View Full Version : What army is good at what?

05-11-2007, 06:00
Each army has a specific specialty, which is what they are more efficient at as compared to other armies, thing is, I don't know where orks fit in, but feel free to treat this place to share your views etc.

Space/Chaos Marines - tough, balanced in CC and shooting
Eldar - Specialist army, one unit for each situation
Tyranids - Swarm close combat
Guard - Static shooting
Tau - Mobile shooting
Dark Eldar - Mobile close combat
Necrons - Tough shooting
Orks - ???????

Witch hunters, Daemon hunters can mix and match for their own advantages/disadvantages, so I didn't include them.

Anyone knows what orks are good at? They are supposed to be good in CC, but tyranids outkill them, and while their guns has a lot of dakka, guard and tau outshoot them, so what is their specialty?

05-11-2007, 06:25
Well, it isn't as clear-cut, and some armies can be configured to be good at doing other things. For example, a Salamanders army is a space marine one, but with a bias towards shorter ranged firefights, like the Sisters of Battle do.

You can have that with ÍG and Tau as well; Tau don't even need to be mobile, while Guard can also be very mobile. (Notice I said 'mobile', not 'fast')

Orks are good at everything, if taken in sufficiant quantities.