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06-11-2007, 20:55
This is a tournament list. Need help.

General of the Empire 159
Sword of Sigismund
Armor of Meteoric Iron

Grand Master-Knights of the White Wolf 240
Laurels of Victory
Sword of Power

Captain of the Empire 138
Battle Standard Bearer
Griffon Standard
Full Plate Armor

Battle Wizard 150
Level 2
Power Stone
Dispel Scroll
Biting Blade

3 x (20) Spearmen 270
Full Command
Detachment: (10) Handgunners
Detachment: (10) Free Company Fighters

(10) Huntsmen 105

(20) Greatswords 380
Full Command
War Banner
Detachment: (10) Handgunners
Detachment: (10) Free Company Fighters

(11) Knights of the White Wolf 346
Inner Circle
Full Command
War Banner

(5) Outriders 129
Grenade Launching Blunderbuss

Great Cannon 100

Hellblaster Volley Gun 110

Dogs of War Giant 205

Malakai Makaissonís Goblin-Hewer 130

Total: 3002

07-11-2007, 17:37
Some thoughts:

1) this is not a 3k list, it a 3.002k list

2) you are VERY light on magic defense in 3k where 12+ power dice will not be the least bit rare

3) your wizard appears to be over his 50pt magic item limit and giving a wizard a magic weapon is pretty much a waste anyway

4) spears are generally the second least loved (perhaps behind halbards) empire infantry going

5) at 3k infantry blocks of 20 are probably undersized and most folk would suggest 24-25

6) your white wolf unit is CRAZY big. you'll struggle to maneuver this behemoth. sure it'll slaughter most things it hits but wheeling this unit will be a real challenge.

7) you appear to have two warbanners which is not allowed

8) the pistol on the general probably doesn't add much

9) you'll struggle to deploy 4 big infantry units with detachments due to frontage

Some positives:
Your general is reasonably built with adequate protection and not a huge waste of points (aside from the pistol)

Your build on the white wolf grandmaster is reasonable (although giving him a sword strikes me as wrong and I'd go with a hammer/mace weapon instead just for flavor)

Your BSB seems okay although I'd put him on a barded warhorse to improve both his survivability and his mobility

You have reasonably sized appropriate detachments and you remembered to give the greatswords detachments