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05-11-2007, 22:33

In the run up to the GT I am contemplating the sort of armies I might face and came up with a rules definition in my head that I wanted to clarify when attacking Steam tanks. I am the sucker trying to think of a way to take them down due to how common the double Stank and special character army was at heat 1. The first question is more of a question whereas 2 and 3 are confirmations of things Im pretty sure are correct just the sheer evil of them I felt the need to question.

Firstly, if you charge a steam tank/ it is your go steam tanks cannot retailiate in the combat phase. Thinking, as steam points are generated at the start of the empire players turn and none are generated at the start of my turn it has no steam points to expend in combat.

Or can a crafty empire player save steam points in their turn to use in mine. According to BRB The steam points are lost at the end of the turn. This would however give a good advantage for going first against empire players lol.

(edit, I realise that this question is being asked else where now, but is the interpretation of the the turn solid in that you cannot save points. i.e. us 3 in empire players turn and save 2 so when charged you can expend points to damage said attackers. With them being impact hits too this could crimp some plans)

Secondly its normal impact hits performed by grinding are before any other attacks due to being impact hits. I pretty sure this is the case Im just clunching at straws over this one.

Thirdly as a war machine steam tanks do not give away half VPs for being brought below half wounds

05-11-2007, 22:53
1 - Turn always mean player turn
2 - Impact hits are before any other attacks
3 - Correct