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04-11-2007, 19:03
Im finally getting around to taking my first steps into Fantasy after having been a 40k player for 8 years. I understand that Fantasy is much more effective at higher points games, also that Wood Elves play better at high points games, but I just want to start off with a small force so I can get used to some of the units available to the WEs and more importantly so I can learn how to play; so I felt it would be best for me to get a 1000pt list up and going, I imagine I'll only play 1000pts as training games to learn how to play, then jump the points up when I take it to my local GW, all thoughts are welcome.



Wood Elf Noble
--Alter Kindred
--Hail of Doom Arrow
--Helm of the Hunt
--Light Armour
--Great Weapon
Total 158pts

--Dispel Scroll
Total 115pts

Core Units

Scouts (6)
Total 102pts

Glade Guard (10)
Total 120pts

Dryads (8)
Total - 96

Dryads (8)
Total - 96

Dryads (8)
Total - 96

Special Units

Wardancer Troupe (8)
Total 165pts

Rare Units

Great Eagle (1)
Total 50pts

Kindred Total 998pts


Take in mind that my knowledge is very limited and this list has only come together from reading through the codex and doing a chunk of research - Any critisism, improvments etc are more than welcome.

04-11-2007, 19:35
The heroes are really nice, so are the dryads, but I think you really won't need the scouts or the great eagle in this army, I'd suggest you drop them and add another unit of 10 glade guard. You'd have some 40 free points, and I'd recommend adding 2 wardancers and splitting them in to 2 units of 5, both with a musician.

You should consider adding warhawk riders, by freing up points with dropping a unit of dryads, but if you really like dryads, then I see no reason why not to field them.

04-11-2007, 20:01
Well, the main reason I have the Eagle in there is for sniping out whatever war machines etc the opposition may have, Ive been told their great at that sort of thing. You mention getting another couple wardancers and using 2 squads of 5, but would that not be pretty weak? Researching about them seems to say that even squads of 6 is pretty small and that 8 is a nice number.

Warhawk Riders, I wasent sure if they were too costly for this points limit? - But tbh, its not that I have a liking for the Dryads, its just that their stats really are nice for their points cost and can be a solid base for the army.

04-11-2007, 20:54
id drop the scouts and make the spell singer lvl 2 if it isnt already, then use the extra points to increase the glade guard unit

04-11-2007, 21:36
Well I always use 2 squads of wardancers, with 5 or maximum 6 in them and they are great. You just have to look for combined charges with some other units (dryads, warhawk riders or whatever), look out for shooting and don't go playing hero with them (attacking big units by themselves). But this is mostly my personal preference, as not many people like to field many units of them, instead many field a unit of 8 wardancers and a unit of 6 wild riders, which also is a very good choice (I didn't recommend it earlier because of my personal preference and because I don't feel comfortable creating a totally diferent list for people, I'd much rather give them adivice, keeping in mind the models they have written in their list). One of the main reasons why I play 2 units of them is that I really like the idea of them, and I don't like wild riders (I'm big on infantry :p).

Warhawk riders aren't really all that expensive (120 pts for a unit of 3 warhawk riders) and they are awsome for baiting units (hit and run), marchblocking, taking out mages/warmachines, looking for flank charges and in the same time (when they aren't in CC, obviously) they can shoot the opponent! I really would rather field them, than the great eagle (3 of them, with no upgrades).