View Full Version : dwarf lord with iron breakers!

07-11-2007, 02:48
ok ive come up with this lord-

dwarf lord
great weapon
rune of fury
rune of fury
MR of krag the grim
rune of fortitude
rune of stone

joins a unit of iron breakers
full command
and standard rune of slowness

07-11-2007, 04:11
And? Sorry...Dwarfs are nasty, I know....just wondering what the direction of the thread was to be.

07-11-2007, 04:42
ohhh sorry is there any way to improve him or the unit?

Gorog Irongut
07-11-2007, 09:03
Drop an attack an give him the +1 to hit. This increases his chances of doing damage (according to the statistics) in all cases except when ALL attacks hit. That likelihood is however statistically insignificant.

But then, I'm one of those dwarf players who prefers a straight up great weapon over anything runed up except for the thane of pain's weapon. This would give you loads of points to really give him some defense and maybe even the MR of Challenge.

09-11-2007, 00:34
and MR of Challenge in an Ironbreaker unit is good news ;)

09-11-2007, 07:02
Yeah, rune of challenge is really the win in Ironbreakers.

19-11-2007, 17:39
Put the lord with hammerers as they are stubborn and when there is a royal blood guy with them there immune to fear and terror. Put the ironbreajers with a thane with a runic banner supporting a weak point in your line and have the hammerers with lord were they can do they most damage. It works rather well. Good choice of runes for your lord though lot like mine but i have mine on shieldbearers

19-11-2007, 17:55
If you look at it you are spending 70 points for +2 attacks...Its not really worth it in my opinion...A regular Great Weapon will do fine in packing a punch.

Also if you are gonna go with a Dwarf Lord, then get some Shield Bearers.This with Rune of Stone gives you a 1+ save. Instead of your current 3+. Also instead of Fortitude, you could spend 5 less points and get a 4+ Ward Save. A 1+ AS and 4+ WS makes (that is also immune to Killing Blow thanks to Shield Bearers) means your lord is not gonna go down anytime soon. And he will still pack 4 str 6 attacks....so noone is gonna be thrilled about fighting him.

Also if you are gonna put him in Ironbreakers your foe is not gonna be particularly thrilled to attack you, so take the Master rune of Challange and make him come to you...or make the silly pansy elf lover run haha.

Anyways that my advice, I had a lord combo similar to your but the people at Bugsmen Brewery gave me advice similar to this. Now I dont use a Lord in 2k, finding that a BsB and 1 or 2 Runesmiths work just fine. More points for our great units

Also Beezlebubbles speaks wisely, Lords really do (Fluff Wise and game play wise) belong in Hammerers units (unless your playing a themed army) and a BSB with Oathstone with Ironbreakers can give you a nigh undestroyable BSB anchor in your line.

Defender of Ulthuan
20-11-2007, 21:00
There are only two things I might sugguest:

1.Replace the two runes of fury w/the rune of snorri spanglehelm (+1 to hit) and the rune of cleaving. Instead of 6 S6 attacks, you now have 4 S7 (chariot/WM bane) attacks that will nearly always hit on a 2+. Your build works too, but thats just my preference. Oh, and you have an extra 5pts for your trouble.

2.Dwarf lords work best when with hammerers. Ld10 w/immune to fear and terror+stubborn means they might as well be unbreakable. Just be sure to give them shields if you take my advice, and, also, a slightly larger unit couldn't steer you wrong.

But, hey, if you want the ironbreakers, take the ironbreakers. It's all up to you, and those are my sugguestions.

Defender of Ulthuan

P.S.-Take a rune of Preservation if you can. Don't want your 250+pt lord falling prey to killing blow or poison.

Dwarf Runelord 45
20-12-2007, 00:31
That is one good unit hate to face it. But then again I play Dwarfs too.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
20-12-2007, 00:44
i think that a lord with hammerers is more effective. That is if you want a lord that kills stuff and is pretty much immune to everything (including break test:)) If you want the unkillable unit put him with ironbreakers and make him havea 1+reroll 4+ward save and no attacks above strength 5. That is an unkillable dwarf lord and/or unit!