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05-11-2007, 04:45
So, it's time to start a new army. This time I'm going with Chaos. I like the new models and I also like the new direction that the current codex has taken the army, despite what a lot of chaos vets seemed to be complaining about :p

My first idea for the army was to go Iron Warriors, but I figured I'd want a bunch of tanks and I already did that with my guard, so I decided to make my own warband. The first idea for colors was to use more modern "army" colors, olive greens or maybe a desert armor kind of color, and have the armor and tanks all beat up and rusted out. I thought on it more and I really just want to go with a color scheme I've never really done before. Everything I do is always dark and mostly black, so i decided on Bleached Bone as the primary color in the army, black trim, kind of like the Deathmongers in the new codex. I'll also have red parts and I think black power weapons with green highlighting. It's been a long time since I had to use white primer...!

I want to try and get the power armor to look like actual bone, not bones attached to it, but more like the chaos gods have turned the thick metal armor into a thick exoskeleton. I'm thinking bone as the main color, highlighted with white, and shaded with brown lines, like the way folks paint the bottom parts of horns, etc. So with that bone look I need a fitting name, something dead sounding.. Undertakers seemed a bit too cliche, then I thought of "Krypt Keepers" .. so I think I'm gonna go with that.. or does anyone have any other ideas? :)

I did a recent army trade at my local game store and have a lot of store credit to use up. So the first thing I picked up was their last remaining Chaos army box set. Out of this box I intend to make 1 Terminaor lord, 10 marines, 8 Khorne Zerkers, 5 Chosen, 5 Terminators, 5 Posessed, 2 Spawn and 1 Defiler. I'm still on the fence about what to expand with to get to 2000 pts, but I'm thinking probably a box of death guard, 3 obliterators and a second defiler cuz I really like that model. I'm planning to convert it with a WFB hellcannon as the battle cannon :)

So, here's a few pics so far. I have the lord and the 10 marines mostly done. After that I will prime them and start painting a couple marines for test schemes.


If anyone has any ideas feel free to share ;)

05-11-2007, 18:59
Well, I`d say the name Krypt Keepers is a very cool name, but as for the choice of colours pretty much an own goal since there is no choice anymore:p You must paint them green and black in a cheesy, halloweenish way. It will look great:D

05-11-2007, 19:14
orange faces! please oh please! add too the cheesy scheme warflag says! alter the lords head so hes looking down on him men...

09-11-2007, 14:09
Sorry, I was posting this blog on another board too and forgot to update this one :)

Anyway, here is my first test model. I still have a few more metalic spots to paint but he's mostly done. I was going to paint lines along the edges of the bone color like the way folks paint nid shells and stuff like that, but I got lazy, and also I liked the shading as is. I made a wash out of Dark Flesh using the same water & matte medium mix I used for my Baneblade.


After a lot of thought though, I decided I didn't like the black trim. So, I got rid of it. Now it's just all bone color. Kinda reminds me of plague marines now, only boneish instead of greenish. I still have a few details to paint on but he's more or less done now. And it will be easy to paint up the whole unit now since I don't have to spend so much time painting all the trim, but I will be doing some blacklining to get it to stand out better

Here's a before & after pic..


Wadaya think?

09-11-2007, 15:18
I actually lied the black trims better. It now looks kind of unfinished. But the bone colour looks very good, nevertheless. Keep it up.

Sideros Peltarion
09-11-2007, 16:00
I agree with Warflag. They look good, but not as good as before imo.:(
Are you having them dedicated to a specific god or worked out any other fluff?

09-11-2007, 16:05
perhaps not a fully black trim, but i do think something a tad darker is needed, to act as a contrast. That said, i'm blown away by the bone, looks really ornate and chaosy :D

Now you just need to build a krypt for them to keep

09-11-2007, 16:23
I just didn't like the black trim .. dunno why. I'm thinking for some I may do a dark red trim, that might work better for me.

As far as fluff, my idea is their a semi-recently turned undivided warband. Their loyalist armor was a bright polished bone sort of like the deathwing guys or whoever those dark angel terminators are.. They turned to chaos but kept their same basic colors, and the farther along in your chaosdom, the more your armor becomes less like something you wear and more like a shell made of bone. Normal marines, terminators and the terminator lord will be in this scheme, they haven't given themselves fully to chaos yet. The chosen, obliterators, demon prince, etc will be a lot more mutated. I'll be doing a lot of sculpting and throwing in some left over tallon and shell bitz from tyranids and maybe some tomb kings bitz too if I can find a good way to fit em in.

So, I just want to get the normal marines out of the way and done quicker, since the other things will take me much longer to finish.

11-11-2007, 22:23
Little update.. First unit is coming along good. I have the first 4 done (minus those missing guns, doing them last) and expect to have the champ done later tonight. Goal is to have the whole unit done by the end of the week. The bases will take a while, I'm planning to decorate them a lot. I have a lot of resin base bitz from GW's basing kits and also a lot of rocks and rubble that I can add too.

That bone wash color that I made kind of makes the models look like they're dipped, but they aren't :) Though, I did consider it. I dipped my tomb kings and the bone color on them came out great with the brownish stain. Using a wash gives a similar effect, but I have more control over where it goes and if I wanna add more for depth or less for brightness, I can :)


You may notice heads on toothpics in the background. That's how I like to do marine heads, a pet peeve of mine is not being able to fit a brush behind a head to get paint in there, so I do the heads separately.. I drill a teeny hole in the bottom and then stick em on a toothpick, so I can just hold that while I paint em :)

I do guns separately too so that I can paint the chest areas. I messed up this time though, I usually attach the gun to the right arm, so the body just has the left arm attached, then I glue the whole right arm & gun on at the same time.. but I got ahead of myself and wasn't paying attention. It's been a pain trying to get paint under those right fists :( But I'm pretty much just getting bone paint in there and then the wash, don't need any further detail where no one is going to see...

21-11-2007, 03:45
Finally finished my first unit. I wish I had the kind of spare time I used to have, dumb careers always interfering.

Anyway, here they are :)


And here's some closeup shots


Wadaya think?

21-11-2007, 04:01
Every time I feel good about one of my armies, I see an excellent log and feel not good at all.

But then again, that unit took ten-odd days to paint, wheras I want to do the same number in like an hour. So it's a trade-off.

I like how the bone doesn't get too boring. There's different sorts of bone in there, which is awesome. Can't wait to see what you do with the rest!

21-11-2007, 05:28
i think itll look alot better with the black trim

21-11-2007, 06:10
I actually really like the finsihed look. i think the black, whilst it looked good was abit tio "hard" looking compared to the rest. if that makes sense.

have you considered maybe a brown? make the edgings look like aged leather, or old dried dead skin thats till clings to the bone exo skeletons?

amazing though keep it up!

Jester Boy
21-11-2007, 07:51
Awesome work. I love light schemes for chaos armies. Can't wait to see more.

22-11-2007, 08:06
SWEET! I am so jealous... My chaos look no where as good as yours do! What all are you planning on putting into the army after all this is done?

22-11-2007, 17:30
I already bought everything for the army since I had a ton of store credit to burn :) For 2000 pts I expect to have...

This unit of 10 marines
7 plague marines
8 khorne berzerkers (or just 8 more normal marines, havn't decided)
8 chosen (will be marines mixed with posessed)
1 terminator lord
1 demon prince
2 obliterators (using spawns and lots of spare heavy weapon bitz)
1 land raider
1 defiler

and since I have about $45 credit left over I might get one of those new Vindicators, or maybe I'll just put it toward some army transport trays since I'll need more for these guys anyway...

04-12-2007, 00:46
Been busy, didn't have much time to get a lot done, but I did finish my terminator lord and I'm half done my Khorne berzerkers.

Here's the lord:


Only thing left to do is add the decals that I have yet to print out, same goes for my first marine unit.. The army emblem will go on that empty shoulder pad and I may see if I can do a bigger one for the back of his cloak

04-12-2007, 00:46
And here's my Khorne berzerkers so far. I decided to keep them the same color as the rest of the army, but give them the signature khorne heads. When I do my death guard, it will be the same deal but I may go with a greenish shoulder pad w/ nurgle emblem on em. ANyway, I just gotta get the weapons and black & iron parts finished.. hopefully this weekend.


After these are done, I'm going to lay off painting for a bit and just build everything. I have all the models now and I'd like to start playing em soon :) But next after them I'll be doing my chosen, who are gonna have bitz from normal marines and posessed models all mixed together.

04-12-2007, 01:27
That bone color really fits a great deal of models. It looks just as perfect on the berserkers as it does on the marines (and I don't doubt the plague marines will look just as good in it).

Jester Boy
04-12-2007, 02:50
Awesome Termi Lord! And i love KB's too. Great log to watch. Keep up the posts.


04-12-2007, 17:17
thanks :)

I'm also trying to come up with some other ideas.. like possibly using a tomb kings bone giant to convert a greater demon. Someone on WIP said to use that as a demon prince but I think I want the marine looking one since it's such a great model. And since I already bought it.

Also going with the whole crypt/graveyard thing I'm trying to think of what to do with the tanks. I was thinking it would be cool to paint the big armored parts to look like marble instead of metal, like a white/gray marble like you would see on a tombstone or mausoleum. It would be really cool if I could make the tanks somehow resemble a mausoleum too, but I just dunno where to start with that. For my tanks right now I just have a landraider and 3 vindicators for apocalypse. But I'd wanna do the armored plates on the defiler to match also.

04-12-2007, 21:31
I'd think a mausoleum on tracks wouldn't be too hard. Break out the foamboard or something and just make a box, stick it between the Rhino tracks.

Or make some extra armor out of 'marble' (again, foamboard).

Maybe use one of those wedding cake pillars with a drilled-out whole as a turret? Those look pretty tomb-y...

For the DP, stick the bone giant head on the normal model? And give the normal model the khopesh as well? That's be pretty sweet. Or find a to-scale version of an mummy's face-mask and stick it on the DP. If you don't do it, I will XD.

05-12-2007, 01:50
well I love the bone giant model, except for the head. That big monkey skull looking thing just bugs me. I think if I did it as a greater demon I'd use a defiler head for it and add some other green stuff to blend it in right. I'll see how it goes when I get to that point, which will be pretty much at the end :)

I was thinking of maybe just painting the tanks to look like they have marble armor plates instead of metal. For my tanks right now I have a land raider and 3 vindicators. I have a defiler too, I figure I can make his armor plates look like marble too. I was thinking maybe for the front of the land raider above the front and side doorways I'll try and use some plasticard to build one of those roman style roof archways. that kinda triangle shape they all have. Not sure where I'd fit in pillars though, but I'll see how it goes :)

05-12-2007, 04:53
Looking good, that paint scheme is Ace!

I'll look forward to seeing more troops being posted up!

08-12-2007, 19:44
Berzerkers are all done :)


and here's a closeup of the champ


Wadaya think?

Next on my list will be my terminators. Was going to do chosen, but I have to wait for some metlagun bitz to arrive. Also ordered the hellcannon bitz for my defiler :)

But now I'm going to just start building stuff so I can get the models made so I can play with em.. so there will be a bunch of wip pics soon to follow :)

08-12-2007, 19:59
The red joint webbing is a nice touch, I like 'em. That and keeping the palette small; on my Berzerker parts, I paint the leather as brown, not black, which works for my scheme (really helps to break up the green in a pleasing fashion), but not for yours (one more color won't do much good).

Can't wait to see how this army continues!

09-12-2007, 00:12
nice zerkers lad

09-12-2007, 08:36
This is a great looking army - love the colour scheme and the painting is first class.

Really looking forward to seeing what you do with the Hellcannon - I have one on order for my Brass Scorpion :)


09-12-2007, 18:34
Moving right along...

Here's my terminators so far.


I went with the standard bearer thing because it's something you rarely see with terminators. I took the sorcerer's staff and snipped off the head, drilled a hole in it, then stuck the big chaos symbol from the defiler in there, then I stuck one of the new personal icons over the center. Pretty simple. The champ is the guy with the lightning claws.

The new terminator lord kit is really great, I used almost all the spare bitz in it between the lord and the 5 terminators.

So far I'm kind of on the fence with the spikey skull racks they put on their backs. They look good but I kinda like the simpler look without them, and since the lord has them it may help me tell them apart easier when i play, since these guys will be pained pretty much the same as him. But I may do something with the champ, I don't feel he stands out enough. Also, it's kind of hard to add racks now, because I put the shoulder pads on and the trim on the top of the shoulder pad goes up over their backs on most of these guys, so it'll be really hard to add them without having to rip the pads off first. So if you're making plastic terminators and you want your trophy racks, make sure you glue them on before you glue on your shoulder pads :)

Anyway, wadaya think?

09-12-2007, 20:02
I like the standard, its suitably grand for the terminators. I also like the look of them without the trophy racks - it makes them seem somewhat more 'squat' and 'brutal'.

Giving the racks to the lord and champion makes sense though, helps em stand out.

thinking about possible vehicles, the tomb-on-wheels is pretty cool. You could somehow sculpt the opening ramps to look like skulls with opening mouths. And the deflier cannon does have that skull on the end.

09-12-2007, 21:19
I'm leaving the racks off my termies as well, both because I, too, like the simpler look, and that they're absolute hell to clean up.

Also, that standard bearer looks great.

12-12-2007, 03:47
Now that I haven't been painting I'm getting a lot more done :)

Here's my first spawn-obliterator, minus a little greenstuff I still have to add. Any good, or does it just look like a spawn with guns glued on..?


12-12-2007, 15:11
At the moment, it just looks like a spawn with some guns attached to it.

However, you know the creeping flesh you see on obliterator models? Try fashioning some of that between the flesh and guns.

It's too late for this now, but for your next few spawn, see how it would look with just the guns, no claws or spiky arms or any sort of other weapons. I dunno, get the focus more on the ranged weapons so the model's purpose is clear.

Do you have las/plasma cannons and stuff laying around? Oblits can't use solid-slug weapons anymore, so the heavy bolter and missile launcher look kinda iffy.

Great idea, though. I think I'll try my hand at it sometime!

Paragon Belial
12-12-2007, 15:33
Very nice. I really really like these guys. I think an entire army will look fantastic.

14-12-2007, 13:00
I decided I didn't like the spawn with guns look, so I just popped em off and now they're 2 normal spawns. I gave em a square base so I can use em in my WFB beastman army too. No paint yet though. It's been raining for over a week around here now, not good for spray primer :(

I'm just going to skip obliterators and maybe eventually get the metal ones, but for now the 150 pts will get taken up with a vindicator :)

I just finished building my death guard too, just generic out of the box stuff nothing special. Next on the list I think I'm gonna do my chosen, I didn't get the bitz I ordered yet for the extra meltaguns but that shouldn't be a big deal right now, I can build around em.

14-12-2007, 13:51
I can't believe how good those berserkers look. They match your scheme so well. What have you used for your bone wash?

14-12-2007, 15:12
I forget the ratio I used, I just kept adding drops of water and medium till I thought it looked right... but it was something like 30-40% dark flesh paint, then a 50/50 mix of water and matte medium. You can get matte medium at any art store where they sell the acrylic paint tubes. I don't know anything about viscosity or surface tension or any of those other big words, but basically the matte medium apparently makes the color from the wash stick to the cracks in the models a lot better.

The paint I used was Vallejo game color dark fleshtone which I guess is the same as the citadel dark flesh.. I used the vallejo because of the dropper bottle to make it easier to measure the drops and be less messy, but I'm sure the citadel paints will work just as well. I mixed it up in an old paint pot.. most important thing is to mix up a LOT of it.. the wash goes fast and even if you measure everything exactly, chances are the next time you mix it again it will be slightly off.

I did the same thing for my tank wash, that started as an almost empty pot of chaos black, then I just filled it up with water and about 10 drops of matte medium, and shook it up real good :) So, instead of tossing out your paint pots when they're almost gone, save em and turn em into a wash :)

14-12-2007, 16:28
Good use of the useless spawn models, may pinch that idea :D

17-12-2007, 02:14
Chosen are built now :)


They're made with the bitz from 5 normal chaos marines and 5 posessed, all mixed together. The standard is the tops of 2 of the khorne standards, I just cut one in half so I could make a complete circle :)

Next on the list is the defiler... will take a little while though since there's gonna be a good bit of greenstuffing, and holiday stuff taking up too much time

17-12-2007, 02:15
Some more pics since I can only add 4 :(


17-12-2007, 02:22
I absolutely adore the Possessed bits, even if I'll never actually use a squad of them. So wonderful for adding that extra Chaos flavor. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the Defiler!

17-12-2007, 16:27
yeah the posessed models are great. I was even thinking as I was building these guys, they would also make really great aspiring champs for normal units, if you wanted to have your leader stand out more.

for my defiler.. his name is gonna be Bonesaw. He'll be my first big conversion for the army. lots of circular saw blades instead of claws. It will be a close combat defiler, so no extra guns.. but I may add magnet spots on top in case I want to add them later. The lower body will be mostly normal but for the battle cannon I'm going to be using a Hellcannon from WFB. Just got the bitz for it and I have a bit of greenstuffing to do just for filling the gaps and other stuff.

Krog Ironclaw
17-12-2007, 20:59
yeah the posessed models are great. I was even thinking as I was building these guys, they would also make really great aspiring champs for normal units, if you wanted to have your leader stand out more.

for my defiler.. his name is gonna be Bonesaw. He'll be my first big conversion for the army. lots of circular saw blades instead of claws. It will be a close combat defiler, so no extra guns.. but I may add magnet spots on top in case I want to add them later. The lower body will be mostly normal but for the battle cannon I'm going to be using a Hellcannon from WFB. Just got the bitz for it and I have a bit of greenstuffing to do just for filling the gaps and other stuff.

Now that I cant wait to see. The Defiler will be the next (and most likely last until I get back from basic training) addition to my Chaos Army. If the Hellcannon looks good in its place, I'll have to buy one, be a rather expensive Defiler though...

I just realized, I havent posted in like 5 months...

01-01-2008, 02:37
Happy new year!

Been a while, holidays kept me real busy.

I have my defiler mostly done. The weapons are held on with blue stuff at the moment and I still have some more things to do like possibly try and sculpt a face on the hellhammer cannon top. Not sure what to do with the weapons. I'm planning to play it as all close combat, but i need something to stick on the sides. Only other thought I had was to bitz order another leg sprue and give him 6 legs, then attach the claw arms to the sides? I really don't like the snakey mace head thing so I doubt I'll be using that. I'm also going to greenstuff the hellcannon skull to the top a bit more, right now it's also just stuck on with blue stuff. And lastly I did the hellhammer cannon swap there because I just wanted something beefier looking. Also, I have the top attached with magnets, just drilled a hole into the base that it attaches to, so now I can take it apart to transport easier. It wobbles a bit though, so I will prolly use pins somehow too. ANyway, here's some pics :) I'll probably be doing the gluing tomorrow. And I still haven't decided on the flamers on the left or the autocannons.. it's all just for looks anyway, since it's going to be loaded for close combat...


Wadaya think?

03-06-2008, 03:53
Been a real long time. haven't held a brush in like 6 months. Finally got my new paint area set up and now it's back to work!

Here's the first painted chosen.. was kind of a test I guess... I was afraid they wouldn't stand out good enough next to normal marines but with the extra gold and the mutations and different kinds of poses I think they'll come out good.

here's a bad pic with the flash on


And with the flash off next to a regular marine for comparison


Hopefully I can get some better lighting going and I'll take some pics when I get the rest all done :)

03-06-2008, 04:05
Very cool models, Necros. I'm not too sure about the defiler head, I want to see it painted before I pass judgment on it though. Really love the lightning claw so far, looks very bloody.

03-06-2008, 12:01
THanks :)

Is that a lightning claw? hehe I just painted it like it's a freaky mutated hand :)

Titan Wolfe
03-06-2008, 12:39
Very impressed with everything seen so far . Will be nice to see an army picture ,the story so far ....so to speak .The defiler looks cool , the colour scheme on your marines is exceptional .Overall a fantastic job

03-06-2008, 14:02
Thanks :) I'm just able to paint a couple nights a week so it will be a while before I can get a full army pic done :) All I have painted so far is my lord and khorne berzerkers and a unit of regular marines. I want to get the chosen done, then my plague marines next. Right now the unpainted smaller guys are mostly all held together with bluetack stuff so I want to get them done so I can play with em without the arms falling off :)

I played my first game with em last 2 weeks ago and got soundly trounced by an all nurgle army. It didn't help that a lucky glance blew up my land raider on the first turn, and it was carrying my terminators and of course 3 of them had to die in the explosion .. whole game I was rolling 1's and 2's :( Needless to say, I went out and bought some new dice the next day :p

17-06-2008, 01:58
small update.. got 6 chosen done so far, except for the bases.. gonna do them at the very end when I finish painting the other 4


and some closer up pics


I'm doing all the horns and stuff as pure black to kind of contrast the bone armor, instead of making the horns boney too and just having it all blend in.. and I also have the eyes as pure black also. But now I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should do the crab claw hands in black too. I'm making the fingers and "skin" parts a bloody purpley color, so i'm wondering if the black will just seem like "too much" if I paint the claws like that... guess I'll see when I get the other 4 done...

26-06-2008, 03:21
Whew. Finally finished my chosen. Took a lot longer to paint since i painted all the trim and everything this time instead of just solid bone like the normal marines, and those posessed models have tons of detail mixed in all over.

Next on the list will be either my terminators or plague marines. Haven't decided. Will be a few days before I can spray-prime anything cuz it's gonna be real humid the rest of the week :( damn philly summers... So in the meantime, I'll be building some Skorne stuff for Hordes :)

But anyway here's some pics..

whole unit:

closeups.. starting with the champ & standard


26-06-2008, 03:22

Wadaya think?

26-06-2008, 04:14

I find it interesting to see so many armies influenced by that show "Tales from the Crypt";).

26-06-2008, 04:36
hehe those look cool.

I think I only picked this name so I can whistle the theme song when I assault stuff

26-06-2008, 05:29
Mate Necros,

Army looks fantastic so far mate, really like what you are doing with the colour scheme. Great detail work and some good looking possessed there.


26-06-2008, 05:54
I think I only picked this name so I can whistle the theme song when I assault stuff

Nothing wrong with that, indeed, the fact that you do whistle the theme song makes this army even more awesome. which reminds me, I forgot to tell you - they look REALLY good. Probably the only time I've seen non-Heavy Metal painters make red weapons look good.

Titan Wolfe
26-06-2008, 09:01
Awesome stuff .........really truly awesome stuff . Best looking chaos army I've seen in a while and from what you have got to come will be jawdropping !!!

26-06-2008, 10:59
Wow this army is great! I really like the colours. The bone is great and the red on the bolters just gives them that extra little something ^^

27-06-2008, 01:33
Thanks. These guys took me like 3 weeks to finish (off and on).. those posessed have lots of detail

I think I decided on plague marines next :)

Titan Wolfe
03-07-2008, 23:41
Plague marines .........can't wait Mmmmmm!!!!

09-07-2008, 03:34
Plague marines done!


I did these with the new washes.. base color was rotten flesh, with a wash of devlan mud, then light drybrush dusting of bleached bone. You can't tell in the pics i don't think but for the blades I did a light wash of snakebite leather and some splotches of vomit brown to give em more of a rusted look.

15-07-2008, 02:32
Had a pretty boring weekend, so I was able to get a lot of stuff done. Finished my demon prince tonight, here he is.


he's one of my favorite models, so I didn't wanna convert him.. just painted him up as is. Can't really tell from my sucky pics, but the sword is black but I drybrushed it with rotten flesh and then washed with thraka green, kinda looks like the raised areas are glowing a dull green :)

Next I will be tackling my defiler. I ordered some extra leg bitz from the warstore, so he's gonna have 6 regular defiler legs, and then I'll give him the claw arms connected to the cannon part for 2 CC weapons.

15-07-2008, 09:15
Dude this is a really nice army.

I really love the smooth bone like main color, and that gold is just awesome. How do you do it?

Well done man, great painting.


15-07-2008, 11:54
The gold is easy :) I just paint on pure shining gold, and then when I use the wash for the bone color I go over the gold with the same wash. I use my own wash that's watered down dark flesh with matte medium added in.. but you can get the same effect from the new GW washes, Devlan Mud is pretty close to the color I use .. and that's pretty much it, I don't go back over it with any highlights or anything.. I like the dirty look it has, but it still has the gold shine to it

15-07-2008, 13:26
I don't believe it. This is just awesome, finally a way to get all my stuff done really fast. And God knows how much damn warhammer that I have to get done.

You are a legend.

Thank you,

17-07-2008, 01:53
So, now I'm moving on to the defiler.

changed it a bit from those earlier pics, I popped off the helcannon skull bit and decided to put missiles up there, if anything just for looks. I was going to try the autocannons, but it just didn't look right.

I bitz ordered a sprue of defiler legs from the warstore so I could have 6 of the regular legs on the bottom, and I'll use the 2 claw legs as CCW arms. I had some spare marine tank bitz, so I made 2 hatches with the doors shut, but reversed so it would be flat. Added in some spikes, and then I cut the ball at the end of the claw arms in half. These will get glued to those flat hatches.. but I think I may paint it first and glue them on after, just so it will be easier to paint. I still want to see if I can rig up some kind of "shoulder pad" so it doesn't just look like half a ball glued to the side. I might mess with some plasticard and see what I come up with.

here's kind of what he'll look like when done.


The top is too heavy with the claws now, I had to hold it up to take the pic :) so I'm gonna have to do some pinning in addition to the magnet. I still want the top removable so I can transport it easier. And, here's a shot of where I cut the arm and how I did the hatch on the side to attach it to..


wadaya think?

26-07-2008, 21:53
Finally finished my defiler :) He took a while, lots of detail on that model

here's a whole lot of bad pics as usual


26-07-2008, 21:54

And here's a closeup to show some of the rust and details:


Wadaya think?

26-07-2008, 22:05
I think since ive started watching you make this army, including some fluff, ive been hooked. They say, once your hooked on something its never like that time that started it all but... its happening.

Im rehooked! Not that I ever lost being hooked. Man im saying hooked alot..

Back on topic. great stuff Necros! I love the cannon and the missle launcher head. I dont even know where to begin with the paintjob other then its spectacular. The rust is great and I must say again, your scheme rocks.


27-07-2008, 18:46
Thanks :) i'm going to be moving on to the terminators next .. I have 5 but I need a new box of them, I eventually want 2 units, 1 shooty and 1 assaulty w/ all lightning claws :) planning to have 4 with the claws, plus the terminator lord all in the land raider, and then 6 shooty ones deep striking

04-08-2008, 03:34
Terminators done :) Lotsa pics!


04-08-2008, 03:34

And also here's a closeup of the army emblem.. finally decided to start painting that on the empty shoulder pads. I'll eventually put it on all the marines too.


Wadaya think?

04-08-2008, 03:53
Love the termies Necros. They are a perfect addition to your already lovely chaos army. Nice finger entensions on those powerfists. I assume so they become lightning claws. Great stuff all around

About the army emblem. Its perfect!


04-08-2008, 04:27
thanks actually what I'm gonna do is keep the powerfists as is but I'm gonna buy another box of termies and try for some bitz orders so I can have a unit of 5 with lightning claws jumping out of the land raider, and 5 with guns teleporting in :)

04-08-2008, 04:34
thanks actually what I'm gonna do is keep the powerfists as is but I'm gonna buy another box of termies and try for some bitz orders so I can have a unit of 5 with lightning claws jumping out of the land raider, and 5 with guns teleporting in :)

Ah, I personally like the claw on my shooty termies as well. Im just a big fan of lightning claws. But strangly not so much a fan for the current plastic imperial claws. I love the chaos lord claws ;)

Keep up the great work Necros. Ill be watching ;)


04-08-2008, 07:22
You have a fantastic army. The only thing I would say is you may want to paint one of the plaguemarines shoulder pads in a green colour (like your berserkers have some red). As it is now, they don't stand out as being a special unit. Just a little green on a shoulder pad or helmets would do nicely.

04-08-2008, 14:16
Yeah I was thinking about something like that. I thought at first that just using rotting flesh instead of bleached bone for the base color would help set them apart but after I washed them they still look kinda the same unless you look real close.

But I would like all of them to have the emblem on their empty pad, even the berzerkers and plague marines.. so I'll figure that out as I go. I also may go back and paint some rust and wear & tear on them all, sort of the way I did the defiler

04-08-2008, 15:55
Very nice!!!

I really dont know what more to say... all in all a beautifully produced army, with clean crisp colours and a fabulous scheme which holds the entire army togehter...

You should be super proud!


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

04-08-2008, 16:03
That is some lovely work. Rarely do I compliment someone elses' bone :P but that is a lovely finish you have there.

Really looking forward to the next installment. Hoping to see another vehicle!!

04-08-2008, 17:20
thanks :)

All I have left out of my initial purchase are vehicles now.. 1 land raider and 3 vindicators. I have to try and see if I can find a good spray paint that looks like bleached bone, that'll save me a lot of time.

But I'm switching gears for the moment and going back to my nids. I just got the new apocalypse 3-pack of carnifexes so the first one I'm gonna do is a Trygon conversion out of one of em, then I'll go back and do a tank :)

08-09-2008, 16:27
Had a little too much non-game stuff going on the last couple weeks :( but I finally got my ghouls done. These will "count as" summoned lesser demons :) About the only real conversion I bothered to do was swapping a skull for that guard helmet skull. I thought the models worked fine just as is.

I painted them with bleached bone for a basecoat, then a wash of Gryphone Sepia and then another wash of Ogryn Flesh. Real quick and easy :) I decided to make the bones they're holding be white so they would stand out more. I will eventually get a 2nd box of these guys so I'll have 2 units of 10. I might run them as 2 units of 5 for now and try to use them as objective holders that hide till the time is right to run out and grab it.

The pics suck as usual but a few models came out clear enough, but they look a little more "orangey" here than they really are. wadaya think?


08-10-2008, 01:52
Finished my first Vindicator.. 2 more to go :)


Wadaya think?

14-11-2008, 02:10
Vindicator #2 is done :) 1 more left :)


and here's a pic next to #1 :) #1 is the "lead" tank so I decorated that one a bit more and gave him the guy sticking out the top, the other 2 will have the top hatches closed


Wadaya think?

Titan Wolfe
15-11-2008, 00:29
Necros , Not been around for a while. Bloody Hell !! What have I been missing . Said this lot was jaw dropping ,but The plague marines, termies ,crypt ghouls(cool for plague bearers )and the vindicators ,WWWWOOOOOOWWW!!. Then to cap it all the defiler .......what truly will be next?? Makes me want to turn to chaos .......AArrghh!! what is that I see ............................??

"Hail Gods of War"

15-11-2008, 05:32
Thanks :) Well, I have the 3rd vindicator to do next and then a land raider, then I'll be done with all the models I bought a year ago :)

But, I think I want to add a couple more things.. another unit of the ghouls perhaps, a greater daemon based on the new demon prince they're doing for fantasy.. and also I'm thinking I might get the fantasy khorne lord on the juggernaut as a conversion for a csm lord.

also after playing a few 5th edition games I decided I need more troops so I'm probably going to ditch those chosen and just mix them in with the regular marines so for troops I'll have 2 units of 10 marines, 1 unit of 8 khorne zerkers, 7 plague marines and 10-20 summoned lesser demons.

Deus Ruinus
15-11-2008, 14:42
bugger in hell! an abomination!
awesome painting joband loving the scheme, the defilers look uber!

21-12-2008, 23:30
3rd Vindicator finished :) Here's some pics


And here's some group shots :)


All thats left is my land raider and I'm all done... for now at least :)

22-12-2008, 01:27
This is a very nice looking army! I cannot wait to see more!

Getifa Ubazza
22-12-2008, 06:05
OMG, I love that paint scheme. So totally cool. When an army makes you want to do one yourself, you know it has to be good.

22-12-2008, 17:09
Thanks :) The army is pretty much done now other than the land raider. I have been thinking of maybe adding the new fantasy khorne lord on a juggernaut and doing a conversion for these guys. I also have some regular rhinos and a predator for my normal marines that I might switch over for this army... and if I ever get back to my normal marines I would probably end up making them an all drop pod / deep strike army

Getifa Ubazza
22-12-2008, 17:59
Its almost like your army is covered in flayed skin. Yucky but good.

25-01-2009, 16:42
Quick update.. started painting my land raider :) I used the Army Painter bone spray as the basecoat and it works great. gonna save me a lot of time. I kinda learned the hard way though it might have been easier to paint the sponsons if I painted them first then built them :( I hate when there's little spots I can't get a brush into, even if you're never gonna see it :)


Hopefully I'll have it all done this week :)

28-01-2009, 01:59
here's another wip pic just because I got a new digital camera and had to test it :) 10 megapixels!


30-01-2009, 05:20
Finally finished my land raider and now my whole army is complete! It only took me 14 months...

I have some plans to add more stuff though. Since I don't play my normal marines anymore, and if I do go back to them I plan to make them a drop pod army, I won't be needing my 2 rhinos and predator so I will probably be repainting those models for this army. I'm also planning to add a generic greater daemon some day and probably that newish FW nurgle dreadnought. And I'm sure I'll add more marines here and there but that's not at the top of my list...

Anyway... here are the pics :) I will try and get a whole army shot soon...


Wadaya think?

30-01-2009, 23:53
OK I got some group shots together :) Added the full quality pics to the dakka gallery :) you should be able to click the image for a supersize version. The gallery on dakka dakka is really cool if you need a good place to host pics of your minis. Lots of cool options and I love how you can zoom in and out on real big pics and stuff like that.

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2009/1/30/17703_sm-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.jpg (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/17703-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.html)

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2009/1/30/17707_sm-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.jpg (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/17707-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.html)

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2009/1/30/17706_sm-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.jpg (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/17706-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.html)

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2009/1/30/17705_sm-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.jpg (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/17705-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.html)

30-01-2009, 23:54
1 more, daemon prince extreme closeup :)

http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2009/1/30/17704_mb-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.jpg (http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/17704-Chaos%2C%20Chaos%20Space%20Marines.html)

17-07-2009, 21:22
Fantastic Plog! In particular I really loved the Defiler conversion. I have that model and haven't assembled it yet because I really don't like it and don't know what to do with it.

If it's alright with you I think I might steal your idea with the legs? The just really look top notch!

Also the bone color of the troops is great. Those Vindicators in particular are really nice.

All in all great looking army, 5 stars! :D

17-07-2009, 23:58
thanks :) the army is still not done, I plan to add a few more units. I'm thinking a 2nd unit of regular marines, that plastic demon prince if it ever comes out I want to use as a summoned greater demon, and one day I'm going to pick up that new FW nurgle dreadnought :)

03-09-2010, 04:05
Forgot I had this blog post going, I had been posting pics of my new dread under modeling and painting, here:

But anyway I may as well add the pics here where they belong :)

Anyway here are some current shots of my FW Nurgle Dreadnought, right now I'm working on the weapons. they're not finished but almost there. I think I'm gonna go with black fading to red at the tips for the claws, and I'm not sold on the heavy bolter arm, the armor plates over the gun part blend in too much with the body, i might just make that part black, and the shoulder part green. Here's new pics :)


07-09-2010, 03:57
[QUOTE=Necros;2812681]Finally finished my defiler :) He took a while, lots of detail on that model

here's a whole lot of bad pics as usual


lol, it wants to give you a hug! great work, love the bone color scheme you can consider me subscribed

07-09-2010, 20:12
Good painting job on the yellow!

28-09-2010, 04:52
Finally finished :) I went over the green with some ogryn flesh and that made it nice and sick looking. So the recipe was just bleached bone base coat, thraka green wash, ogryn flesh wash and that's it :)

Anyway, here's the pics :)


Mega Nutz
28-09-2010, 06:20
Looks great!!! Nice, effective receipe!!