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09-09-2005, 20:04
Would this idea work???

4x5 wolfriders

2x20 blackorcs

2 giants

for 2K

I have no idea about Lords/hero slots yet... and might add a unit of arrer boyz.

Guido le Wombat
09-09-2005, 20:11
2 units of black orcs?

Not legal my boy.

09-09-2005, 21:23
opps... you're right.. then I guess I have to use the SOC list.

then I would just go 4x20 Blackorcs

1 giant or maybe spearchuka

Warlord Queek
27-09-2005, 12:21
not a really good list. You'll need a lot more variation if you wanna win a battle. So just put some Gobbos in to act as cannfodder! And some arrer boyz would be nice as well (not that they do a lot of damage, but still!).

29-09-2005, 12:49
Would this idea work???Depends what you mean by work. ;)

4x5 wolfriders

2x20 blackorcs

2 giantsHmmm, well for starters totalling this up (ignoring the illegality of the 2 black orc units :confused: ) this comes to about 1220 points assuming reasonable equipment options and no magic banners. So therefore it wouldn't work as a 2k army because you'll never realistically spend 780pts on characters at 2k.

As an army it's far too small and will be massacred by anything with ranged power. The giants are good but give up their points fairly quickly to S4 (or higher) shooting and artillery. The wolf riders are great support troops but they haven't got anything to support! The rest of your army is so small and slow I think the enemy will be able to deal with the wolf riders then turn their attention to the rest of the army.

Elites are OK for Orcs and Goblins, but horde tactics are more reliable. It's a lot harder for the enemy to shoot 30 T4 Orcs with a 5+ save than a Giant, and they cost the same amount of points. Plus with more units you can surround the enemy - stop him flanking you and hit the weak points of his line without ignoring his strong units. Putting a few elites in to deal with his hard stuff is a good thing, making your whole army elite sacrifices the horde element.

...might add a unit of arrer boyz.Please no! They're one of the worst units Orcs can field, their shooting is abysmal, they'll lose at least a turn a game on average to animosity (either squabbling or shooting your own troops) so you might as well get a unit of Orc boyz (for much the same cost) rank them up and send them in. If you want to hurt stuff from range use artillery and magic.

29-09-2005, 21:22
big units, you need to bump them to 25-30.
orcs only work as a horde, nothing else.

a unit of black, on biguns, and a few other normal orcs, backed up by wolfies, and a feckload of spearchukkas usualy does it.

as for ardboyz, 2x25-30 (or 24-29, with a big boss in each) with some supporting boar boyz (6-8-12) and chairots (at LEAST take 2, if any) and once again, a feckload of spear chukkas, or rock lobbas.

but big units are the key!