View Full Version : Question: New Ork Boyz Box?

Brother Siccarius
04-11-2007, 18:13
Well, I've been told I can't ask questions in the rumor forum and I used the search function on both forums and came up zilch so here's my question: With the new recut Boyz box coming out with, rumored, less ork boyz in the box I still haven't gotten a straight answer from anyone as to what the new cost of the box will be. Anyone able to answer?

05-11-2007, 10:19
AFAIK the cost of the new stuff will be as follows:

Codex 12/$22
Truk 18/$30
Bikers 20/$35 (box of 3)
Boyz 12/$25 (box of 10)
Lootaz/Burnaz 12/$20 (box of 5)
Tankbustaz 15/$25 (box of 7, maybe 5Boyz + 2Squigs?)
Big Mek w/SAG 15/$25
Weirdboy 10/$17
Painboy 6/$10


05-11-2007, 10:50
Hmm, I have a question to ad. What will the price be in euros? A rough indication, 1 USD is worth 0.69 Euro. I can't see GW using that to calculate prices in Euroland though.. :(