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05-11-2007, 01:02
A 500 pt battle between me (dwarfs) and a Orc/Goblin Player (Zach).

Ground rules for the Battle:
500 pts per side
no special or rare units only core
1 hero choice must be general (brets can have 2 1 for Std Bearer)
No magic spells or wizards or shaman
only 1 magic or rune item per army
Must use at least 4 pieces of terrain
Big hill at center of map (fighting on hilly terrain)

order of battle
Thane McDoggle w great weapon

15 Dwarf Thunderers (std, musician, boss)
axe, lgt armor, shield

15 Dwarf Warriors (std, musician, boss)
with axe and shield heavy armor

Orcs and Goblins
Night Goblin Big Boss Snorgle
lgt armor shield sword of might (+1 Strength)

20 Night Goblins with 1 Fanatic (std, musician, boss)
spear with shield

20 Night Goblins (std, musician, boss)
spear with shield

20 Night Goblins (std, musician, Boss)
short bows

20 Orc Boys (std, musician, boss)
lgt armor, shield, choppa

1st turn
O/G player went first and marched all troops 8 inches. The bowmen moved toward a large hill at center of map. Orcs on left flank moved toward the woods with leader and spears to the right. Other spearmen took the right flank and moved in open terrain. No shooting.

Dwarf player advanced 6 inches. Thane with warriors on the right with Thunderers in the middle.

2nd turn
O/G player advances forward 8 inches with all. Bowmen moved into base of woods. Orcs move to edge of big forest. No shooting

Dwarf player advanced warriors to edge of right woods. Thunders fire at long range and killed 2 night goblin spearmen.

3rd turn
O/G Player advance orcs into forest. Goblin Spearmen moved to 8 inches from Dwarf warriors and popped the fanatic who moved 7 inches to warriors. Bowmen advance up the hill. other spearmen move past the hill and move toward the Thunderers.

Dwarf player moves warriors through fanatic and take 2 casualties. Thunders fire on the goblin spearmen advancing on their left. 2 goblins die.

4th turn
O/G player moves spearmento charge the warriors. Bowmen advance on the hill and pivot towards the warriors. Orcs finish advance toward Thunderers but still are 5 inchs away. Goblins on the right flank advance toward thunderers.
Goblins do no damage on the charge. Dwarfs kill 2 goblins. Goblins and their brave general run away with Dwarfs close behind

Dwarf Player advanses warriors and the goblin spear men run away but are not caught. Thunderers fire on Orcs and kill 2 of them.

5th turn
O/G player goblins rally and turn around. Orcs and other speamen charge. Goblin bowmen fire on the dwarfs warriors but miss totally. Thunders hold and fire and kill 2 orcs. Goblin charge on other flank fails. Orcs charge but lose 2 more orcs to 0 dwarfs. Orc mob retreats. Thunderers hold their ground and do not persue.

Dwarf warriors fire on the Orcs but miss. The warriors attach and totally annialte the spearmen and the goblin boss when they fail leadership check and are run down by dwarves. Thunders fire on the goblins. 2 goblins die.

6th turn
O/G players Orcs rally and turn around. Spearmen move to charge on 7th turn. Goblin bowmen charge from hill onto the warriors. Warriors hold and kill all the bowmen when they run and are caught.

Dwarf warriors advnace toward the orcs. Thunderers fire on the orcs and kill one orc.

7th and final turn

O/G player charges the final 2 units on the thunderers. Spear men flank the thunderers and orcs attack the front. no orcs are killed and 1 goblin spearman dies to 2 thunderers. Dwarfs fail morale check and are run down and killed.

Dwarf player skips final turn warriors are not in charge range and have no missiles.

Final Score
649 Dwarfs
550 goblins and orcs

Dwarf marginal victory.

12-11-2007, 21:02
nice report on a low point battle.
i dont really like low point battles like this due to no magic :(

The Phat Dorf
22-03-2008, 04:36
thunderers can't hold as they hate orcs, so must persue, else nice little battle

Thorgrim Brokenfoot
18-04-2008, 07:19
would be nice with some pictures aswell, but a good choise for armies to meet, and i liked the way you buildt your army, elmoloves... a darned long name to write, so i dont bother writing it all :D
I would probably have taken quarrellers (maby ten of them, or 15 as you) and five less warriors, and then around 10 - 15 longbeards.

21-04-2008, 22:22
A nice little battle. You won with the small, elite army, which is cool. I think that Thorgrim is right in saying you should take the quarrelers and longbeards, however.