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07-11-2007, 13:42
I used to choose lots of level 1 spells like the basic fireball from death, fire and life in order to get the maximum amount of spells to case per turn, thus giving me as many free dice as possible, but I have now seen that sometimes the better 10+ spells do far more damage than multiple fireballs..

Pitt of shadows on undead or the 6th metal spell against knights (though it is much more annoying to have one of them scrolled)

So how do you pick your spells for your slann as we have so much freedom in doing so.

07-11-2007, 13:56
at least 1 first choice damage spell then 2-3 from one lore and 1-2 from another depending if you have the plaque of tepok

and this is posted in the wrong forum

07-11-2007, 17:07
you will get a better resonse in tactics i think

07-11-2007, 20:31
I roll a dice on death, if it's a good one I keep it and also take the first one, if it's not I downgrade to the first one.

Same as above for light.

Everything else I spend on fire, usually making sure one of them is the first one.

I used to go all fire, but the problem is that then you're wasting the point of being a slann. You want to get those extra dice and to do that you need to cast as many spells as possible. If you go with harder spells you either have to dedicate more dice or risk failing (which is insulting to a slann).

07-11-2007, 21:08
i wouldnt roll on heavens, as thats where your skinks come in. if you were playing someone with good armour or other things, such as artilery, i would roll a couple of dice on the lore of metal. the rest i would put between shadows, life, and fire