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Gorog Irongut
07-11-2007, 08:46
Prepare yourself to see a list which deviates from the norm. I mean heck, my general is using the R of Brotherhood to sneak in with the miners. That's definitely not mainstream. Either way, let me know what you think.

-14 Miners (general in here)
w/ standard, champion, and drill

-15 Miners
w/ standard

-20 Warriors w/ shield

-20 Warriors w/ shield

-20 Warriors w/ shield

-20 Warriors w/ shield

-19 Longbeards w/ shield
Standard - MR of Grungni

-15 Hammerers w/ shield

GW, Shield
R of Stone
MR of Challenge, R of Brotherhood


-Bolt Thrower

-Bolt Thrower

Points 1985
Models 151
Dispel Dice 4
Combat Units 8
Warmachines 2

The BSB will go with the longbeards. The general with the miners.

The Longbeards will hold the middle of the battleline so that they can impart:
-the strollaz move
-their panic benefits
-the MR of Grungni
-the BSB reroll

With the remaining 15 points, I'm most tempted to put a champion in the longbeards (to protect the unprotected BSB) and put a fire rune on one of the bolt throwers.

The other thing I'm tempted to do is the change the general to a Runesmith. If I did this, I'd probably get rid of the MR of Grungni. I've got loads of models and should be able to weather shooting without it. In this configuration, I'm keeping it in to protect against all forms of magical shooting. If I did change this, my general would be decidedly weaker. Considering that he will appear in the opponents rear and be unprotected by my battle line, it could be good to keep the thane.

07-11-2007, 10:05
erm ive seen this army work alot better with an anvil and go acient power the turn miners turn up and go "oh look I appear to have rear charged you, banner, rank + the amount I kill to your.... banner and outnumber (and thats if its a big block of infantry)

Best trick is 3 units of miners :D now thats living :D