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Mad Doc Grotsnik
04-11-2007, 17:52
Everyone has a favourite army. Some might even have several favourite armies.

But what about the ones you just cannot stand? The force you just cannot being yourself to even contemplate playing?

For me, it has to be Stunties. Theres something about them which just repels me as a player. I mean, the models are nice, and the rules are pretty decent (if a little too hard, in my opinion) but I just cannot find any inspiration to field an army of the Stunted ones. Chaos Dwarfs, yes, I'd have a crack at them, but normal Stunties? I think I'd rather claw my own eyes out!

How about you?

04-11-2007, 17:58
I'm with you there Mad Doc - I really couldn't see myself as a dwarf player. Maybe it's because the fantasy gaming group I used to frequent had about 50% of the players playing the stunties...

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
04-11-2007, 18:00
hmm, probably all undead. hate the lot of them, no idea why anybody could possibly like them. I dont like all chaos and I dont like Ogre kingdoms either.

Stella Cadente
04-11-2007, 18:02
Dark elves, because there all poo and evil, evil is bad, and there as common as dog mess
Ogres, because they look stupid and there pretty useless (especially when they get slaughtered by ducks and chickens)
Chaos again as common as dog mess
Wood elves because I hate tree hugging hippies, and the plastics suck
also tomb kings, cus there poo

04-11-2007, 18:04
For some reason, I also agree. I 've just never liked the idea of playing dwarves. I think it is the beard that does my head in, and all of this dwarf attitude.

I also dont like any of the undead army. Just cant bring myself to play non living models. I prefer my soldiers healthy and heart beating.

Apart from that, I would play all the others. Even skavens...

Heretic Burner
04-11-2007, 18:11
For me the force I just cannot stand playing is O&G. Easily the least fun army in the game to play currently which is an amazing turnaround from 6th edition where they were considered one of the most fun to play. Can't stand 'em. Back to the shelf with you gobbos!

04-11-2007, 18:18
I don't like elves of any variation, although I could stomach Dark Elves because their models are pretty nice. And to those stuntie haters, just remember they're the only army in the background known for surviving on beer alone for months, if that isn't cool to you, you're strange, or an orc.

04-11-2007, 18:20
For me it is Skaven. I think they are cool models and rules as well as great background and integral to the Old World. I don't mind facing them on the table, but I just don't care about them. Despite the variety in the list they seem boring. Skaven army book is on the bottom of the pile 98% of the time.

The Guy
04-11-2007, 18:35
Skaven. Oh wow an army of splinters. Yawn
Ogre kingdoms. Oh wow an army of shreks. Yawn
Dwarves. Oh wow an army of short topless hobos. Yawn

Now for the unspammieness :D
I dislike skaven because I hate their models and all that brown does my head in
I dislike Ogre kingdoms because there is something very unappealing about big fat guys who like their bellies. The models would be good if they were more human sized.
I dislike dwarves because they are too short and their hair is too big. Awful models too.

04-11-2007, 18:39
I really don't like Skaven. It's just the whole concept of giant rats with high technology that turns me off. Also, they're supposed to be quantity over quality, yet they have some really powerful things in their army. I dunno, just annoys me. Definetly an army I'd never use. I'm also not a fan of Vampire Counts simply because it's a collection of old horror movies in one army. Meh

04-11-2007, 18:41
Nurgle with all of the deformity and ugly pustules. I can never tell whether Nurgle daemons are well painted or not.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
04-11-2007, 18:44
Although I collected them in the past, I'd never go back to Dwarfs. Bretonnians disgust me, although I don't mind facing them.

04-11-2007, 18:45
Dwarves and empire.
Just not my thing.

Prefer elves and daemons and such.

04-11-2007, 18:52
Not too long ago my first answer would have been Empire, but that impression changed and now I'm building a Middenheim army, so I probably shouldn't rule out anything too strictly.

However, the Ogres don't appeal to me. While I like the idea of an army of the big brutes I don't like the looks of the models at all.
The World War I theme makes Skaven unappealing to me.
Also the Egyptian flavour of the Tomb Kings isn't my thing, although I like playing against them.

I'm yet undecided about Chaos. Or rather, the only thing about Chaos I like is the Shaggoth and I'm trying to come up with a sensible reason to get one.

04-11-2007, 18:56
i don't really dislike any army, i'd be willing to try most armies if i had the time and money

04-11-2007, 19:02
For me the force I just cannot stand playing is O&G. Easily the least fun army in the game to play currently which is an amazing turnaround from 6th edition where they were considered one of the most fun to play. Can't stand 'em. Back to the shelf with you gobbos!

I feel I must disagree with you there. the sheer unpredictability of O+G makes it the most fun army IMO (especially pure Night Goblins).

Back on thread, I dislike Skaven simply because I find the models to be the least inspiring of the whole range.

04-11-2007, 19:10
I have never liked Bretonnians, it's all that cavalry, they are easily my least favorite with Lizardmen in second place. All other armies I would play. I like Skaven but not the clanrat models.

04-11-2007, 19:12
I dont care for Undead, even when lead by living things they are boring. Being evil and all is fine but at least do it in a Metal way like Chaos or DE

As for Dwarves, some of the best fluff in the game, but totally not my playstyle and can be so hard to fight against sometimes.

Ogre's fluff doesnt appeal to me at all. Nothing against thier models or playstyle though...carrying around cannons is awesome

04-11-2007, 19:14
Skaven, I am totally uninspired by the models.

04-11-2007, 19:19
two armies i hate more than any in the whole of warhammer

1) skink horde
2) skaven

Simply put i wont play these armies, i think i hate them far more than brets, i dont think i have actually played a none SAD skaven list since i started playing warhammer, not to say i havent beaten them, i just tend to enjoy the games about as much as drilling a hole in my head.

04-11-2007, 19:31
Dwarves, Highelves and Orcs. I have nothing against goblins though, I could easily start an all nightgoblin army.

04-11-2007, 20:02
The only boring game of warhammer i've ever had was against beasts of chaos so them. Also dwarves because I don't like the look of their models,.

Obviously skaven are the most fun :O. Today i played an all knight brettonians army, and one plague spell killed well over 1k points, which was amazing in itself. Although my warplightning cannon misfired, span round and shot and killed half my army in the same turn. Oh happy days :D.

04-11-2007, 20:04
Any Elves at all, just dont like Elves of any time

brother ducat
04-11-2007, 21:14
For me it is mainly for a modelling reason rather than any play reasons. I just don't like the Orcs, or more specifically, painting the Orcs. I have tried, but find them very appalling models to paint on mass. I also seem to find skaven annoying to paint too, which is a shame as thery are an army that has a great appeal.

04-11-2007, 21:25
For me it used to be Dwarves. However, I bought the army and painted them, something I thought I would hate, but really liked.

In terms of painting it has to the Brettonians. I have absolutely buckets full of them, but when I even consider painting them I shudder and pick up another Dwarf!

In terms of game play I really don't like WE. It's hard to expalin, but I really have an irrational disliking of them. I think it's related to the whole, oh, you turned up with your Dragon and spirits army, with 2 elves!

04-11-2007, 21:31
I've tried pretty much every army at some point or another. There's only one or two that have never had any appeal to me.

Ogre Kingdoms
Tomb Kings

Personally, i really dislike the Ogre Kingdom & Tomb King miniature lines and an army of ranked up lizards and dinosaurs just looks wrong in my opinion.

I don't really get much time to play Warhammer, so I collect armies purely based on what they look like and how fun they are to model.

You can't beat a fully ranked-up Empire army and if the new Grave Guard are anything to go by, I'll be building a Vampire Count force pretty soon too.

04-11-2007, 21:34
I could not would not play any undead army. An army in which there is anything that I cannot afford to lose is an incredible disadvantage and not very much fun to boot. And they're dead. Undead conquer the world, whoop dee ******* doo. What're they going to do with it, decay?

04-11-2007, 21:38
There is no army I hate per se and I think I could get into every army but there are some things I just can't get over or things that don't appeal to me.

Like the current Wood Elves miniatures. To me, they are kind of bland; they don't have the "GW elves" feel to them. There's also this focus on skirmishing and forest spirits which turns me off.

Another example for an army I can't see myself playing is Lizardmen. I just can't relate to them.

Concerning Undead, I don't know much about Khemri to be honest but they seem to be ....climatically out of place somehow. But using Khemri rules for a more old world-ish army of undead does have a certain appeal.

Of course I don't like armies like RAF, SAD or Skink hordes but this isn't the army itself, it's the players. And those would do similarly disgusting things with other armies too.

04-11-2007, 21:38
Daemonic Chaos. It's not as fun without the great elite infantry that nobody but me likes.
High and Wood Elves. Just say no kiddies, elves aren't cool unless they're Dark.
Other than that, I am easily swayed but some aspect of all armies.

04-11-2007, 22:37
It's the horde armies for me: O+G and Skaven.

O+G: Couldn't handle all that green. I'm also not a fan of the silliness of the army, like the bouncing Squigs and the daft spells. If I wanted a 'funny' army, I'd play Ogres [and I do] because the humour is much darker and more fitting with the WFB atmosphere IMO.

Skaven: Couldn't handle all the brown. I also don't think that the list plays as I would imagine the Skaven to do in the background: it should either be hordes of Clanrats, or the Eshin style skirmishers (like the SoC list). None of this technological rubbish: machine guns and deathrays? Leave those in 40K, thank you.

I would also probably never play Lizardmen [just not a fan of lizards, personally] or Wood Elves [moral grounds: I just can't stand to play against them and I think to use them would be hypocritical on my part].


04-11-2007, 22:44
Chaos Dwarves.

I love Chaos Mortals, Beastmen, and Daemons; but Chaos dwarves...

Do not interest me at all. Its not that I dislike the army or think it shouldn't exist - it just... has no appeal to me. I guess its because it strikes me more than a little bit of just being "Hey, lets take a race and Chaoticize them to turn them EVIL". There's likely far more to them than that, but between that impression and the beards and whatnot...

Eh, just not my cup of tea.

I would add however, that that doesn't mean I hate them or want them to go away.

Hmm.. anything else I can't see myself ever being interested in...

I can honestly say I think Chaos Dwarves are the only army I can't see myself trying at some point. And as I am, I may very well try that at some point too just for kicks <X_X>

04-11-2007, 22:47
used to be dark elves, wood elves, and VC-now i like it all (new models pretty much did it for those)
those turned around but ive never liked and i dont think i ever will skaven and Tomb Kings.

Nurgle with all of the deformity and ugly pustules. I can never tell whether Nurgle daemons are well painted or not. in my expirience if you cant tell, its not good. a good painter can do it well.

04-11-2007, 23:06
Wood elves, just because I can't stand playing against them.

04-11-2007, 23:32
Dwarves and Skaven. They just look so bloody boring to play/paint.

04-11-2007, 23:40
anything human. no empire or brets. elves dont appeal to me neither, except wood elves, which i like in a good winter paint scheme. horde armies dont do it for me either, like skaven and orcs. to tell ya te truth, most of the armies in warhammer dont appeal to me. i play lizardmen and ogres. so i have my magic heavy army and my smashy army.

05-11-2007, 00:17
For me it would be the Beasts of Chaos,

I don't mind playing them, although i don't play them that often...but i really would not be bothered playing with them. I love building up potential army lists using every army but i never do one with the beasts of chaos because they bore me.

05-11-2007, 01:03
I currently play Tomb Kings and Lizardmen, I guess I seem to like the lower-tech background (and I do love Egyptian-themed stuff, and dinosaurs). I feel the Tomb Kings special/rare choices are some of the best sculpts in the entire range.

I would collect all three types of Elves if I had the money, I do prefer the idea that speed, skill and agility can be victorious over brute force and numbers. Plus, many of the models of all three races are excellent imo.

I would never collect Vampire Counts because I hate the models, I feel they are silly-looking and I think Vampire stuff is overrated anyways. Of course, I am morally obliged to hate them as a Tomb Kings player :)

Skaven have too many models, not only am I cheap but I really don't like painting all that much, I prefer the actual gaming. Plus my Lizardmen would be angry :) Orcs + Goblins are the same way, though they really seem to have a lot of fun options (none competitive, apparently....).

Empire is not my style, nor are Dwarves (I hate gunpowder era armies and the whole Renaissance look in general). Bretonnians I would never be able to paint properly. Ogre Kingdoms simply does not appeal to me.

And as for Chaos..... I hate them, mostly because they always beat me on the tabletop.... plus I would never succumb to the Ruinous Powers out of sheer principle, of course :)

Chaos just seems overrated, overused, and it seems to be the easiest army to cheese out to the maximum level of stupidity, from my experience anyways. I suppose my Empire and Dwarf players at the local GW may not be as cheesy as they could be....

05-11-2007, 01:25
Anything that isn't Dark Elves or Empire, really.

Those two armies are what dragged me into Fantasy in the first place and I've only ever been interested in them. That's not to say I don't like any other army, though; heck, I'm considering Vampire Counts when the new army book is released; it's just that none of them really drag me in like the Druchii and Empire did. Once I've finished with them I'm planning on going back to my Imperial Guard.

05-11-2007, 02:39
For me I could never ever play the High Elves. Altho I used to say that about the Dark Elves and they are now my favorite army.

05-11-2007, 02:39
Beasts of Chaos is the most unappealing army to me. I don't like the models, or the idea of having furry savages and cows running around amongst my precious daemons and steel-clad warriors.

On the other hand, I love the concept of Chaos Dwarves, and would love to play them if they get a rules/model update. The idea of daemon-infested technology, shown so well in my beloved Hellcannon, really appeals to me.

Another army I don't like is High Elves. They're just so...poncy (I really can't find a better word for it). That and the whole 'Elves are so awesome, they have to be the best at everything' attitude just bugs me (ironic coming from a Hordes of Chaos player, I know).

But again, I don't have the same dislike of Dark or Wood Elves. In fact, the only thing that kept me from starting Wood Elves as a second army are the ***** Treeman/Treekin models. I love the actual Wood Elf models though, and the whole 'sudden death from the forest' playing style.

Can't think of any other army I dislike, or wouldn't play.

05-11-2007, 03:25
Lizardmen...They're just too...south american for my taste.

High Elves...entirely too Marcia Brady

Khornies & milk
05-11-2007, 03:56
I used to have Rats climb all over me when I was working in Russia on the pipelines, so I hate the rotten, hewering, disease-ridden little Mongrels with a vengeance. So Skaven is out - I have actually refused to play against them my Phobia is so strong.

+++ Comment Removed by the WarSeer Inquisition +++

I love my tiny Dwarfen drinking Mates, as they are so like me. Drink and fight at the drop of a hat, and hard-working. Oh...and hold a grudge against People that deserve it.

05-11-2007, 05:39
Armies I'm unlikely to ever collect, in no particular order;

Lizardmen - the rules are nice enough, but the army just seems to lack personality.

High Elves - Once again, rules are alright (especially now), but they just seem a little too 'clean' for my liking. I'm also not a big fan of any army that ends up relying on it's non-core units to become effective and finally, in my own mind Dark Elves are much more appealing in every respect. :rolleyes:

Bretonnians - The knight heavy, 'point and charge' tactics they tend to play by just don't interest me, and the inevitable rainbow of colours you'd get with the heraldry only adds to my dislike of the army.

Tomb Kings - The lack of personality, the apparent heavy reliance on magic and the 'we'll never run' playing style is just not appealing. To me they're like Vampire counts without the personality or variation, and I quit vampire counts a few years ago because they got boring. :P

For the record, I used to really hate Dwarfs, mainly for their background and stereotype as a shooty army. But since the latest army book (along with it's nice boost to non-shooty dwarfs), they've sort of grown on me. They definitely aren't my favorite, but I can't really say I hate them any more and I one day may even make an army of them...maybe...if they take too long with Chaos Dwarfs that is. :D

05-11-2007, 05:58
i despise brettonians (i dont even know whether i can spell thier name either)
they are just so boring. knights thats it. and i hate thier french names aswell

and as for ogre kingdoms, how can you play with them? they just dont give me the same fizz that i get when i see my DE arrayed for battle.

oh and any one who has a slaanesh army is a pervert, sorry they just are

05-11-2007, 15:35
Hmmm, lets see

Armies in Fantasy that i HATE and would never touch.. ever

Ogres - how ugly and boring and pointless do they want to be? Seriously why and whats the point. The models suck, the rules suck, the army sucks.

Brettonians - All calvary armies are ****-boring to play. So why would i ever do a brettonian army? Oh and i think they are the cheesest army in the game, so that dosnt help ether. Lastly their fluff/whole idea; we are up-our-own-**** hero-knights from french history. No thanks, i wouldnt play them if the models were free.

Dogs of War - Mecenaries are sorta cool. Mecenaries from diffrent races with crap models and bunches of heros are lame. They dont seem to fit very well, if you want DOW then just use the empire list with maybe some ogres (shudders).

Chaos Dwarves - Evil dwarves. Just lame. Can you say ran-out-of-ideas-and-needed-another-race?

Armies i dislike and wouldnt play without a strong change of mind.

High elves + Wood elves - Good elves suck. (DE are cool however) The rules for both are unbalanced (imo) and the models are ***** for both ranges. Theres just something that dosnt sit right with me about them.

Skaven - SAD is really the only way to field them (imo) and its a dull army. Too many models to paint/rank/transport that are just their for +4 combat res. Plus we have 2 skaven armies at my local which are both very similar and i play quite often.

Armies im rather neutral to.

Empire - sorta cool but id have to field a gunline and thats sorta boring + predictable. However i plan to do a army in the future for playing under 2k. (I currently refuse to play under 2K)

Tomb kings - Their alright. though why youd pick undead egyptians over undead W/ Vampires ill never know. Oh and they cant raise new units :(

Orcs and Goblins - Not a fan of horde armies. Rather simplistic for me.

Armies i Like Lots

Chaos In all forms - Cool imagery, cool rules. Whats not too like. Tzeentch is my chosen parton however.

Dark elves - Cool background and cool models. Oh and their chicks :P. When they get a redo ill deffinatly be there :D

Vampire counts - Undead legions and vampires. ******* Vampires people! Id LOVE to do a army but they are too common for my liking. Only thing stopping me.

Lizardmen - LOVE the slaan (i like magic heavy and this guy is almost as good as my whole Tzeentch army at casting :O). Temple guard are cool as are their many unit types (exept saurus.)

Dwarves - cool rules and play the often, enjoy fighting them. Eveyrone loves a Dwarf dont they? (from reading this thread apparently they dont) Id play them but my most regular opponent does so... yeah itd be boring.

05-11-2007, 15:56
Greatest Disappointment: O&G.

Built and painted a large army when the new book came out. I always liked Orcs, but not all their silly rules. So, simpler, cleaner new rules seemed ideal. But, the rules are disjointed and stupid in a stupid way. The army is very disappointing. It is NOT wild and whacky fun to maneuver a big Orc unit behind the enemy, and then loose the game because the unit refuses to charge. Orcs refusing to charge! What were they thinking?

Least Appealing: Dwarfs, I guess.

I want to like them, and I have considered getting them, but an army that only stands around and shoots is not my style.

Sephtar II
05-11-2007, 16:25
Skaven for sure, never been able to stand the idea.

although in the case of the dwarves I think that they are a cool army with nice models and such but somehow I just can't make the jump.

Garg Foecrusher
05-11-2007, 17:10
I don't like the newer dwarfs, I find them so bland and that they lack character...

The classic dwarf models however (when all the troops were metal) are awesome, the best dwarfs in history IMO.

And I think Hordes of Chaos are boring, too much "we're evil and spiky stereotypes"

05-11-2007, 18:07
Greatest Disappointment: O&G.

It is NOT wild and whacky fun to maneuver a big Orc unit behind the enemy, and then loose the game because the unit refuses to charge. Orcs refusing to charge! What were they thinking?

Couldn't agree more about the disappointment of 7th ed Orcs. I was told they had Skaven like abilities in 5th ed and were more interesting.

On the original question:

I play or have played with all the armies except Chaos Dwarves and Middenheim (SOC).

The only army that I would never touch is Clan Moulder as Giant rats make my skin crawl.

05-11-2007, 18:18
There's very few armie I wouldnt touch, but those that dont particularly appeal would be Lizardmen, and some of the 'extra' Skaven lists.

I dont know exactly why the lizardmen, maybe because each time I've looked at putting together a list, I can't get it to look how I envisage a Lizzie army to look within the points limits.

They extra Skaven lists would be for a similar reason. I love the Skaven as a whole, and these lists detract from that image for me...

05-11-2007, 20:03
Pretty much the only armies that I have never considered collecting are Bretonnia and Vampire counts, I really don't like the idea of either of these armies. Ogres, Stunties and BoC are also armies that I can't for the life of me make a army list that I like, all thought I do like the idea of the armies (especially BoC).


05-11-2007, 20:53
I dont know exactly why the lizardmen, maybe because each time I've looked at putting together a list, I can't get it to look how I envisage a Lizzie army to look within the points limits.

lmao, im feeling you there.

I started lizardmen because i thought saurus were really hard.

Besides my temple guard i have no saurus.

Then again its really fun having all the diffrent unit types :D (Skinks, sallies, krox, chamleons, terradons, slaan etc..)

Nephilim of Sin
05-11-2007, 21:03
Empire. It just seems too 'blah' to me. Maybe it is just the models, I don't know, but I cannot get myself to like them. Same with the Brettonians, although I like the Trebuchet and the Pegasus (sp?) for the models. I cannot see myself playing Lizardmen either, but there are a lot of models there that I would like to get and paint.

I used to hate dwarves, until I bought some for my girlfriend's son. I started to paint them for him, and actually enjoyed them. That, and they destroy my orcs left and right. Although I hate the way they are sculpted simply because of conversion oppurtunities, or lack there of.

06-11-2007, 01:11
I can't put my finger on it, but I just don't like the WE and lizard style. Like loads of skirmishers and the rest is pretty damn hard, especially with a lot of monsters.

Oh and brets. Because of their rules. It was fun when I played my only game against brets, against a player who seemingly wasn't a veteran, and just recently got his brets. But seriously, I hate that army am I'm glad noone in my club has it. Though I have to say an army of super-chivalrous knights has a lot of potential for painting, especially freehand.

06-11-2007, 09:48
Bretts - I would not play or paint them if they were free. I can think of few things more boring. I find them boring to play with and against. I find nothing inspiring about their imagery at all. Nothing to inspire my imagination.

Khorne Chaos - Battles tend to be all the same. I would feel like my opponent is playing the game, I am just pushing models. If I reach combat I win, if I don't I lose. Uninspiring imagery to me. Other forms of chaos are not much better, I cannot relate to the motivations of any characters. I find them more cliched that cool.

Ogres - I think GW missed the mark a bit with their motivations and concept. I would prefer if they were less obsessed with food. I would have liked an intelligent race who are mercenarys and raiders, who just happen to be huge. As it is they are too one dimensional for me. They play a bit like Khorne too.

I'm no fan of lizardmen or empire, but I would play them a little if someone gave me an army.

06-11-2007, 09:52
High elves: Elves in Warhammer just bore me outside of the wood elves. I could play DE at a push, but HE have never appealed to me at all.

Skaven: I just couldn't face painting that many bad models.

O&G's: A night gobbo horde has appealed, but apart from that, nothing.

I'm surprised at how many people can't stand Brets. I love them. Love the background, and the models. Sure, they can be cheesy, but what army can't? Just don't overdo the knights and they're cool.

08-11-2007, 16:51
I really don't have anything against any army in particular, but every time I think about starting a Dwarf army, I get an image of ogres using a Dwarf as a football . As for Bretonnia, well, I dislike the rainbow themes I have seen, and I am no fan of point blank cavalry rush most every game:eyebrows:. High Elves, It seems if you pushed them over every bone in their body would break. Wood Elves have trees that eat people, which is cool, in a Grimm's Fairy Tale sort of way. I see Chaos Dwarves as almost-but-really-not cool variants on Dwarves; instead, they come across as "yeah, and?:rolleyes:". Vampire Counts are cool in the "I don't care how many die as long as I can kill a couple of you" sense, and Tomb Kings don't like to roll dice in their magic phase. Dark Elves are sadistic, but every bit as fragile as their cousins sitting on ramrods:eek:. Lizardmen are pretty varied, but they use the comet of kill-your-stuff. Beasts are cool, but they look like the receiving end of a breath weapon. With hooves. Ogres are too concerned with their paunches, Empire with their uniforms, and Orc/Goblins with killing each other and themselves. Chaos rules, except when they feel the need to kill each when they go for more than a couple of hours with no violence. Like every player, I have different issues with every army, including my favorites. But whatever you think, the army lists are more or less balanced in one way or another. Every army can crush any other list, including the most hardcore WAAC and SAD armies:eek:: figuring out how is the way to becoming a better player. Like is so often said, people, not GW, make cheese lists, and you need to be ready for superpowered lists in tournaments: more often than not, they trade off flexibility for one win condition, making it possible to win by exploiting it. I know this is a rant, but the comments above, basing hate around cheesy lists is really unfounded. Every army can field multiple cheesy lists, so judge each army on appearance, play style, versatility, and fun factor rather than bad memories. Myself, Dwarves, Chaos Dwarves, and Bretonnia are my dislikes. Dwarves for lack of manuverability, Bretonnia for lack of flexibility, and Chaos Dwarves for stepping on the tactical toes of several armies.

08-11-2007, 18:18
Can't see myself playing Lizardmen or Skaven because of the potentially broken and boring army lists (Skinks of doom and SAD come to mind) and i really hate Brett's for being plain old and downright *******.There, i said it lol.

08-11-2007, 18:21
Dwarfs, brrr. Terrible models, how can their heads be as large as their remaining body?? Plus the fact that they're just goldiggah's...

The only good thing about them is that they love metal, just as me /m/

08-11-2007, 18:57
dwarfs and empire due to the massive gun lines that have killed many noble he under my command.

dark elves not due to the army but due to the players and always there constant bit@#ing about how the should have the same things as the he. (when the new he book came out thats all we heard)

WE look at the dancing elves (yes i give them props they are good, but now use your +1 attack dance when you charge) lol. hah

other than that he rock as with tk and ogre

08-11-2007, 20:24
I dislike the ogres, i dislike the models, fluff and rules, personally i would have prefered to see the Hobgoblins made into a full army.

Otherwise I could also never see myself playing Khemri, don't know why, just don't appeal.

Mr. Smuckles
08-11-2007, 20:35
1. Dark Elves - Look ugly, generic evil motivation bores me
2. Brets - Zzz
3. Chaos Dwarves - Look stupid, also a stupid concept in general
4. Gunline anything - Talk about playing the same game over and over

09-11-2007, 00:04
I canīt play skavens... i donīt like them

and well i hate elves but i could play with their army easy :D

09-11-2007, 00:38
Alot of people seem secretly jealous of Bretonnia's awesomeoness.

Seriously guys, go find a decent Bret player who doesnt play all knights (like me!) and I guarantee you a great game. I mean come on, even my opponents enjoy the glorious charges of my knights!

Armies I wouldn't play? Well, I choose my armies (I only discovered this recently) based on whether I can actually relate to them; their themes, their principles, their imagery etc. and so for me, Bretonnians and High Elves are my two races.

Now, I just cannot get on board with Skaven... seriously, I've tried. I borrowed the book, sat down and tried to read the damn thing but I just could not get myself into it! Nothing in that book appeals to me except clan eshin on a superficial 'master splinter' level. Although I do admit the role reversal of the 'lab rat' image is quite clever. (Bring back the Doomwheel!)

Despite this, I do like facing Skaven... mainly because they are such a pushover in combat.

Another army is Chaos, I do like Tzeentch quite a bit and actually dont mind Nurgle (good nurgle, not the fatty nurgle guys) but overall, Chaos seems undeniably bland to me. Maybe its my own general opposition to all evil races... although that said, I do like the idea of a demon legion and am very much looking forward to the new Deamons book. Plus... no one can watch that trailer for Mark of Chaos and tell me Chaos Warriors arent damn cool.

I can see myself getting on board with just about every other army, my other favourites include Wood Elves, Dwarfs and Tomb Kings (I very much like the 'were undead and we *********** hate this ****! Give us our empire back! - which I think is very unique and much better than the Vampire Counts 'oooooh we're going to destroy the world MWAHAHA*)

Plus, Vampires can be so gay.

*Ignore the fact that I am considering starting a Vampire Counts army....

Crazy Harborc
09-11-2007, 00:55
Ok's, Skaven, Chaos Deamons and Chaos Dwarves....those are the armies I don't own. In the past (and still, as far as I know) too many metal minies were needed to beef up those armies.

09-11-2007, 01:17
I hate unmobile and slow armies.
And don't really like armies that rely on their shooting phase. (Except Wood Elves, but they actually don't shoot that much)

Thus, I absolutely cannot stand dwarfs. They are small, ugly, dirty walking heaps of metal. :D Their attitude is funny though.

I also couldn't bring myself to play most armies with weak melee characters. Just a personal thing, I want my army leaders to be comat monsters that can really dish it out.:)

Btw, Hi it's my first post here, although I've already read the forums for a few weeks.

10-11-2007, 07:57
May I remind you all using the word gay in a derogatory fashion or criticising the look of an army because they appear homosexual is not allowed on WarSeer.

Any further comments of this nature will result in Warnings/Strikes being issued.

The WarSeer Inquisition

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
10-11-2007, 09:20
Well there are two armies I don't like and that are dwarves and high elves, and both has something to do with the race I play:p.

10-11-2007, 09:28
I could play any army, My favorite where orcs and goblins but 7th edition book blew chunks. It just doesn't feel like i think it should, which sucks because the fluff for them is incredible.

10-11-2007, 11:56

I agree with the mad doctor. Dwarfs are simply *the least* appealing army.

They are just too damn slow. They are so slow they take multiple turns to move from one end of their deployment-huddle to the other. I'd use the term "zone" if they had enough troops and movement to effectively cover it: They don't.

That being said, the Dwarf character models are awesome: They turn the army from "unappealing" to just "least appealing".


10-11-2007, 13:07
But what about the ones you just cannot stand? The force you just cannot being yourself to even contemplate playing?

Lets see...

Brets. Too one-dimensional. The infantry are really just too bad to bother, so every game it's going to be knights everywhere. No fun.

Chaos, DE, Vampires, Skaven. Never liked the evil side.

TK. Not necessarily evil, but I'd get bored painting all that bone.

Nurgle. Included twice because not only is he evil, but the whole theme of disease is really icky. I'd never feel clean again.

10-11-2007, 13:25

I agree with the mad doctor. Dwarfs are simply *the least* appealing army.

They are just too damn slow. They are so slow they take multiple turns to move from one end of their deployment-huddle to the other. I'd use the term "zone" if they had enough troops and movement to effectively cover it: They don't.


I'm not sure if I can still agree with that in 7th ed. The combination of Strollaz's rune and the Anvil always puts the little buggers near my armies a lot sooner than I'd like...

10-11-2007, 17:50
What I like about Fantasy is that, contrary to 40k, the entire world and its armies appeal to me. I'd seriously consider collecting any force, and I enjoy reading about virtually all of them. The lowest contenders are the following:

Bretonnians - Their tactics are uninteresting, and their models are boring. Knights and knights and knights. *yawn* Their fluff is cool, though, I like that they've gotten darker in their most recent book. Plus I love their peasants. I'd do a peasant army, if anything.

Ogre Kingdoms - They're still warming on me. I like their new look compared to the older ogres, and I'm glad that these big monstrosities actually have some lore to them now. Most of their minis are pretty good. I don't think gnoblars should exist, though.

Chaos Dwarfs - I can't stand them. I think their fluff is dumb, their miniatures stupid, and I'm glad they've gotten dropped for so long. If they never come back I'll be quite content. (Although, I thought including them as a hellcannon crew was pretty awesome, so maybe my feelings will change in the future, and I always thought it was cool that they fielded hobgoblins.)

11-11-2007, 09:17
The only army that never appeals to me is Chaos- the easy path to power etc.., happy to play against them though, they are just not my thing at all.
I love dwarfs- have done for years and years but gunline dwarfs[gunline anything] is just too dull for me. I prefer getting as many bearded axe wielding manics as i can and get stuck in. Win or loose it's just more fun.
Not drawn to tombkings, but i am probably going to get VC- the new plastic grave guard alone makes them very appealing.