect the cava breaking unit of my opponent with the marksmen in direcction of the pikemen. If he continue (Because of course he will win tha marksmen) and charge againt the pikemen, i can easily flank him with the norsemen. This have a problem, that i noticed. i can do a lot of damage with the frenzied norsemen, but the pikemen will not stop the attacks of the cava of my oponent. Instead of that, all the cavaliers will make their attacks to my weak pikemen, with the +2 strenght bonus, gaining a lot of combat points. To avoid that, i made this strange formation:

the pikemen are in ranks of two or treeguys : P.

This is, i will make all my attacks, using the 4 rank combat ability, but he will just attack with 2 of they knights, because my front is very tiny (4 cm aginst his 5 cm). Despite this formation, it still has formation, so my enemy will have to pivot to align, giving me his flank. Another advantaje is that i will be able to make pivoting movements very easy. I know that i lose my rank bonuses, but if my plans result, the rank bonus i lose will be given by the norsemen. I dont know if i explained it well, but i hope that. I call it bad-pikemen-boys-column-formation-of-the-hell : P.

Or so.

09-09-2005, 13:28
Rather original tactics, I must admit.

However, what are you going to do if the enemy is not planning on charging your crossbowmen head on?

09-09-2005, 15:30
Well, i will just continue firing with my 20 s4 shoots and the culebrin. All that while i use the rest of army in the attack strategy. He will have enough reason to take my center : P.

11-09-2005, 02:59
Well 2 problems I can see with this are first you have 40 cm of marksmen to charge and only 4cm of pikemen to cover the over run move so the oppenet could aim for areas that don't over run onto the pikemen. Seconly I still can't see the pikemen holding as you can actually get 3 knights into combat with 2 infantry one of which is likely to be a character or champion or evenb both. Pikemen have low WS and not great T and save their for even when attacked by 3 rank and file knights I would expect 2 kills your 8 attacks back are unlikely to even cause 1 kill against any heavy cavalry and so at best you are losing comabt by 3 2 kills and outnumber which is not a test you are likely to pass without some luck.

I think a more effective tactic would be to leave out the pikemen set up the crossbowmen across the front of your deployment 12" on. Then set the 2 units of norsemen directly behind but as close to your table edge as possiable. Then when charged the crossbows flee causing failed charges and hence can be counter charged by the norsemen