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04-11-2007, 21:25
If I ever get a game set up. here is the (probably meager) collection I am looking to field:
x6 5 man squads of DW
13 HQ (the squad sgts/Assualt squad/Vets.) as said HQ choices
x2 Dreads (w/drop pods)
x2 LR Crusaders & x1 LR
x2 Whirlwinds
x2 Razorbacks
x1 Predator
x1 Baneblade (ally)
x2 6 bike RW squads
x2 Attack bikes
x1 (maybe x2) Tac. squads

What are you fielding?

05-11-2007, 20:32
Space Wolves. 60 Grey hunters, 30+ Blood claws (foot, bikes and jump packs), 30 Long fangs, 20 Wolf guard, 20+ Wolf scouts, 3 Wolf priests, 2 Rune priests,5 Wolf lords (including Logan Grimnar) and 4-5 Wolf guard battle leaders. Around 8,500 points.

Daemon hunters (Radical). 50 Stormtroopers, 70 odd guard (inluding commands), 3 Inquisitors (with big retinues), 5 Assassins (2 Vindicares and 1 of each of the others), 4 Deathcultists, 3 Daemon hosts, Hellhound, Stormblade, Baneblade and a Hellhammer. Around 6,000 points

05-11-2007, 20:38
I think I will be fielding multiple copies of my current list. It will keep it simple and powerful.

05-11-2007, 20:42
I have a bunch of 1500-2000 pts armies that I can field together. My main Apocalypse army will be Orks, which will hit 5000 pts when I finish my Stompa.

05-11-2007, 20:43
Ultimately i will be fielding:
Apostate Cardinal with Bodyguard
High Command Squad
Arkos the Faithless
Command HQ Squad (with 2 AT, 2 FS and 1 Sentinel Squadron Attached, plus Enforcers and Preachers)
2 Possessed Psykers
1 Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch
4 10 Man Alpha Legion Veteran Squads
5 Ogryn Berzerkers
10 Man Disciples of Xaphan Squad
3 Thudd Guns
2 55 Man Infantry Platoons
2 10 Man Armoured Fist Squads
1 Hellhound
1 Salamander
3 Sentinels
1 Demolisher
3 Tarantulas
A Mortar Platoon
1 Vanquisher
1 Executioner
2 Leman Russ Annihilators
2 Exterminators
2 Conquerers
2 Leman Russes
3 Baneblades (will use the Steel Fury Datasheet)
1 Hellhammer

Am considering doing a workers mob of 50 (may use Catachans mixed with Marauders) and some Beastmen as well

and maybe a Stormhammer if i get around to it

05-11-2007, 20:45
To start with, the entire Salamanders 3rd Company including;

Masters of the Chapter
Linebreaker Squadron
Suppression Force
Armored Spearhead
Predator Assassination Squadron

And elements of the 1st Company, 5th Company, and 10th Company.
Drop Pods.

Thunderbolts for support when I need 'em.

Later I'll field an Armored Regiment including a heavy company of Baneblades but at the moment I'm still building them.

When I need a larger force there're always my Sisters of the Ebon Chalice and my lady Inquisitor with her retinue.

Sister Sin

05-11-2007, 20:51
termie sorcorer
termie lord
great generic one
scabianthrax the bloated

7 plague marines
7 plague marines
7 plague marines
7 plague marines
7 plague marines
7 plague marines
7 lessser demons
7 lesser demons

7 cult termies
1 dred
10 fallen angels

1 defiler
1 vindcator
1 predator

1 reaver titan

2500 points of ork Defwing
looted baneblade
looted shadowsword
digga stompa
great gargant
mega gargant

this is what i fielded this last saturday.

05-11-2007, 20:51
and my sister (Xhalax), will be fielding the following:
8 Sorcerers of Tzeentch
1 Sorcerer of Tzeentch in Terminator armour
9 Terminators
9 Possessed
3 Dreads (we're working on them being psyker dreads)
2-3 Squads of 9 1KSons
3 Defilers
3 Predators
Linebreaker Squadron
Armoured Spearhead

oh and i may add a small Khornate force to my Renegades

05-11-2007, 20:57
Proably 60-100 Storm Troopers, depending on how things go.

3+ Chimeras to carry them.
3+ Bassies to provide artillery support.

Oh, and a Gorgon :D

Phil Walling
05-11-2007, 20:57
Dark Eldar, lots of Raider squads... just need to get them painted!

05-11-2007, 21:00
2 "endless swarm" formations... 60ish Genestealers, 9-10 Carnifexes, 10+ Raveners, 20 warriors...

05-11-2007, 21:10
My first Apoc army was a heap of Angels of Vengeance mechanized infantry backed up by a Predator, Whirlwind, and my Unforgiven agents ("counts as" DH). My lack of armor was a bit of an issue, but my guys pulled a victory by virtue of my opponent all but ignoring the objectives in favor of getting in my base and killing my dudes. I doubt I'll get that lucky again.

The good news is, my first Paladin class Knight is about ready to be painted, and my Emperor's Talon Recon Group has shipped. Reinforcements in route!

05-11-2007, 21:13
Eldar Spirit Host - 2 Lords, 10 Guard, Warlocks (plus Farseer)
Wind Rider Host - 4 Seer Council & Farseer, Unit of 6 Bikes, Two sets of Three Vypers
Aspect Wave - Two Dire Avengers, Karandras and Scorpions
then Full Units of Rangers, Hawks (& phonix), Spiders, Shining Spears, Dark Reapers (& Phoenix), Two Prisms and a Falcon with either 6 Dragons or 6 Banshees in . . . about 6,500 points . . . ish

05-11-2007, 21:14
Imperial Guard Regimental Combat Team, Armored

Command Company
3x Baneblade

Able Company
1 x Leman Russ Vanquisher
6x Leman Russ Battle Tanks
3x Leman Russ Demolishers

Bravo Company
1 x Leman Russ Vanquisher
6 x Leman Russ Battletanks
3 x Leman Russ Demolishers

Charlie Company
1 x Armored Fist Company Command Squad
4 x Armored Fist Squads

Delta Company
1x Command Chimera
9 x Basilisk

Easy Company (attached Independant Squadrons
3 x Hydra Anti Air Tank

3 x HellHound Support Tank

3 x Scout car.

5 Wolf Lords (1 on bike)
3 Rune Priests (1 on bike)
2 Wolf Priests (1 on bike)
1 Iron Priest
6 WGBL (1 on bike)
4 Dreadnoughts
12 Wolf Scouts
40 Wolf Guard
60 Grey Hunters
60 Blood Claws
40 Blood Claw Jump Packers
24 Blood Claw Bikes
6 Land Speeders
1 Vindicator
1 Predator Annhilator
1 Predator Destructor
2 Whirlwinds
20 Long Fangs
2 Land Raiders
1 Land Raider Crusader


2 x Reaver Battle Titan

05-11-2007, 21:54
Defilers.... 10 of them! Well, the other 1500 I use to throw around a bunch of terminators, about 40 of them.(all 3 size units, all with H.Flamer+Chainfist+2 Combi-Meltas)

People hate the list, but then again I hate Apocalypse. So if they make it so all I can play for the next 4 weeks is a mutated version of the game I prefer to play, I'm gonna make them regret it.

05-11-2007, 21:57
I will be playing an Apocalypse game this Thursday, I'll be deploying near 5500 points.

Two Daemon princes
Three Chaos Lords
10 Chosen Marines
x3 5 man Terminator Squads
x2 Dreadnaughts
x1 Baneblade
x1 Plaguereaper (Same rules, different tank design though)
x5 Ten Men Space Marine Squads
x2 Nine Man Thousand Son marine squads
x1 Khorne Berserkers
x1 Land Raider
x2 Havocs

Phew, there it all is :D

06-11-2007, 00:59
Wow, really impressive lists there!!

For my first Apocalypse game I will be fielding:

Alaitoc Eldar:
1x Farseer
3x Warlock
2x Autarch
1x Kahrandras
16x Dire Avengers
10x Pathfinders
16x Striking Scorpions
6x Swooping Hawks
6x Fire Dragons
5x Warp Spiders
8x Dark Reapers
10x Harlequins
3x Falcons
1x D-Cannon

Allied Rogue Trader (Witch Hunters list)
1x "Inquisitor Lord"
7x Retinue
10x "Sisters Of Battle"
30x "Stormtroopers"
1x Exorcist
2x Peregrin class fighters (count as Thunderbolts) (scratch built)
1x Baneblade (scratch built)
1x Warhound Titan (hope to have this scratch built in time)

06-11-2007, 01:01
5 Baneblades.

Its quick, simple, and blasts the ever lovin hell out of everything.

06-11-2007, 01:25
ORKS!!! More to the point...
2 footslogging warbosses
1 warboss on super cyboar w/ 10 Cyboar nob retinue (all with burnas)
7-20 ork strong mobs with Nobs w/ PKs
30 grots
2 gargantuan squiggoths (each carrying 20 more boys)
Dred mob (3 kans, 3 dreads)
1 stompa
1 mek boy stompa
Armored Krumpany consisting of
1 Vanquisher
3 Leman Russ
1 Demolisher
1 salamander
2 Armored Fist squads
1 Laser Destroyer
1 Basilisk
1 griffon

06-11-2007, 01:53
Cortex + retinue in a LRC
Grandmaster with 9 termies and chapter masters
Stern with 9 termies
4 squads of GK
1 squad of psycannon GK
1 Squad of Incinerator GK
2 dreads (TLLC/ML, TLLC/CCW)
3 Landraiders
2 vultures (TLLC / Heavy Bombs/ Heavy bolter)

about 6k

there's about 4k of SOB, 5K of IG (incl 3 blades and awaiting delivery of 3 Machs), 4K of Eldar and 4k of SW.

06-11-2007, 02:31
If I ever get my a$$ into gear and stop wasting time on things like work, sleeping and eating I would like to build and feild:

- a company of marines called "The Sons of Dorn". They will be made up from Impy Fists, Crimson Fists and Black Templars painted marines, but will be using the Vanilla rules. I'll probably have 4 Troops choices as Crimson fists, both assault squads and 1 troops as Black Templars and both dev squads and 1 troops as Impy Fists to try to fit in with their respective fluff. The commanders and company masters will be from the various chapters. I'll probably throw in a Black Templar Chaplin because I love the Chaplin!
- 3 Baneblades (Possibly in the Baneblade company formation)
- and eventually 2 (maybe 3) Thunderhaks (One from each chapter previously mentioned)

06-11-2007, 03:05
well last time it was this. all of its painted

137 Canoness with Jump Pack, Cloak, Mantle, Book, Blessed Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frags

145 Sisters of Battle (10) with Superior, Book, Melta, Flamer
058 TRANSPORT: Rhino with Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

129 Sisters of Battle (10) with Superior, Book

080 Imperial Stormtroopers (6) with 2x Melta Gun
095 TRANSPORT: Chimera with Multi-Laser, H. Bolter, Extra Armour, Dozer

070 Imperial Stormtroopers (5) with 2x Plasma Gun

186 Zealot Mob (20) with 4xFanatic (Eviscerators) and 1x Flamer
066 Priest with Eviscerator and Bolt Pistol

178 Seraphim (7) with Veteran Superior and 2x Twin Hand-Flamers

171 Imperial Tactical Support Drone (Inquisitor) with Carapace Armor, Psychic Hood, Liber Heresius, Auspex, and Storm Bolter
-3x Servitor (Warrior) with Heavy Bolter, 2x Chirurgeon

820 Callidus Temple Execution Team (6)

145 Venerable Dreadnought with Assault Cannon, Missile Launcher
-'Tank Hunters' Skill

080 Land Speeder (Tornado Pattern)

140 Exorcist with Extra Armour

140 Exorcist with Extra Armour

258 Land Raider with Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers

286 Harlequin Nightwing Interceptor


06-11-2007, 03:36
For the apocalypse battle I've played so far:
1 warboss on supa cyboar with supa stuff
10 boarboyz
5 wyrdboyz
1 speed freeks big mek in armored-top trukk (with optional vortex grenade)
1 warboss on foot
1 stompa
1 deff kopta mek
1 armored guntrukk
2 buggies
1 huntas mob
1 junkas mob
1 squig herd
2 squiggoths (from codex feral orks)
1 partridge with pear tree transport option.
+forgotten stuff
Somewhere around 2500 points.

06-11-2007, 04:00
for my Imperial Guard, my Apoc army is going to be:
6x Stormtrooper squads w/Chimera's
1x HQ squad w/Chimera
2x Leman Russ tanks
1x Demolisher tank
1x Basilisk
3x Hellhounds
3x Baneblades.

I need to buy one more Baneblade, and assemble my last two hellhounds. rounds out to 3900pts with everything.

The last build I ran for my Iron Warriors was:

2x Khorne Daemon Prince
1x Termi Lord w/MoK and 2x Lightning Claws.
1x Termi Lord w/MoT and Daemon Weapon
1x Kharn. (just because I havent ever had a chance to use him)
1x Lord w/MoK, Powerweapon, Combi-melta

3x Dreadnought w/2x DCCW

2x 10 Khorne Termi's, 4 combi-meltas, 2 RAC's, 2 Powerfists

4x 10 CSM w/Undivided, Powerfist Champ, missile launcher, plasmagun

2x 10 CSM w/Undivided, Powerfist Champ, Lascannon, meltagun

Fast Attack:
3x 6 Raptors, Champ w/dual Lightning Claws, 2 meltaguns, Icon of Khorne
2x 2 Spawn

Heavy Support:
1x 10 Havocs, 4 heavy bolters, powerfist champ, Icon of Tzeentch.

3x 2 Obliterators

4x Predators w/TL Lascannon, 2x HB, Dozerblades.
1x Basilisk.

1x Baneblade (eventually I'm going to have a dedicated 2 sponson Iron Warriors Baneblade)

Stella Cadente
06-11-2007, 05:54
IFI decide to play Apocalypse, then I will probably use something I just thought up that might be endless amounts of fun to use

Azrael 225pts
and then 2775pts of Company masters, Integrator Chaplains and Librarians, all armed to the teeth with the best weapons I can give them

It'll be like movie marines, but toned down slightly

06-11-2007, 05:57
who the hell would want to play against that?

06-11-2007, 06:01
I could bring 3K in basic Genestealers... 187 is nothing to ignore...

06-11-2007, 06:07
who the hell would want to play against that?

I wouldnt mind it. It would be silly to play against just a bunch of HQ's, but a bunch of foot slogging IC's wouldnt make it very far in an Apoc game with Superheavy tanks, massed ordnance fire, and dozens of heavy weapons along with all sorts of other fun stuff like Orbital Bombardment, Ambush, and Surgical Raids.

I could bring 3K in basic Genestealers... 187 is nothing to ignore... especially when the deployment zones are only 12" apart and you can take an asset to come in from any board edge!

Stella Cadente
06-11-2007, 06:20
who the hell would want to play against that?
anyone whos not a complete coward of course, anyone whos afraid to fight such a force would have no honor and has no place on the battlefield and shall be branded a coward

I wouldnt mind it. It would be silly to play against just a bunch of HQ's, but a bunch of foot slogging IC's wouldnt make it very far in an Apoc game with Superheavy tanks, massed ordnance fire, and dozens of heavy weapons along with all sorts of other fun stuff like Orbital Bombardment, Ambush, and Surgical Raids.

exactly, its meant to be a heroic stand of defiance by great heroes on the field of battle

Azrael Supreme grand master =225pts
Ezekiel grand master of Librarians =170pts
Interrogator Chaplain Sapphon, Power fist+bombs =150pts
Belial (twin claws) =130pts
Interrogator Chaplain, Terminator armour =145pts
Librarian, Terminator armour =145pts
Sammael (jetbike) =205pts
Interrogator Chaplain, Bike+bombs =155pts
Librarian, Bike+bombs =155pts
Company master 2xLightning claws+Jump pack+bombs =155pts
company master Thunder hammer+Plasma pistol+bombs =150pts
Company master Power axe+storm shield (Iron Halo)+bombs =120pts
Company master Master crafted bolter (storm bolter)+Power sword+bombs =125pts
Chaplain Power fist+Jump pack+bombs =150pts
Chaplain Power fist+Plasma pistol+bombs =145pts
Chaplain bombs=105pts
Chaplain Storm bolter+bombs =110pts
Librarian =120pts
Librarian =120pts
Librarian =120pts
Librarian =120pts
=3000pts, probably completely ineffective, but who cares

06-11-2007, 08:59
well thanks for the laugh

06-11-2007, 09:17
Well as it stands now since the cobra got removed from production oh well nightwings here I come:

Alaitoc based force:

3*Farseers (2 with spears)
8 warlocks (3 spears)

Maugan Ra

10 scorpions
6 banshees exarch (executioner)
8 fire dragons exarch(firepike)
6 wraithguard

30 guardians (any 3 platforms)
6 dires
6 pathfinders
6 pathfinders
6 pathfinders
6 pathfinders
3 jetbikes warlock(one cannon)

6 warp spiders exarch(spinneret,blades)

wave serpent-twin lances
fire prism
6 dark reapers exarch(missle launcher)
5 dark reapers
death spinner
2 wraithlords

Just shy of 4500pts and gladly pummeling guard all the way!

06-11-2007, 09:20
My 501st can field an entire battle company. Company 05, Vater's Fist.
My Chaplain, Vater and his command squad.
6 (10-man) Tactical Squads,
2 (10-man) Assault Squads,
2 (10-man) Devastator Squads,
1 Razorback,
8 Rhinos.

1st Company Terminator Squads Aleph/Vet/gimel (3x10 man squads)

Plus, Master of the Forge (Chief Techmarine Stahlfaust) and staff (Tech servitors) and the following armoured support units.
3 Vindicators (linebreaker sqdn)
2 Land Raiders
2 Predator Destructors
2 Whirlwinds

From the Assault company's support assets:
2 x Land Speeder sqdns (3)
2 x Land Speeder Tornado sqdns (3)
1 x Land Speeder Typhoon (attached to whirlwinds as spotting unit).

1 x prototype All-Terrain Tactical Enforcement Heavy Walker (VDR)
armed with :
Turret mounted Mega Titan-killer Vanquisher cannon
6x Multi-lasers
2 Structure points + 1 void shield

3 x Corvus Pattern Battle Striders. (VDR) Using old Kryomek Nexus Storm Striders (they look like heavily armoured AT-STs).
Corvus 1: Assault Strider. Battlecannon, Plasma Cannon, Twin-linked missile launchers.
Corvus 2: Battle Strider. Twin linked Lascannons, Plasma Cannon.
Corvus 3: Assault Strider. Twin-linked lascannons, Two missile launchers.

This is probably up around the 9-10 k pts level. I've yet to field it all (since 2nd ed, anyway). That's in addition to the 'Thunderhawk' (Lambda class shuttle) "Fire and fury". It'll be fun to field it again, I've got to admit.

06-11-2007, 11:07
Two Apocolypse Armies at the moment and one being built and painted at the moment

Space Marines - Pillars of Ptolemy - Snow World Marines

Commander in Terminator Armour, plus Converted Command Squad with standard, apothacary, champion and 2 assualt Cannons

Chaplain in Terminator Armour plus Converted Command Squad with standard, apothacary, champion and 2 assualt Cannons

Librarian in Terminatio Armour

Various other Commanders librarians and chaplains with two other command squads.

6 Dreads (on of which is a conversion of Furioso on Skis)

30 Temrinators mixture of assualt and normal (plenty more assualt cannons)

2 squads of Veteran Marines (love the new veterans bar the one with bolter and no skirt which looks rubbish!)

Couple of Techies...

14 x 6 Tactical squads, missle launcher and plasma gun

15 scouts with sniper rifles most on skis

10 scouts with bolters, 5 on skis, 5 on ice skates

10 scouts with CCW 5 on skis 5 in snow shoes

5 x 6 assualt squads... sergeant with PW 2 plasma pistols

30 bikes (all converted into snow mobiles using ork bike track bits)

6 landspeeder tornados made using Apache Gunship Helecopters, and very firendly marines squeezed into cockpit

couple of land raiders (bit heavy for a snow world but lovely models)

30 Devestators (H bolters, H plasma, Missles, Missles, Lascannon, mulitmelta)

Various trasport vehicles


Far to many points, but in local Gaming room we tend to have massive bring along your toys and play with them games so its nice to get the toys out. Tend to take what i can carry, and use that... deep striking in 40 teminators with 10 assualt cannons along with 6 landspeeders and assualt marines a few weeks ago caused a stir...

Army 2 - Orks (speed freaks)

Warboss on Cyber Wyvern
Warboss and retinue

Painboss with cyborks
couple of big meks

40 ska boys (one squad done in plack and white with madness t shirts on... the very definition of SKA boys...)

flashgits using old school pirates... love em....

far to many to count boys with slugga and choppa

far to many to count boys with shoota

i think its about 60 grots... 80 if i include the really naff old ones from old school 40k which i hate using...

14 trucks with truck boys.

12 buggies or similar...

30 ork bikes... all converted into hogs with 2 wheels and no track bits... (trakc were used on marines... see above lol)

10 storm boys... (really need repainting... lol)

4 copters....

3 battlewagons, one based on the epic skullhammer scaled up.

looted basilisk... dont all ork players have one...

slasher gargant... (will be putting pictures up soon as only recently finished)

6 fighta's/ fighta bommas. (3 converted for Skyraider - american plane from vietnam war... great for orks conversions google it)

Current Project....

Penal World

done so far....

60 convicts, based on mixture of figures 1992 militia models, van saars and catachan jungle fighters. all heavily converted.

40 Arbites. based on cadian guardsmen converted with heads from pig-iron-productions

Various officer figures from commisars to tank comanders from new bane blade kit.

couple of old school judges from judge dread game...

6 judges on bikes using chaplain metal wings panel on front of bike and converted riders... all with suppresion shield and shock maul, (supprseion shields plastic from Void miniatures..)

Rhinos converted using LED and battery so each one has blue flashing lights.

thats it so far...

on bench to do... converted ogryn squad... horseback officers... more convicts and Chinook Helecopter converted into Valkyrie (or which everyone is the transport vessel)

huggles to all

Danny Boy

06-11-2007, 11:41
Okay, if I might go off topic just for a second, I know that I dont seem to have much (see first post for what I am able to field) what do you fellows think of what I have access too?.

Yes, I will be using the Armoured Spearhead & Suppression formation. but would like your thoughts.
Please msg them to me to keep board from getting cluttered

06-11-2007, 12:03
Well, it depends on the game. Currently it's either:

3000 pts of Marines, 2000 pts of Guard with an Inquisitor, retinue, and a Grey knights squad (because they are the perfect for a cinematic like apoc)
or 1200 pts of Chaos, 2000 pts of Traitor Guard (yes, the guardsmen simply hoister different banners ;) )

The next game I'm looking forward to playing in is Inquisitor Webbers continued hunt for the Sorceror Horima. The forces in the next battle look like this atm:

4000 pts of Marines, 1800 pts of Sisters, Grey Knights vs 1200 pts of Chaos, 2500 pts of Traitor Guard, and 2000 pts of bewitched and enslaved tau.

I'm currently working on upping the Chaos forces numbers, and am thinking of getting some daemons to add to cinematic, but I want to work on my night goblins as well so may hold a little longer.

06-11-2007, 12:56
after years of collecting im lucky enouth to have 2 apocalypse sized armys

for my Eldar Ulthwe army i have:

50 guardians
16 stormguardians
1 Autarch
2 farsears
6 warlocks
3 wraithlords
17 wraithguard
1 fire prism
1 falcon
1 vyper
7 jetbikes
20 howling banashees
10 fire dragons
10 swooping hawks
8 warp spiders
10 striking scorpians
13 dire avengers
10 rangers
10 dark reapers
1 wave serpent
1 war walker
1 Firestorm
1 avatar
3 shining spears
total without upgrades or weapon costs: about 4400
Phantom titan: 2000

about 70% of that is painted


also i have

Ultramarines 2nd Company + half of the 1st and 1/3rd of the 10th

1 Libararian
2 Commanders, 1 with Powerfist, 1 with Thunder hammer
1 Command Squad, 2 Apothecarys. 2 Banner, 1 company champion
3 Techmarines, 2 in ServoHarness
8 10 man Tactical Squads 8 with flamers, 4 rocket launchers, 1 HB, 1 Lascannon, 1 Plasma Cannon, 1 Multi-Melta
spairs- 1 rocket launcher, 3 flamers, 3 Meltaguns
1 10 man Deverstator squad- 4 rocket launchers
2 Assault Squads, 10 man and 9 man, 1 with flamer, 2 powerfist sargs
25 Veterans - assorted weaponry
10 Terminators- 1 heavy flamer, 1 assault cannon, 1 cyclone missile launcher
1 Terminator Captain with 4 Terminator Command Squad
10 Assault Terminators- 5 with lightning claws, 5 with Thunder Hammers
41 Scouts- 14 with Sniper Rifles, 10 Boltguns, 2 Heavy Bolters, 15 with bolt pistol + HtH weapons
4 Bikes, 2 Attack Bikes
3 Land Speeders
1 Dreadnought
2 Land Raiders
1 Land Raider Crusader
1 Vindicator
3 Predator Anhilators
9 Rhinos

i have no idea how many points it all comes too, i havnt fielded it all at once before.

with not alot of that painted :( mostly bought 2nd hand

i also have a small grey knight task force, a small 1k IG armored company and a 1k Steel legion army and a mars baneblade for my ultramarines to ally with.

06-11-2007, 15:42
I have a game coming up this Friday with some friends. It is around 26k points total, and my side will consist of my Blood Angels, my brother's Dark Angels, and a friend's Tau (heresy, I know).

My Blood Angel army consists of the entire 2nd Company w/ support from the 1st and 10th companies as well as a small detachment from the chapter armory.

My brother's Dark Angels army will be lead by Sammuel, consist of about one-third of the Ravenwing, a detachment from the Deathwing, half of the 5th company, and a large detachment from the armory.

The Tau player will be bringing a mostly battlesuit force with the usual firewarriors, pathfinders, kroot, and hammerhead support.

Our opponents will be two chaos players, Death Guard and Slaanesh renegade, and two eldar players, Ulthwe and Alaitoc.

We will only be using two superheavies, we will have a Baneblade ally, and the other side will have an Eldar Revenant titan.

Grand Warlord
06-11-2007, 15:50
Well since my gaming group is very small it would pretty much be 1v1 apoc games so I would love to have the money to model and field:

full Deathwing

Full Ravenwing

3rd BC

4th BC

5th BC

and 10th BC

if you want a full list ... lemme know... :evilgrin: :angel:

From Shadows
06-11-2007, 16:13
Eldar: My Saim-Hann Force

farseer(1) (on bike)
farseer(1) (on bike)
warlocks(10) (on bikes)
autarch(1) (on bike)
autarch(1) (on bike)
banshees(10) (wave)
banshees(10) (wave)
scorpians(10) (wave)
dire(10) (wave)
dire(10) (wave)
dire(10) (wave)
fire prism(1)
falcon(1) (fire)
falcon(1) (harlequins)
falcon(1) (harlequins)

95% complete need to pick up one more wave,and finish two more warlock conversions.Also need to paint scorpian.

06-11-2007, 17:51
At the moment?

Full Infantry Company with integral armoured support and a Baneblade.

Later? A full Infantry Battalion with attached armoured support, anti-aircraft units, engineers, medics, a traitor Inquisitrix and her followers, a renegade Cardinal and his followers... to the tune of 20,000 points. ;) See my Preparing for Apocalypse log.

06-11-2007, 17:55
Compared to some people's armies, mine seems a bit pitiful

06-11-2007, 19:00
I have ~16K points in Eldar, ~4K in Dark Eldar, ~4K in Emperor's Children, ~3K in Space Marines, and ~6K in orks.

...I'm slowly closing in on 40K points of 40K...



06-11-2007, 19:07
Well my opponent got 'bored' with with 5k points of apoc (ie he was losing). So in the spirit of sticking it to him, i'll only be fielding 3k against him in future. Which will consist of:

1 Reaver titan
1 Warhound titan
2 predator annihilators
1 vindicator

06-11-2007, 21:37
This evening's force was 4,600 points of Eldar, tooled up for Necrons but he didn't turn up so I fought Chaos Marines allied with 'Fallen' Dark Angels...
Due to circumstances beyond our control we only had two turns each and it was a bit rushed.

Maugan Ra
Doomseer on Jetbike (who did nothing but nearly die to Perils)
Fortuneseer (who forgot to deploy, and then forgot to come on from Reserves!)
7 Harlequins including Shadowseer
7 Harlequins including Shadowseer
5 Harlequins including Shadowseer & Death Jester, for Maugan Ra to hang around with
6 Banshees including Exarch
5 Dragons
5 Dragons

6 Jetbikes including two Cannon
4 x 5 Pathfinders
10 Avengers, Bladestorm

4 Spears including Exarch
1 Vyper
7 Spiders including Exarch

4 Reapers
3 x 2-strong Vibrocannon Batteries (Monolith-bait)

Then there was a huge Spirit Host with:
3 Wraithlords with a mix of weaponry
3 Warlocks
4 Wraithguard with Warlock
5 Wraithguard with Warlock

Plus... a Revenant. :D

Chaplain Ark
06-11-2007, 21:51
Good old faithful 4000 point Death From Above list

5 man Verteran Command
4 Masters

50 Stormtroopers (deep striking)
10 Grey knights (Deep Striking)
5 Grey knight Terminators (Deep Striking)

Land Raider
Predator Annihilator
Predator Annihilator

Legion of the Damned (Deep Striking) with
5 terminator command
2 10 man squads of Terminators (4 Assault cannons AGGGGHHHH!!!)
5 man tactical
2 dreadnoughts

101 models
88 of them Deep Striking
Masters and Tanks hold the line until the second turn when a crap load of stuff appears behind you and rapes you. Hell guns might not be amazing, but 50 of them is bound to kill a lot of stuff. plus 24 storm bolters, 2 power weapon, 3 psycannons, 13 force weapons, 7 assault cannons, 5 bolter, 1 combi-melta,1 las cannon, and two strength 10 CC weapons will rape anything.

07-11-2007, 00:04
Monolith Phalanx (3 monoliths)
3 lords
72 warriors
20 immortals
7 scarabs
6 destroyers
5 pariahs
4 heavy destroyers
4 flayed ones
3 wraiths
2 tomb spiders

...and a partridge in a pear tree (an ancient, evil tree of course...):skull:

Khornies & milk
07-11-2007, 00:16
Inq/Lord & Retinue
Inq & retinue
GM & 9 GKT Retinue
3 10 Men GKT Squads
2 10 Men GK Squads
3 10 Men IST Squads in Chimeras
2 LR
3 dreads
4 Assassins

St. Celestine & 9 Seraphims
Canoness & 9 Celestians
1 Celestian Squad in Immolator
2 10 ladies Squad in Rhinos
2 PE's w/ Priest
1 VDR'd BS4 Hellhammer w/Exorcist Missile Launcher

In Progress
Armoured Company w/ 2nd FOC Steel of Fury Baneblade Company

12-13K all up:D

Lord of ???
07-11-2007, 00:17
Well what i currently have sitting in boxes and am proceding to put together.

2 x Baneblades
9 x Leman Russ
4x Chimera
40 x IG

and since its going to be a renegade force i can always take some of my 10k worth of chaos along with it.

I <3 W
07-11-2007, 02:12
So far for my apoc (will be 3-4kpts) dkok I've got banebaldes with dkok comanders(one is heavily converted armorcast one:D) and soon I'llhave some hvy weps,maybe centaurs (2 witha grenadeirs squad, some light artillery, 50-60more troops, 3 cmnd squads and 5 engineers when they come out. Next year will be hvy artillery and a t-hawkwith 30 marine.Oh and I'm getting a macharius, the sexiest tank in existence

captain stevo
07-11-2007, 14:55
My Apoc list is just 4 "Scrathbuilt" Warhound Titans, two armed with Vulcan Mega Bolter and Turbo Laser Destructor, one with a pair of Turbo Laser Destructors..well you cant have to many strength "D" weapons..and one with a Plasma Blastgun and a vulcan Mega Bolter....if you would like to see what they look like check out my clubs blog gallery.

plus as a new member to Warseer i would appreciate any constructive comments please.


07-11-2007, 16:47
Heres what Ive got for my two armies -

Tyranids -

Winged Tyrant
Walking Tyrant + 3 guard
6 Warriors
2 Lictors
52 Genestealers
Meotic spores
15 spore mines
40 Hormaguants
5 Carnifexes
Barbed Hierodule


Chapter master council
Terminator Chaplain, Librarian + command squads
2 Ven Drop podding dreadnoughts
4 Tactical squads in drop pods
Deathwatch squad
2 Razorbacks
3 Tornadoes
3 Preds
3 Vidicators

07-11-2007, 16:50
What am I fielding?

Well...so far... (including planned purchases for the next few months)

Extinction Angels (CSM)

Daemon Prince with wings
Daemon Prince
Chaos Lord with jetpack
Chaos Lord
2x Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator armour
Chaos Sorcerer with wings
Chaos Sorcerer
Chaos Dreadnought- Twin Lascannon
10 Chosen
10 Possessed
10 Chaos Terminators
9 Chaos Terminators
9 Thousand Sons
8 Khorne Berserkers
10 Chaos Marines - 2 Meltaguns - Rhino
10 Chaos Marines- 2 Meltaguns - Rhino
10 Chaos Marines - Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun
10 Chaos Marines- Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun
10 Chaos Marines- 2 Plasma Pistols - Rhino
10 Chaos Marines- 2 Flamers- Rhino
10 Chaos Marines- Heavy Bolter, Plasma Gun
4 Chaos Bikes- Flamer
5 Chaos Bikes- Meltagun
3 Chaos Spawn
10 Chaos Raptors- 2 Flamers
10 Chaos Raptors- 2 Meltaguns
10 Havocs- 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannon
10 Havocs- 4 Heavy Bolters
3 Vindicators

*Parts of this force make up a Traitor Battle Company and Traitor Linebreaker Squadron.

Death Guard (CSM)

Chaos Lord in Terminator armour
Chaos Lord in Terminator armour
Chaos Sorcerer
Greater Daemon
7 Chaos Terminators
7 Chaos Terminators
7 Chaos Terminators
7 Possessed
3 Chaos Dreadnoughts
7 Plague Marines - Rhino
7 Plague Marines - Rhino
7 Plague Marines - Rhino
7 Plague Marines
7 Plague Marines
7 Lesser Daemons
7 Lesser Daemons
7 Lesser Daemons

*Parts of this force make up a Warp Rift and Chaos Annihilation Force.
(I cannot be asked with points and probably missed a squad of Plague Marines in there somewhere.)

1 Platoon of Traitor Guard


07-11-2007, 17:05
Whole fifth imperial fists battle company
chapter masters council with terminator bodyguards
armoured spearhead (2 standard LC, LRC, terminus, prometheus)
One third imperial fists first company (30-40 termi) some coming in LR some with pods
Line breaker squadron
Suppression formation
Some dreads (2-3) and bikes

last but not least, some Legion of the damned tactical squads + centurius

I will field 2 assassin predator squads in the future, 1 annihilator, 1 destructor.