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04-11-2007, 13:59
I dunno if it's just my local GW/game stores, or maybe my location or whatnot, but I can't seem to find the Black Templar battleforce or any of the BT boxed sets except for the conversion sprue... even online store doesn't have it? Are they not being made any more?

Also- given how BT are melee-oriented, yet the average SM has a bolter... how would I easily make a 10-man Crusader squad without having to order various chainsword bits and the likes?


04-11-2007, 14:28
all but the upgrade set where splash releases, this basically means that G.W made it open for about 2 months, so people buy lots of it, and the whole range doesn't stagnate.

They don't think about us independent stockists having no space though...

The upgrade has lots of ccw and heraldry, it is the best thing to get, you could try emailing marquee models (in my signature) as the Harlow branch has the jump pack b.t squad in stock, (to my memory) good luck in your new army.

mm models is: www.mmodels.co.uk.

04-11-2007, 14:31
Buy a Space Wolf Blood Claws boxed set for the Crusader squad (in fact the SW battleforce would be a good start for you for your force, just ring Direct Sales for the BT bits)

As for the BT Battleforce itself, it was a splash release, but you can still buy the sprue packs from GW (i think they are 15 a box for 3 sprues)

40k Boy
04-11-2007, 17:20
The BT Upgrade pack at 15 for a box of 5 sprues is a quality item to use in your BT army. I collect BT and can't get enough of these.

Each box contains 2 sprues of bodies/heads/shoulder pads (Marine and Terminator) and heraldry, 2 sprues of weapons (Both CC and Bolters, and Special Weapon options) and sprue of Vehicle bits (1 set of LR doors, 1 set of Rhino Doors and front panel, and some bits for dreads/speeders).

Each box will easily customise 20 men to make them look like full on crusaders, with the addition of 20 marine legs, backpacks and torso rears, everything else you would need is in the box.