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05-11-2007, 08:47
Okay people I've seen a few threads about people asking for advice on how to get back into the hobby or what to do when it gets tedious.

So I'm gonna suggest someone put together a FAQ and perhaps ask if the mods will sticky it for us, about what to do when this occurs.

So far I believe it should be set out to deal with:

Quitting the hobby: what to do, etc

getting boring: how to make it fun again, etc

stuff like that, hopefully with advice from people that have done and thought about doing it, what does everybody think of that?

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
05-11-2007, 16:27
hmmm, well seing as I am cleary what started this thought, and it effects me, I'm in full support!

Holy Crap! Manticores!
05-11-2007, 16:34
As far as the game getting boring goes, branching out from the standard pitched battle would be a good start.

Breakthrough and Rear Guard are neat scenarios to play.

I've heard campaigns are excellent if you can keep all the players involved. Real life issues step in, but if half the group bows out after 5 weeks, that can leave a huge void for the rest of the group to fill.

05-11-2007, 17:12
Holy Crap! Manticores! Speaks well.

I remember when I first started 40k, about a year and a half in I was getting bored. So I mixed up my playing group a little and started playing some missions. Objective bassed games are so much more intersting that just kill all the bad guys...and you can put a cool story to it

05-11-2007, 17:37
Id be happy to contribute alot.

Ive had 3 cases of near-quitting and i quit for 2 years.

I have a little experience. :)

05-11-2007, 18:21
yeah, i took a 3 year break back in 1999-2002. when i got back in it was completely different and i was lost for about 6 months.

i wouldnt reccomend dropping out, but if it does happen, NEVER sell your army. under any circumstance. you WILL want to get back into it at some point, and you WILL regret it.

06-11-2007, 05:56
DarkLord Of Naggaroth: well yes you where, but I alos remember reading a post by Evc(?) stating that he might give it a rest if the new vampire counts range isn't awesome (or something to that effect).

W0lf: So I'm taking that as a yes :), don't suppose you'd be able to write anything up on how to get back into the hobby (re-finding clubs and stuff) As well as how to avoid the things that made you quite in the first place? and how you might have handled it differently, Say about a paragraph or two on the subject?

Oh and I'm gonna add in "re-entering the hobby after a break" as well, thanks for your feed back.

06-11-2007, 06:41
I've quit the game twice, and its not easy coming back. keeping the minis is an easy start, but at the minimum, keep the modeling supplies. a good painting/sculpting/terrain rig can be near the same price as an army or two, depending on your skill level. these supplies also have little to no re-sale value, I would advise to just shelf them. chances are, at some point you are gonna want to come back, having the tools to build and paint an army helps.

leaving I'm sure comes from a lot a different reasons, for me, the first time was the game was too "childish", I wanted new hobbies. (shows what the hell I knew.) the second time, I was tired of my gaming group, it was all too power-oriented, and there were many different factions in my area, none of which got along. it got to were you made someone mad, just by playing someone else. It was better when I moved to a new city, and I vowed to not take sides and just play, that has worked out for me a ton better. age has helped with that a ton I'm sure, you view reasons for playing differently at thirty then at twenty. (I started at eighteen, I'm thirty-two now.)

as far as what makes it fun, I like to mix up playing styles.
with competitive opponents, I try and kick ass. I break out min/max lists, find item/unit combos that are unbeatable, and generally try and make the playing field run red with blood. I still play fun, but its for winning.
I also play for fun a lot. actually, thats the bulk of my games; story-driven games, all- core restrictions, special scenarios, and campaigns. players dropping out can be a problem, but you can have a simple ladder campaign with just one other person. I get a lot of inspiration from the generals compendium, and any fantasy movie.

it has also helped to get out of the local circuit, whether traveling to a distant city for a tourney, or finding distant opponents. just an alien environment with different ideas and preset notions can refresh my interest in the hobby.

my next thoughts might be a bit controversial, and I certainly mean no disrespect, but reading warseer too much can be a drag from time to time. I have talked about this quite a bit with my club, and I think its just the nature of message boards, rather then anything specific with the hobby or warseer in general. its just the nature of things that you talk about problems, and focus on whats wrong. not much to say when things are right, and you even see threads cropping up from time to time on "happy thoughts." on this board, players can say things they wouldn't say IRL, and are a bit more vocal with opinions in general. to give an example, my local shop has been fueled with thoughts an the new high elves book, with much debate as to the fairness and strategy when facing speed of asur. Its caused a number of players to get disenchanted with the game, and I've damn near banned all discussion on it while I'm working.
The irony is that we have one high elf player, and he hasn't played a game in years. I'm not saying there's no merit to any discourse on new releases, I'm just saying that sometimes you need to not worry about new rules as much as the person using them, who might be a good player despite his army or tactics choice.

I know not all of this means much, playing clubs can stagnate. There will always be players you don't like, along with price hikes, wonky new rules, and general boredom with the hobby. and when any one or more things add up, its time to quit, or take a break.

I know for me, I get a lot out of running things. working at the shop, holding tourneys, organizing campaigns, teaching new players how to paint and play, and just trying to mix things up.

Wow, I really rambled there, and I'm not sure where I'm going with any of this. I guess my main points would be if you need a break, take one. if at the end of the break you decide you don't want to play, keep your stuff for a year or two. after that, sell everything but your supplies. finally, re-join the hobby so you can yammer on like an old-timer, and not make any sense. (good thing I'm painting dwarfs next, I sound like a long beard) :)

06-11-2007, 07:49
I'm on a break for 2 months now, and 2 months to go, due to travelling to nearly exactly the opposite side of the world, but I can tell you one thing.




Jup, defenitely not my problem, getting bored with it.

But what really keeps the game interesting for me I think is changing army-lists every game. Something new all the time! Finding different tactics, new item combo's...
I got the feeling there are quite a few people that make one army list when they start an army, work to it's completion, and done...
Where's the fun?

Also, don't play too much. I play usually just a few games a month, and that's great.

But yeah, I guess a topic or something to help people escape boredom could be useful. Probably there are quite some gamers out there that have this problem.

Concerning the quiting, DON'T! :p
And if you really wan't to, be careful. Don't just sell the whole bunch. There's more important things than money. A friend of mine did sell, and now he's missing it, but because he sold his (5000 pts...) army, he thinks it's too much work to start again. A shame...