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05-11-2007, 10:41
hello, I've been playing warhammer on and off for at least a decade or so.

So I'm really wanting to revamp my Hordes of Chaos(unaligned) army to be calvary heavy.

so far, All i got is:

1 mounted champion/hero
3 chaos knights(could kitbash up to two more)
1 sorcerer on foot
10 mounted marauders with flails.
10 centigors(from my old beastmen army)
10 warhounds
2 spawn-one unaligned(cat spawn) and the other one is pretty Slaaneshi (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v282/Darwin_Green/Personal%20Art/?action=view&current=FiendSketch.jpg)

So how many more knight should i get, and how many chariots should I include (if any)?

05-11-2007, 11:27
Chariots are ok, but they would tend to slow your army down a bit. I would aim for three units of Chaos Knights. I would also consider flying deamons, as an air force is always useful for dealing with irritating artillery crews.

A nice combo I found for a Chaos General is the Black Maul, Gaze of the Gods, and Enchanted Shield.

This makes the general frenzied, but gives the steed an extra attack too (as frenzy is NOT caused by the Mark Of Khorne), it makes the General +2 Strength but not striking last, and with Chaos armour and barding on the steed, gives him an excellent armour save, plus a pretty decent ward save too.

The Black Maul is in the Beasts Of Chaos book, but it can be taken by mortal characters.

The sorcerer on foot would get left behind by the rest of the army, could easily be picked on by enemy skirmishers etc, and would struggle to keep in range for certain spells. I would certainly put the sorcerer on a steed.

06-11-2007, 04:59
Yes make up two more knights for sure.

From the looks of things, you should get some marauders on foot. See if you can find 25 with full command and light armor/shield.

If you want to go all cav, then scrap the marauders. But I think that having 25 gives you alot of options.

Secondly, you should invest in few demonic mounted heros. Juggernaught of Khonre mounted hero is great with the beserker sword as it guarantees you 2 extra attacks (atleast). Also, I would suggest 3 dragon ogres with great weapons as some heavy hitting power.

Thirdly, you'll need some furries 6-10 dark elf harpies can do the trick. I only use 6 but other prefer more.

Do not buy chaos wariors. You are lucky not to have any, and don't waste your time on them.

But, I would suggest one more unit of knights. You can go cheap and use bits from a empire knights box to get them cheap. Just model some big heavies on top of the horses.

06-11-2007, 06:11
well, I've been meaning to convert some dragon ogres for a while now.

06-11-2007, 18:47
I do the slaanesh thing, as if most people couldn't tell. I love having an all cav force. In 2K I use an exalted champion on steed with Berserker sword, Mage on steed with power familiar, Mage on chariot with spell familiar and dispell scroll, 5 chosen knights with full command and Rapturous standard, 5 knights with full command, 5 marauder horse with flails and musician, 5 marauder horse with spears, shields, champion and musician, 6 hounds, 5 mounds, chariot, 6 mounted Daemonettes, 6 Furies, and 2 Fiends (spawns) of Slaanesh. it really is an interesting army, and invariably it will massacre or be massacred, there is very little middle ground. I have a lot of problem with dwarves and VC (both of which are popular armies in the gaming group here) and slaughter Empire, Orcs, Lizardmen, dark elves, and wood elves (yep, you read that right, with this build, I am faster and more flexible than the tree-huggers, and with chosen knights, I can dish out enough pain to take down a treeman.) I find that first move makes a lot of difference with this army, and can mean the difference between win and loss. The reason being is that with the chaos cav build, if you seize initiative early, your opponent has to react, whereas if you are in reaction mode, you will find it difficult to get back out of it. Also, it is crucial to note that if you charge on turn 2, chances are you won't be ready. I like to hold back and let the field open up a bit first, as it lets me pick the fights I want. Spawn are great for holding something really nasty in place for a turn or so to allow the heavy hitters to line up for a good charge. Hounds are the best thing ever, as they aren't likely to cause panic anywhere, except when they get near mar Horse, which I try to avoid. dual chariot charges are just plain nasty, but they move slower than the rest of the army, so allow yourself some time to get them into position before they get stuck in. Chosen knights can pretty much hold their own against any unit in the game, especially if your feeling frisky and cast luxurios torment on them (downside to this is there is a slight chance that you may lose one or so, it happens.) Furies and mounted nettes are great as they can charge 20", and with nettes, the steeds strike first with poison (this means they really can cause some damage at times.)

One of the things you may notice about this list is that it is always in pairs, two of each major unit type. I find redundancy is very useful, as much of your army will get chewed up, It is normal for me to lose my houds, one unit of mar horse, half of one of the knights units, the furies, both spawn, and usually half the nettes. against dwarves, I can usually add a chariot to the total. You have to appreciate the order of things in a chaos army, and be willing to sacrifice the lesser beings for the greater glory of chaos.

06-11-2007, 20:10
As you can see, i'm going with an undivided thing here.

I think Centigors fill a nice place in the list with being a hard hitting and relatively cheap unit. Plus with them being unhindered by forests they fill a huge gap in my tactics. I think I should be good with a unit of 8 since i have the 2 units of mounted marauders as flankers.

I'm alway hesitant about using chosen just because I'm cheap that way.But I should have at least one unit of 6+ as my main hitter, right?

The berserker blade seems kinda cool, but I rarely get more that 2 attacks unless I'm fighting ogre kingdoms(then I might get 3 extra attacks). The blade of battle just seems like a better deal for being 15points less.

I know i really love chariots, but most of my experience comes from using them in a BOC force. But, then again they were the hardest hitting things in that list.

On the subject of BOC, how would beastmen factor in a list like this? I think they would offer numbers and a nice skirmishing unit that could keep up with the calvary.

07-11-2007, 01:19
BoC is an excellent addition to a mortal force. You may want to explore the super herd concept. Basically, it a big herd with some serious character punch. The nice thing about the beastherd being a skirmishing unit is that you can play a refused flank with them fairly easily. Also, if they lock into the right opponent (nothing too heavily armored) the unit can break other units and then run up the flanks without having to re-position itself to charge (again the boon of a skirmish fighting unit). This tactic has some drawbacks, but is a very effective way to speed up your list and round out your numbers.

The beserker sword is quite good if you compare it to other weapons of its type. I'm thinking of the lizzie weapon that gives you +2 attacks +3 if you bless the character properly, and +4 if you get a special shield that attacks. This runs about 80 pts I think (50 for the weapon alone). But at minimum you are getting 2 attacks for 40 pts. And if against the right opponent, you can get as many as 6 more attacks (demonic mount against dragon ogres).

BoC chariots are good (they are only T4 -- most people don't know this though) and can be pin-cushioned by massed bow fire. The are not neccessarily fast as they can't march, but at 85 pts a piece (and core for beasts) they are a good choice. But if you invest in them, don't go small. Get atleast 4 and make your army beast instead of mortal. Otherwise, there is no need to use up special choices for chariots when there is so much more variety out there.

07-11-2007, 08:37
nah... i had my fill of beasts with my flirtation with BOC. Like the topic says. I'm mostly interested in calvary.

I'll gradually include beast herds into my army. But will be a while. found with the stuff i have I can at least play in the 1000pt range. Most of the guys in my gaming group are pretty comfortable with this size.

I have to admit, i'm tempted to take some DOW light calvary to have some "marauder horse archers". But that's a LONG way down the line.

13-11-2007, 12:48
hey quick question. How

Any advice for using characters in chariots? Also do characters in chariots use greatweapons as an infantry model, or calvary model?

14-11-2007, 08:46
they use great weapons as cavalry models, better to get halberds