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04-11-2007, 12:13
While all of us are discussing giant in a neighboring thread, I'm really interested on your suggestions about the dragon ogre shaggoth, which is faster than giant, has bigger initiative, and gets up to 3+ armor save (scaly skin+light armor), Gets S5 or S7 w great weapon, but has lower LD, and he's not stubborn. and most important- costs 95 points more than a giant. But, in my opinion, is a far better lookin model than a giant =) So, who played with or against shaggoth, what do you think?

04-11-2007, 16:36
Personally i think they are over priced but it really depends on what you use them against, if your use them for cav hunting then they are great or rank breaking then they are great but sadly i think they have limited use, i would rather take a unit of dragon ogres and keep a special slot.

04-11-2007, 21:14
They're stupidly overpriced, but by no means useless. Just don't throw them at regiments, use their mobility to best effect and flank charge, preferably with something else hitting them in the front.

Now, as far as the cost goes: They're certainly too expensive. It's wrong to compared them to giants, because the giant fill a slightly different role. The giant is like a huge chaos spawn: Random in combat, but able to stand up against overwhelming odds without breaking. The shaggoth is a more conventional monster, used to deal damage.
However, compared to other monsters its shortcomings become apparent. A dragon has better stats and flies. A treeman is just silly good, and even more so compared to the shaggoth.

Simple fact is: The points you spend on the shaggoth, can get you more "oomph" in the form of dragon ogres (or even chaos knights). The main advantage of the shaggoth is that it's a lot of punch in a small package, meaning it can get around pretty easily with its small base size. This advantage is hardly worth the cost though, considering three dragon ogres do everything else better, for a smaller price tag.

04-11-2007, 21:37
A 300pt monster that doesnt get toughness 6.

Griffon, Hippogriph, Manticore, Wyvern, Hydra, Carnosaur, Giant, Bone Giant
All 200pt monsters(near enough anyway) all toughness 5.

Treeman, Dragon, Chaos dragon.
All 300pt monsters(near enough again) and all toughness 6.

Yet the Shaggoth is a 300pt monster that gets toughness 5.
It's not a whole lot tougher than a carnosaur(marginally better save,an extra wound) but for an additional hundred points.
Neither is it any better than a wyvern that gets 1 less wound but the same save. Sure it's got 2 less attacks but it hits at a higher strength and the damned thing can fly..surely a flying beastie is going to be more expensive than one on the ground?

It even takes up a special slot!

Seems they based it around the daemon prince.
Just dropped the flying and made it a bit tougher(more wounds..swapped the daemonic ward for an armour save) and larger. Then removed the daemonic unbreakability with an immunity to lightning and a higher unit strength.
Dropped 5pts for it not starting off with the mark of chaos undivided.

Still a damned nice model, makes a great chaos giant.

05-11-2007, 01:16
The immunity to lightning makes me as a skaven player very frustrated sometimes :P. As soemone already noted it is best used to flank not to go head on...

05-11-2007, 09:37
I'd say the real problem with a Shaggoth is that it's nowhere near as good as a unit of three regular Dragon Ogres, who do virtually the same job cheaper and are more resillient at the same time.

The Shaggoth's a much better model, unfortunately. :eyebrows: